Friday, December 30, 2016

LiL Eazy Ft. Randar - كبير جدة | Saudi Hip-Hop

I knew Somali rapper Lil Eazy for a long period now. He's based in Jeddah, KSA and I have so much respect for what he has done. He has shown major maturity and is improved. I am happy I hosted him on my show and will continue to support him. 

This is a song that he did for the club he roots for "Ittihad", featuring Randar (whose part of the group Qiyadat Al Olya). I respect that these guys are using Hip-Hop to vent out. It is educating a community that believe that Hip-Hop is ONLY booty shaking/alcohol.. mad respect. Keep them coming. 

تحية إحترام للشباب .. كنت شاهدا على تحسن أداء الرابر "ليل ريزي" فهو يعمل، يعمل و يعمل ..زا فخور اني استضفته في ليش هيب هوب؟ 

هذه الأغنية عن النادي السعودي "الإتحاد"، يشاركه في الأداء الرابر "راندر" من القيادات العليا . احترمت كيف استخدموا فن الهيب هوب للحديث عن ناديهم المفضل. هذا النوع من الأغاني يٌثقف المجتمع السعودي ان الهيب هوب ليس "هياط" و اداء بسيط.. أتمنى لهم التوفيق .. الفيديو ادناه  

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Endorsed by the General Authority for Entertainment and organised by Saudi company "Time Entertainment", Comic Con is making its way to Saudi Arabia and in particular, Jeddah between the 16th & 18th February, 2017. 

The official city in the Middle-East for Comic Con has been Dubai and sometimes it gets difficult for people to travel from Saudi to the UAE, so I am happy that Saudis will get to experience "Comic Con" and get acquainted with some local and international artists and a lot of fans will finally be able to experience this internationally acclaimed multi-genre entertainment and comic convention.

I am also happy that Time Entertainment is organising it, they have been doing lots of cool events in KSA, one of them was getting the WWE to Saudi which was cool

For Tickets, Go Here.

I will be also involved in the competition segments and looking forward to a great 3-day event. 

Official Saudi Comic Con 

Monday, December 26, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

TOKEN - Exception || VIDEO

That's what Hip-Hop was created for, Token at only 18 years old has been able to impress me a lot. I love his passion. I first saw him when he made history with this crazy freestyle at SWAY's show. 

This song and the video is very important. I think the message coming from a guy like TOKEN is incredible and it's effective. I love when artists do something that can help "Change" a negative reality. 

Token, you got my support and I am honored to have been the first Radio Host to have played your music in the Middle-East. 

Keep Rocking my brother

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Tribe Called Red - The Virus Ft. Saul Williams, Chippewa Travellers | VIDEO


Listen to every lyrics and feel every beat/sound.


The fam Blitz The Ambassador is always working, always inspiring, always representing Africa! I love that about him. I love his passion, dedication and talent. 

This is incredible, set to fully release December 12th, 2016. Make sure you go ahead & support this brother.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Talk Thru || A project that allows you to dive into a stranger's life

Couple of weeks ago, I was happy to meet Sara & Roba , the women behind the project "Talk Thru" and had a great time talking to them on camera about random things. I loved their simplicity, I loved the questions and I want to thank them for having me on their channel.

I have always believed that "normal" citizen are our true heroes. The ones that don't get a lot of exposure. What I mostly loved about meeting them is I actually got to know MYSELF a bit more and that's incredible.

Go Support them. 

These are the episodes. 

Usually their interviews are 5 min and less but I am a RADIO GUY! kept talking and I just want to say to them .. "Great EDIT sisters!" ;) 

Part i:

Part ii

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Suli Breaks - The Graveyard || POEM

This hits home .. I relate to every word Suli says..
Watch & Listen.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Lady With Soul covers "Bag Lady" & Its BEAUTIFUL !!

Ever since I met Reem Ekay, I been a fan. She is an incredible artist with great voice that should be supported. 

She just released this amazing cover for Erykah Badu's song "Bag Lady" - Just click play & enjoy those positive vibes !

