Monday, December 28, 2009

Revolt Interviews the Talented GINA LORING!

Gina Loring is as talented as an Artist/Poet can be!
Her Passion in her music & poems is INTENSE !
True Artist - which is so hard to find now-a-days!

REVOLT caught up with Gina for a brief chat - check it out!

Make you sure you check out Gina @
You can purchase the CD from there!

This is GINA Performing Live - Get a glimpse of what I'm talking about!

Thanks to Gina for giving revolt time to do this.
Stay Real Gina!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revolt Podcast: Set 12

Took some time off to get good interviews !
Now this set is dedicated to the people I interviewed & the upcoming ones !

Set Playlist:

  1. Fireflies - Owl City " Interview is in the Pipeline !"
  2. Feels Like Saving The World - Outlandish (Waqas from Outlandish rapped the first Verse of the song in his interview - amazing song - a Must have album "Sound Of A Rebel"
  3. If You Hunger - BEATSPOKE ( I am loving this band! - totally Fresh !)
  4. One Day - Matisyahu ( An isreal Ragaee Artist with a great message - awesome song - 1 Humanity!)
  5. With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup
  6. People Like Me - K'naan ( check the lyrics of this song - so true & real ! - Way to go K!!)
  7. The Man Who Cant Be Moved - The Script ( interview is on the works)
  8. Find Me - Boyce Avenue ( Sweet song - interview - Jan 7th 2010)
  9. My Harlem Lullaby - Gus feat MASE (DJ Zerone Remix) : GUS takin it out there - amazing brotha!
  10. Brandenburg - Black Violin (If you think that Violin Aint cool - well think Again !!)
  11. Trouble Is A Friend - LENKA ( this song grows on you - a talented Australian artist - interview soon)
  12. You & I - Medina feat DEADMAU5 ( when the mouse invades any song - this is the result! awesome!)
  13. Amen - Outlandish ( another song from the great album!)
  14. Deeply Disturbed - Infected Mushroom
  15. Need - Hana Pestle ( Upcoming Artists - really awesome talent - reminds u of Amy Lee ?)
  16. The Embassy - Mos Def ( Middle Eastern Tunes !! really amazing - Must Heard !)
  17. Hypnotized - Notorious BIG ( watched the movie - got inspired - hes truly the best rapper ever - hands down!!)
  18. Keep The Record On Play - Outlandish feat Ihab Tawfik ( check out this mix !)
  19. Crawl Back In - Dead By Sunrise (Chester from Linkin Park has a new band : THIS IS IT !!!)
  20. Collide - Dishwalla (One of my fav rock bands)
  21. Air For Life - Above & Beyond (interview coming up soon)
Let me hear ur thoughts


Friday, December 18, 2009


Re-volt Interviews WAQAS From OUTLANDISH

Waqas talks about life, music; his faith & the possibility of them one day coming to Jeddah for a show !! + his rap verse from the song " I feel like saving the world"

You should all check out their latest Album "Sound Of A Rebel"it is off the hook! All the songs are awesome.
Buy it!
Support this band!

The Interview is in 2 Parts:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Revolt Radio Interviews Emily Wells

Finally; the interview with this awesome artist is up

I have previously wrote a small article about Emily Wells - you can find it here

Emily talks about how she started; her passion for Hip Hop, record labels & her willingness to make to perform in the Middle East one day!

The Interview is in 2 PARTS :



Infected Mushroom Interview with REVOLT RADIO

Music has no religion/politics

I had a small chat with Duvdev from Infected Mushroom - Check it out!

They had no problem having an interview with me given the fact that they originally come from Isreal & I come from Saudi/Lebanon.

Its corny to say that Music heals the world - with what's going on in Palestine & Isreal - lots of innocent souls are going away - but that doesnt mean that Infected Mushroom are the ENEMY just cuz they hail from Isreal. For me accepting to do an interview with an Arab Based "BLOG" ( im not even an FM Station) & the guys were humble enough to talk to me.

In CASE YOU dont know - Infected Mushroom IS one of the biggest electronic bands out there - like they are really big!

Pardon my French - but I dont see a famous popular Arabic Singer accepting to talk to a BLOG.
(maybe thats just me).

Hope you enjoy it.



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mos Def : Cant Get More Real Than that..

Boogie man!