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Recipe - Bandana || VIDEO

Dubai Based Hip-Hop group continues to put in the work and this is their latest video, its their 2nd single off their upcoming album "'Funerals & Purgatory'

I also had the pleasure of watching them perform this LIVE at #SOLEDXB couple of days ago and the amount of energy in this group is incredible. They will make you hear them with their style, the vibe and passion they have. 

Check out this great shot video for their track "Bandana" - Big salute to Reem Hameed & Omar Abbas of CollectiveBKP who made this video possible.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mojo - Destinations Unknown (Travel Lyrics Music Video)

I am very proud of this guy. I hosted him about a year ago on my radio show and I am happy he's now making moves, releasing videos and believing in himself.

We live in a world where sadly talented people don't get the proper exposure they need unless an "influencer" pushes them and I am against that..Talent is Talent regardless of how many followers they got or who pushes them. 

Open up your mind.. this track is great, got me emotional somehow and I do wish him all the best. Check it out my brother

Nothing comes easy..All in due time..

Friday, November 4, 2016

Love and Revenge | Authentic Tunes with Modern Touch

This is just incredible, woke up this morning and the first thing I see was this! 

The fam Wael Koudaih (Rayess Bek) along Randa Mirza , Mehdi Haddab and Julien Perraudeau have put together an incredible album filled with authentic tunes. 

Watch This before you hear the album below:-

The album is entitled "Love and Revenge" inspired by "Asmahan's" last movie. 

"It is a travel through the Golden Age of Arabic Cinema.." said Rayess Bek 

From the feel of it, it is a compilation of tunes that reflect Arab Cinema with its authenticity accompanied with a modern touch

I am proud of them! Just click play and listen. LOVE IT !!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Khalid - Location |

Thanks to my cool Sudanese friend Doha, I was introduced to Khalid !! In my opinion truly UNDERRATED, dope vibes

Check him out now

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bu Kolthoum - Do’Do’ - Kolthoum)

Incredible Art work by AMMAR KHATTAB
Lovin the artwork.. this is too good!

Shébani - Figure It Out (Official Music Video)

Shébani's new music video. I love when everything is locally done. Shout out to full team that did this. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

فونكي فيكن || ألبوم راب عربي من انتاج دي جاي جودمان Funky Fikon | Rap Album produced by Dj Goadman

What I respect the most about Lebanese/Armenian Dj Goadman is his work ethic, he keeps pushing himself and somehow also empowering the Arabic rap scene. He has a certain love and feel to authentic sounds, he was lucky enough to open up to acts like Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs, Ghostface and many others along playing in a lot of clubs.

Funky Fikon is his latest project and it is something worth checking since it has 17 rappers all spitting on beats PRODUCED by Goadman himself. The album has a very cool/fresh sound; something we really need in Arabic Hip-Hop and for people to not always associate Arabic rap to revolutions and always hardcore beats.  This album includes some of the best rappers in Arabia and also some of the upcoming ones. I love how each track has Goadman's scratch on it, adding his touch to it. The album has tracks collected since 2014 and was just released a week ago.

These are the rappers involved in the project, Bu Kolthoum (Syria), Malikah (Lebanon), Edd Abbas (Lebanon), Hamorabi (Lebanon), Rushzilla (Egypt), Bill Amaliyeh (Lebanon/US), Black Drama (Saudi), Satti (Jordan), Jnood Beirut (Lebanon), WMD (Tunis), ILL Paz (Palestine), ElNasser (Egypt/Qatar), Katibe 5 & Yaseen (Palestine) & Anas Arabi (Syria/KSA). I was also blessed to give a small intro at the beginning

The album is based on some great sampling wether its Jazz, Soul, Funk and Old "Tarab".

I personally would click play and get to know this new and cool sound of Arabia accompanied with some great scratching and lyrically it is up to a level where I can call it a classic in the making. 

I love these initiatives simply because it just connects us more and it gives more awareness on our movement, I would only wish to have some GCC countries included, because I truly believe there are some great rappers in GCC that deserve also the exposure. More power to Dj Goadman and all the rappers that participated in this project. S/O to Anas Arabi for mixing and mastering. 