Mos Def lays all out there in a real funny manner !

Check out this "real" conversation from MOS DEF on the Bill Maher Show.

You gotta lend your ears to the latest Mos Def Album
Called "The Ă‹cstatic" - it will definitely entertain your eardrums!

Also Youtube : Mos Def in Osaka - the true legendary MC walks in the Street of Osaka - Japan Rappin his way thru the beautiful streets of Osaka.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Born in Saudi Arabia..Raised in the USA..Omar Offendum has something to say ladies & gents. A Message of positive vibes music & lyrics. This Syrian-American Hip Hop Artist is true..real & talented!!

He has worked on so many things during his Hip Hop career; worked with real amazing artists such as The Narcicyst, Dj Lethal Skillz & many more.

Omar never forgets where he came from & that is important! You will have to admire his passion for his City "Damascus"& country.

Omar is currently working on his first Solo Album & from the name you could tell its gona be the BOMB!
"Syriana-Americana" - Cant wait for that.

For me; i dont know anybody that takes the Poems of the legendary Nizar Qabbani & puts in English with that smooth style - in his upcoming album we will witness that!.

Revolt will get a small interview with Omar very soon; I wish him luck in his coming tour & looking forward for that chat double O.

Check out OO Freestylin here :

In the meantime; enjoy these tunes ..Wu Baddi 3eesh (this is his signature shout out)
  1. New Day - Omar Offendum
  2. The Last Arabs - The Narcicyst Feat. Omar Offendum)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Check out this awesome interview with BEATSPOKE Live from Barcelona, SPAIN.
Dont miss out on this unique band.

Show your love & support people.

For Best First Album that Radio Grenouille88.8 in France is conducting.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Violin : A Classic Revolution!

To most people, jazz, hip-hop, funk, and classical are musical genres. But to revolutionary music group Black Violin, they're nothing but ingredients..

For Kev Marcus & Wil B aka Simply Sick - The Violin is a way to express themselves & let me say they doing that in great REVOLUTIONARY fashion.

Of course they need some extra tunes & spinnin & that is provided by DJ TK!!

I will be having the pleasure of having a small interview with the band itself very soon (so stay tuned) in the meantime Black Violin have been gracious enough to send Revolt Radio a Shout out - so here it is along with a tune of their production! - Enjoy & stay tuned for the interview soon !

Black Violin Shout for Revolt Radio :

For more info on Black Violin : Check out their website @

& this is a video of them performing! - what a talent!

Real Talent - Give them props people!!

Stay tuned for the interview soon.


PS: A Shout out to GG (Group Manager) for making this happen - Appreciate it man.

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Band / Beatspoke: A new genre of Soul Music

I just discovered the Music of Beatspoke & may i say that the name itself is catchy/unique.

The project was created from the meeting of American vocalist Sarah Gessler and Spanish producer Josh Fontan and it is the perfect meeting of aggressive future beats and aggressive vocal style

That how the new wave of future artists could look like..& that's awesome.

Really they created their own kind of genre - check them out people!

An Interview is on the works with this unique band!

I just hope they aint too busy for Revolt amazing listeners :)

Viva La Espanga!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

BAUCHKLANG : vocal groove project

Instruments : only HUMAN SOUND.
Check out this amazing Austrian Band ! BAUCHKLANG
That must be really cool i mean they can set up anywhere.
Just give them Speakers & Mics & we're set for a concert just like this!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Revolt Radio Set 11 / A Lil bit Of Everything.

In this set you could keep it real - you could head bang - you could go oldies - A lil bit of Electro & House.

This is the playlist:

  1. Good Lovin' - Bob Marley Feat Lauren Hill
  2. Listen - Talib Kweli
  3. Don't Say Nothing - The Roots feat Common, Mos Def
  4. Miss You - Trentemoller
  5. Black Velvet - Pat Benatar
  6. Give me a sign - Breaking Benjamin
  7. This Time - Depswa
  8. Cant Get Enough of You - Tamia
  9. Brazilian Jazz Tune - Stan Getz ( really soothing!)
  10. Jimmy Choo - Shyne feat Ashanti ( one of my fav R&B songs)
  11. You Make Life So Good - Rashaan Patterson (Really amazing to dedicate for your loved one!)
  12. Space Cruise - Gui Boratto (electronic Tune)
  13. Blurry - Puddle Of Mudd (old song but really cool)
  14. It's in his kiss - Cher (Oldies)
  15. How Sweet It is to be loved by you - The Temptations (ya ya too corny i know - has its moments)
  16. I wana lil Sugar in my Bowel - Nina Simone (the best Jazz Singer out there @ least for me..ths is too goood!)
  17. Tonight - Nina Gordon
  18. I got 5 on it - Luniz (Def bring back school Memories when i was jst trying to act cool hahaha)
Hope u enjoy the set.
My advise wuld be press play & then pause - let it LOAD for like 5 min - then press PLAY again. & jst let it ROLL.