Go Ahead and listen to the FULL Album BELOW!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sudanese Sampled Beats | Sammany Hajo

Left: Maha Jafar, Me & Hadeel 

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Maha Jafar, if you do not know her, then you should get acquainted, shes a comedian, a Youtuber and a dope personality all the way from lovely SUDAN. I also met her "Partner in Crime" - Hadeel, they both are super funny and humble. 

This all happened in Dubai Design District at the Youtube "Meet & Greet" stand. There were many Youtubers such as Saudi Reporters, FlyWithHaifa and MoVlogs/Money Kicks and many more. 

I was also inspired by the positive vibes the Sudanese community has, I got to meet Doha (Dope photographer)  and Mohamad Abk (Co-Founder of Blank Space), also shout out my sisters from Syria Haneen and her friend :) 

There was so many positive vibes, I was truly inspired. 

Then Doha & Mohamad requested I checked a Sudanese producer living in Qatar by the name of Sammany & I just DID and guess what, I was blown away with his talent, his authenticity, his vibes! 

Left to right: "my sis from Syria, Me, Doha, Mohd Abk, Maha Jafar & Haneen" 

Check out the brother, as he is truly incredible. Shout out to SUDAN and whole Arabia. Just click PLAY !!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mars - You Make The Vibe feat. Tiny

Lovin this collabo between Mars & Tiny .. Dope vibe and again I can see this playing on every single radio station in the world.. For sure, it will make my show #LaishHipHop

Go Support them

Friday, October 21, 2016

Mad Squablz- The Rise (Official Video)

Mad respect to this brother, dope flow, dope lyrics. I salute you!
Check out the video! 

My fav line here is:

"Because when they witness someone who is trying to do something great, they never seem to support it till the "labels" correlate you..."

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ses With Stormtrap Asifeh & Edd Abbas & Kolonel Blip

Two of my fav MC's Edd Abbas & Asifeh !! in collaboration with Kolobel Blip !

Big up guys

Friday, October 14, 2016


If you been following me, then you know that I fully support my brother el Seed, his work is inspiring, not only because its visually beautiful; but also he's very humble about it and he's a people person.

He's currently in process of doing his FIRST OFFICIAL WALL in Dubai, which is a bit of a shock given that an incredible Arab artist like el Seed has done work ALL across the world; but that's why the support should always be there for these kind of artists who are shaping our lives in a creative way.

I will be trying and cover the process as he continues to work; here are some of the pictures from the first couple of days.

If you're in Dubai, pass by Green Planet (City Walk) & show support for a man who is a legend in the making. Very proud to have seen el Seed's work even gone up with him on the CRANE one time! Check here

Incredible Color Contrast .. el Seed working #elSeedinDubai

Had to get a Selfie with the man himself! 

@ it ...

on the Left Ahmad (ANTHLGY) & Ouahid (el Seed's friend & manager) 

Selfie with a legend


el Seed is still going strong and below are few pix updating the process:-

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Palestinian Rapper YASEEN releases ALBUM Entitled SELF-MADE

Very happy for this brother! Check out his album! I personally like track #3 & #9 !

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I been supporting the guys from Dukkan from the start and I am proud to see their progress, they are making a huge stamp in the podcasting industry in the region. 

Oddisee is been one of my favourite rappers and he's a really cool guy, very happy they were able to get him on the show. Check it out. ITS LIVE NOW!

Saturday, October 8, 2016


What I personally love about my brother Narcy, is that he's ALWAYS working, always releasing and always being relevant to what's going on in our world. This time he collaborates with Ashraf Ghori to release a Comic Book! We have always known Narcy to be a collaborative soul and that's what he did he here too, there is artwork by Sundus Abdul-Hadi, Khalid Al-Baih, Hello PsychAleppo, Sedki Al-Imam.
I just ordered my copy and so should you, go to this link and support this initiative + you get free GOODIES!

Buy The Book:


What I personally love about my brother Narcy, is that he's ALWAYS working, always releasing and always being relevant to what's going on in our world. This time he collaborates with Ashraf Ghori to release a Comic Book! We have always known Narcy to be a collaborative soul and that's what he did he here too, there is artwork by Sundus Abdul-Hadi, Khalid Al-Baih, Hello PsychAleppo, Sedki Al-Imam.
I just ordered my copy and so should you, go to this link and support this initiative + you get free GOODIES!