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Revolt Radio Interview with Thomas/Left lane 6 Productions

You guys have probably seen that amazing video of a guy going crazy with his basketball trick shots - that guy is B. Manley - check out the Youtube Video below (The latest) - Jaw Dropping Stuff/Shots.

A Horse Game is coming up very soon between B Manley & Shaquille Oneal - lets see how entertaining that will be.

I had a chat with Thomas (CEO & President of Left Land Productions) on Revolt Radio : Check it out in 2 Parts.

Continuation : Part 2 :

A Shout out to Thomas for making this happen - keep it real bro & best of luck from revolt Radio.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revolt Radio Interview - Derek Matthew

A great Songwriter that is out there - check out this exclusive Interview with Derek & his acoustic performance Live on the air straight from LA.

The Full Interview is on here:

You can find more about Derek by visiting his site:

Featured below on Revolt Radio is his song - Something Foolish

Monday, October 26, 2009

Revolt Radio Set 10 / Original HiP HoP

Check out this mini HiP Hop Set feat Mos Def,Talid Kweli, KRS-ONE, JAY-Z & My peeps Foreign Beggars

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars Shout Out to REVOLT RADIO !

This is just a part of an awesome Interview that was conducted !!

I would like to thank P for his time & his shout out to Revolt Radio !

The Full Interview is coming to you soon in additional to some Tracks
for this very talented Group.


Revolt Radio Interview with DJ YENN

Revolt Radio Interviews DJ YENN; an upcoming Composer/DJ from LUXEMBOURG !

Very interesting fella - Check it out !

This is Part 1 of the Interview - You could find Part 2 in related searches.

Tracks to be uploaded soon here :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Revolt Radio Special / LIVE K1NK INTERVIEW !


Also, featuring 3 of their tracks:
  1. Distant Lovers
  2. Slide
  3. Crimea (new track)
The new remixes will be out by next month.

Make sure you keep an eye on this group - its making it big & we as listeners should always give an ear to talent out there & believe me it doesnt get any better than K1NK !!!:)

A Shout out to Brad that made time to do the interview & Revolt Radio will be getting a shout out from K1NK very very sooon - so Stay TUNED !!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ronald Jenkees: True Hip Hop Beats !!

Just check out the type of talent this dude has..he creates music just for the fun of it + hes good @ it.

No more words - check the below video.

For more info & to get his tracks check out :

A possible interview with Ronald could be happening soon.

You heard it first @ REVOLT !!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 9 / New & Old Talent

Set # 9 Playlist:

  1. Until We Bleed - Lykke Li Feat Kleerup ( Both come from Sweden - really talented artists; smooth beat ya?)
  2. Logging for Lullabies - Kleerup feat Titiyo
  3. Breath - Telepopmusic ( lstn to dat song on a highway just chillin - ull know wat i mean - try it)
  4. Tower Of Trellick - Kleerup ( awesome Talent for real - check out this beat)
  5. Soul Meets Body - Deathcab for Cutie
  6. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams (ths great hit done by a different artist than Oasis )
  7. With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup feat Robyn ( im sure all of u will love this song!)
  8. Hip Hop is Dead - Nas (gota check the lyrics when u hear dis song !) Nas is a legendary !
  9. Fanatic - Xzibit (NBA Live 2010 Soundtrack - Ballers u will love this one - get ur headphones & ball wit ths!!)
  10. Song Cry - Jay-Z (Gota love da passion in dis song..getem lyrics!)
  11. Magic - Colbie Collait (sweet song for sure)
  12. Where are You Going? - Dave Mathew Band ( one of my Fav bands ever! we dnt hear them much on da radio - why??
  13. Blye Eyes - Cary Brothers ( smthn about dat song...)
  14. Call my Name - Morgan
  15. Hero - Nas (love to lstn to that when im playing basketball - takes me rite there !!)
  16. In the Air Tonight - Nonpoint (Phili Colins legendary Hit put into ROck - MAGNIFICENT)
  17. He got Game - Public Enemy (real real song - m sure uall hear the chorus from here & there)
  18. Californication - RHCP ( ok the Guitar @ the beg of this song is truly Mental - chk it out !!!!!!)
  19. Everything you want - Vertical Horizon
  20. Agony - Breaking Benjamin (rockin out @ the end !!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revolt Radio Message!

Spread this video around..
Im trying my best to let people see that there are alot of talent out there & we shouldnt only focus about what the radio are putting on especially in our Arab World. Its all commercialized.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 8 / Under-rated Artists

this set is kinda relaxing; 3 totally underrated artists (Emily Wells, A FIne Frenzy & Lykke Li)

Listen to them ladies & Gents..
  1. Good Morning Kaia - DJ BT ( look up the video for this song) very emotinal
  2. In the Barrel of a Gun - Emily Wells (check out the below video of how she made this track)
  3. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
  4. A Little Bit - Lykke Li

Emily Wells: Fusion of Classic Music & Hip Hop

Today I discover a great talent in Emily Wells..

Emily Wells is a violinist whose style merges between hip-hop and classical. She also uses many other instruments in her work.. In live performances, she does not use any pre-recorded loops, rather she creates her loops while performing.

The style is eccentric !! but come on who said everything needs to be commercial to be viewed as talent? Why do we listen to the "famous" people - we listen to what "they" want us to hear - what they want our children to listen & get addicted to & copy.

Music is about emotions & expressing them not just booties & all or breakup & make up..Its like being in a state of trance - takes you somewhere - thats whats it about it.

Definitely talented - look her up :)

Below is a video of how she records her songs..check it out !!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 7 / Mix!

So, this is SET #7 & i hope u guys r enjoying these tunes - this will be a mixed one
(ELectro - Rock - Jazz - Oldies)

Please spread this YOUTUBE Link as much as you can :

So here it goes:

  1. We Come One - Faithless
  2. In the air tonight - Tupac Feat Phil Colins (real nice!)
  3. Contagious - Trapt (check out those lyrics - one of the bands i really like)
  4. These Walls - Trapt (again , awesome tune..havent u ever wonder why these guys never make it to radio)
  5. Cold - Crossfade ( @ a time my fav rock band - Passionate!! check out the chorus!!)
  6. Crazy Love - Ray Charles (Legendary Performer..!)
  7. Broken Like An Angel - Crossfade
  8. Rivers Flows in you - Yiruma (Piano Piece)

New Deadmau5 Tracks !

Joel Zimmerman doesn’t like being called a DJ. The 28-year-old dance music phenomenon from Toronto, better known as Deadmau5, rolls his eyes a the description, which he sees as a hopelessly outdated way of describing what he does. His sets are closer to live performances. He plays mostly his own material, assembling tracks on the fly, using cutting edge computer technology, including software he’s helped write himself. “There are no CDs involved,” he explains. “It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s. If people come out to see Deadmau5 I want them to hear Deadmau5 music.”

Deadmau5 - believe me he will invade the city yo\re @ very soon - probably its gona be either Dubai / Beirut. Lets all get together & have a small poll on where would you like Deadmau5 to go to

Dubai or Beirut, Jordan - (lets see how many people would respond to this).

In the set below - find 2 of his newest songs - u culd see the talent & the unique style - please note that he MAKES his own music - not just spins a CD - lets give respect to people that should be respected. I remember once I was @ a TIESTO Concert in Beirut - People were practically killing each other just to get in "I respect Tiesto really; i believe hes a great businessman made a great name for himself; but nevertheless he still doesn't make all his music" - then you tell them about Deadmau5 - they go like "whose that??"- Im an Underground person - so probably when Deadmau5 is really well known & if he changes his style to commercial I wouldnt be a big fan - but lets face it that kid got talent for real.