Buy The Book:

Monday, October 3, 2016


Always proud of these guys.. the brothers were at it again.. Making history again and this time in Kuwait where they did their FIRST EVER MURAL and let me tell you from now that it is SIMPLY EPIC !! Check it out, it took around 16+ hours to do. If you're in Kuwait, this is a MUST SEE

**All part of Red Bull's Urban Culture Week Activities 

Friday, September 2, 2016

"ALAAT" | An Instrumental album produced by (T-Smoke & ElNasser)

Just take a listen to what these guys just put up. I like the effort and it sounds dope!

This is a dope Beat tape!
Big salute to T-Smoke & ElNasser !!

Go over the playlist here:-

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

#MakeYourMark - The Get Down

Netflix teamed up with #The_Flex to document how Hip-Hop impacted some of the Middle-East most influencer Hip-Hop names. Check out these episodes that were released & show support

Friday, July 29, 2016







My big respect to the always talented Mai Khalil. Your voice is a blessing. 

Big up my friend Agent Of Change on the production & Dj Face for the scratches 

Much love to the fam at GlobalFaction 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Token - Waist Down (Extended Version) - Official Music Video

One of the dopest! 

The Get Down - Main Trailer - Netflix

Can't wait for this. Looks dope!

Edd Abbas || Safen B3ard El Ba7r (Prod by Stormtrap)

Lebanese MC Edd Abbas is one of my personal favourites! 
He is joined with Stormtrap who produced this dope tune! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shébani - Ocean On Fire (Alter Ego EP) - Produced by Rayan

27th July,2016.. 3:01 AM and I got a message from Rayan saying that "Ocean On Fire" is out !! I found myself heading to Bandcamp   and purchasing the track. (which what you should do too :p )

I've heard it before; but hearing it again at that time made me feel somehow proud that I have been supporting these guys.

HERE's the video JUST RELEASED !!!

All I want to say is that Sarah Al Shaybani & Rayan have worked extra  hard and with so much passion to put this out. I respect and admire their hard work.

Give the track a shot now and listen to this awesome Singer/Songwriter take off !! 

Monday, July 25, 2016


SATTI is one of my favourite MC's in Arabia ... this is a cool collabo that I am lookin' forward to, FULL RELEASE ON JULY 29th,2016. 

EP is fully produced by Haj from DUMHI

I love "Choice Son" - have a glimpse of this EP by clicking below and check the 2 tracks they have released. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Shébani | Alter Ego | New EP

Dubai based Sarah Al Shaybani is truly one of my favourite local artists in Arabia!  Sarah has always had an authentic and humble vibe. She is about to release her first EP entitled 'Alter Ego' - I personally am looking forward to hear it. Sarah will be teaming up with Rayan who has produced all the tracks on the EP!

Follow the journey and catch few glimpses of the EP @ Sarah's FB Page HERE


Monday, July 4, 2016

Narcy - Love Me (Hate Me) PSA

Narcy at it again, this time with one of my fav tracks from the World War Free Now album that you can BUY HERE:-

A Must-See Video!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dj J Hart x Top Shelf Premium -- Off Top Vol.1 Hosted by Peter Rosenberg

About 3 months ago, I had the honor to meet Dj J Hart who is also a producer and the host of the Big Bang Show. We actually connected via a close friend and talented friend of mine, Dj Lethal Skillz, who for me is one of the best turn-tablists in the Middle-East and simply a dope personality. 

I met Hart at the Lisa Leone photo exhibition in Dubai and we exchanged few words and promised each other to stay in touch and we DID. I checked out his resume and the EP's/Mixtapes he dropped and I connected with the vibe/authenticity of what he is pushing. 

Couple of weeks ago, Dj J Hart collaborated with Top Shelf Premium to release this incredible Mixtape 'Off Top Vol. i' , hosted by not other than radio personality Peter Rosenberg!

This whole mixtape has a really cool feel/vibe to it, i will be posting it below; I just want to highlight few tracks that I personally loved.. I was impressed with Rim's freestyle and his shout out to Sean P ! , another track I loved is 'Skyzoo' - incredible flow!, Chris Rivers did his thing & the fam Termanology was off the hook as usual!

Much respect to Dj J Hart and Top Shelf Premium for giving us this dope Mixtape. I advise you to download/hear it/stream it RIGHT NOW

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jordan store opens in Dubai | #DXB23

Salam my people!
I remember the first time I bought a pair of Air Jordan's. I don't want to sound too old, but it was back in the 90's! The pair that I bought was the Air Jordan XII (1997). Basketball is a big part of who I am. Back then, owning one of these simply made you 'cool' and I think it still does and I have just the story to prove it.
See, I wasn't really that 'cool' back then. There was this popular kid in my school, a few years older than me, who noticed my Air Jordan's and my shoes sparked a long discussion about Basketball and Life! 

Fast-forward to 2016, I am still fascinated by the Jordan brand. I received an invitation from Nike to visit their Jordan store, newly opened in Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE) on 30th June '16. Going through the store, it was nice to be greeted by a young and friendly staff. I walked straight to the shoe section and I was bedazzled by the beauty of the Air Jordan XII!
We meet again...
 'my precious'!
The store has a good layout, and I truly recommend you visiting it!

It definitely brought back memories of that pair I owned (yes its gone now!)

My only request from the Jordan brand and Nike is to try and extend the sizes in order to cater to all basketball players. I am 6'1 with broad shoulders and my shoe size is 48.5 European (14.5 US) and unfortunately they don't have this size in the market. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and hopefully my next visit will be to invest in a new pair! or maybe #DXB23 can hook a brother up! ;)

"Fight" Between Halal & Haram

I have posted about Hassan Hajja before ; but I just wanted to highlight the below piece of work.. 

This simply has two boxing gloves, 
on the right (Halal = Prohibited) & on the left (Haram = Not-Prohibited)

There's always this "FIGHT" between whats Halal & what's Haram and it's fascinating how simple yet genius this works especially in our Muslim world.

Big Salute to Hassan Hajja and his great work. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

UAE Based MC’s Set to Tour European Musical Festivals highlighting Arabic Music | Africa Express

Genre Defining Arab Hip-Hop Artists Eslam Jawaad & Malikah set to be part of ‘Africa Express presents…The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn & Guests’

Eslam Jawaad and Malikah, two of the Arab Worlds pioneer Hip-Hop artists, are gearing up for performances at European music festivals set to begin in Holland on June 22,2016. The UAE residents will be representing their home-region as they entertain hundreds of thousands of music seekers expected to attend this summer’s festivities.

Eslam Jawaad of Syrian and Lebanese origin, and Malikah of Lebanese and Algerian origin, have rocked stages around the world with leading artists and performers including Wu-Tang, Gorillaz, De La Soul, and Rachid Taha. This year, the pair will be touring across six major festivals including the mega festivals ‘Glastonbury’ and ‘Roskilde’ as part of a special edition of ‘Africa Express presents The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn and Guests’.

Re-Volt asked Eslam Jawaad the below:-

  • How did this opportunity come to life?
EJ: Damon and I traveled to Syria in 2009 where I introduced him to the orchestra. since then & due to the war, many of them left Syria, and others suffer hardships. Damon wanted to regroup them to celebrate Syrian culture, and thus the tour was born

Malikah, who will be releasing her highly anticipated solo album later this year, added, “I’m honored to take part in this historic moment for Arab Classical Music and am thrilled at the prospect of having an entire Syrian Arabic orchestra playing Glastonbury.”

Syrian rapper Bu Kolthoum is also set to join the tour

The European tour dates for Africa Express presents…The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn & Guests include:

June 22: Holland Festival
June 24: Glastonbury
June 25: Southbank Centre
June 27: Istanbul
June 29: Roskilde
June 30: Köln Philharmonie

Check out for more details.

Follow their journey on Social Media:-

Malikah @

Eslam Jawaad @

Bu Kolthoum: @


A special link to watch the live stream from Royal Festival Hall in london on the 25th of June will be available

Very happy for these guys & i wish them the best! Go Get Them!