The Mouse is alive Ladies & Gents - Enjoy the 2 Tunes !! really Awesome!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Deadmau5 @ Club Exit - Lithuania

Check out this interesting Interview for Deadmau5 (Dead Mouse) - hes been there for a while now - but i think he has great potential for becoming a great Live Performer!!- with some really great tunes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Revolt Radio / SET # 6 / Hip Hop

Salam !

This is my 6th Set & its for HIP HOP - we got really interesting tunes up in here so lstn to it all.

  1. Iraqfella - The Narcicyst (hit it up with lyrics - really deep & true - thumps up Narcy)
  2. P.H.A.T.W.A - The Narcicyst ( look up the video on YOUTUBE - Awesome stuff)
  3. Road to Zion - Damien Marley Feat NAS
  4. Why - Jadakiss feat styles, common & NAD (true words for sure - go thru it)
  5. Ommi El 3aziza (Dear Mamma) - Klash ( A Saudi Rapper - the kid got talent) Interview Soon! To all the mothers out there !
  6. Kick it - Foreign Beggers (Underground Hip hop Band from the UK - got their own style) Interview Soon
  7. One Mic - NAS ( A Must put song in every Hiphop List out there) Get those Lyrics - Close the door & try to sing it with him - very very passionate Song!
  8. I Try - Talib Kweli Feat MJB (Now that guy should be on the Radio not Sean Kingstooon!)
  9. Hurricane - The Roots Feat Common& Mos Def ( from da movie !)
  10. Beautiful - Talib Kweli Feat Most Def ( Lyrics are too good for this smooth tune!)
  11. Take A Minute - Kanaan ( I featured a song for him previously - this one is just too good 2 !) Lets Go Africa !
  12. Wasted - 10 Years (Rock song i know - but ...!!! A documentary with 10 years will be available very soon)
Hope u enjoy it & please keep givin me ur feedback :)

More to come Soon - keep checking my FacebookGroup & the blog for Updates!

The Narcicyst.."Real"Hip Hop

True Artists dont come along very often - this is a great documentary about the Narcicyst (Yassin Al Salman).
A fearlessly observational Hip Hop Performer
Look out for a great movie @ the Dubai Film Festival on Dec 9th,2009
for a great one called " City Of Life"

Give it up for Narcy & hopefully soon we will get you REVOLT Listeners an EXCLUSIVE interview with Narcy himself.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Revolt Radio / Special Set

Revolt Radio Special Set Playlist:

  1. Kiss the Rain - Yiruma (Def the best Pianist I heard! such a talented fella & hes only 28 years old - look him up )
  2. SPECIAL SPECIAL REVOLT SONG - Dear Person to Revolt's CEO
  3. Miwawa - Souad Massi ( Algerian Composer - Artist) REALLY TALENTED

All these Guys up there are Talented !!


Thats for all of ya Rockers!

  1. Coming to Terms - Carolina Liar (An Interview with coming soon)
  2. Shelter - Ray Lamontage (just lstn the passion in his voice!)
  3. So Long goodbye - 10 Years
  4. Eclipsed - Evans Blue (Interview Coming Soon)
  5. This Time - Ill Nino ( Interview Coming soon!) - ENjoy the Latino rock tune!
  6. Wake Up - Lost Prophets (True Lyrics!)
  7. Shattered - Ramy Zero
  8. Carnival Of Lust - Poets Of the Fall
  9. The Crow & The butterfly - Shinedown
  10. I Try - Macy Gray (I interviewed her in 2006 - Coming Soon)
  11. Camouflage Image - Arab Summit (Narcy, Omar) -
  12. Zamen El Ta2fiya - Ziad Rehbani ( This song was written & Composed in the 1980's during the Lebanese Civil War - Unfortunately its lyrics still apply!)
  13. World So Cold - Mudvayne (there's one crazy part; i will leave it for you to pick it up !)
  14. Radio/Video - System Of A Down

Friday, September 25, 2009


Salam Ya'll..

This is SET # 3 & this is designed for Electro Fans..This set wil lbe feathering a talented DJ that goes by : DJYENN & i am telling you that kid got some talent.


  1. Core - DJ Yenn
  3. Mark Shultz Feat DJ YENN
  4. You Wont See me Cry - Mark Shultz
  5. Moan - Trentmoller
  6. King Without a Crown - Matisyahu - Got out of Electronic (very talented + Great voice)