Thursday, January 21, 2010

NYC Concert : A Benefit Concert for HAITI

Salam All,

I am spreading the news on a very good cause Event that is taking place on January 24th 2010 in New York City!

Whoever is in NEW YORK Or whoever can go there - please make sure to drop in this amazing show with the lineup of so many Talented Artists that made time to make a difference.

All benefits from this event will go to our brothers & sisters in HAITI after suffering 2 major Huge Earthquakes.

Please spread the word around & make this event MATTER.

I know lots of people are suffering all over the world & yes there might be other people that need help but theres no harm in helping people & HAITI people need all the help they can get now.

If You can act now - please do.
Spread this around.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Long Live Palestine" FACEBOOK GROUP: Music For A Cause

Further to the post below "An Arab Collaboration" : Long Live Palestine.

I extend a huge shout to support good music for a cause.

The song "Long Live Palestine" which is performed by an amazing team of Lowkey,Narcy, DAM, Shadia Mansour, Hassan Salaam, Hich Kas, Reveal, Eslam Jawad
knocked out Jay-Z, 50 cent, BEP,Eminem from the Amazon Hip Hop Download Charts.

This was due to an amazing excellent team effort by individuals that got together & formed a Facebook Group : Called LOWKEY'S CHARITY SINGLE FOR PALESTINE - HERE'S TO WEEK 2
that helped alot in raising the awareness for the Palestine Cause.

All Profits from this single goes to the Interpal & Islamic relief foundations.

The way you do this is as follows:

1. Invite your friends to the Lowkey Group

2. Download the Track
3. Let us know how you contributed.
4. Be proud. You have a done a positive thing today!

Sites where you can support:

You can lsn to the song by clicking play here! - Support !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Revolt Interviews Qusai from Jeddah Legends!

I had the chance to chat with Qusai from Jeddah Legends.
Qusai is the first Saudi rapper & is making it big with his easy going flow & style of course without forgetting where he came from.

Check out this awesome "underground" Interview. This is Qusai like you've never seen him !

A Big Shout Out to Qusai & Jeddah Legends for inviting me in their Production Studio & doing this!

Make sure you hear it all out - Qusai talks about he started - his thoughts on commercial radio - his thoughts on Jeddah & other amazing topics!

His new CD entitled "Experimental Edutainment" is now in stores - Go Check it Out !

The Full Interview (25 Min)
Just Click Play!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


A true revolution, a voice that must be heard !! LOWKEY discuss everything in this 14 min interview with REVOLT.

I have a written a small article on LOWKEY below - check out the amazing song "Long live Palestine" feat all Arab Power Rappers & revolutionary artists.

A Big Shout out to everyone that contributed in this & LOWKEY for making this happen.

Stay real brotha & See you soon!

This is the Full Interview (just click play below)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shadia Mansour : Hip Hop Artist / Arab Female Activist

Some call her the Palestinian Erykah Badu but Shadia Mansour definitely got her spirit & her own unique style.

This Britishly born sensation has Arab Soul written all over. I would say her music is Global but she does of course gets influenced by the station of her origin which is Palestine.

She's a soldier with her live performance & passion for her origin - she fights for her identity & it shows!

REVOLT will get a chance to have an Interview with SHADIA soon Inshalla!

In the meanwhile - enjoy this tune

Lowkey - Long Live Palestine

Lowkey is a Poet, Playwright, Political Activist and award winning Hip Hop Artist who has received airplay on numerous major radio stations including BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss FM, Choice FM and BBC 1Xtra and toured internationally performing to crowds everywhere from Glastonbury and Trafalgar Square to Germany and Amsterdam.

Born 1986 at St. Georges Hospital in Tooting to a British father from Dover and an Arab mother, herself born in Baghdad. Lowkey is a much needed bridge between many different worlds. He first made his name at the age of 17, attending the open mic sessions which took place at the infamous Deal Real record shop on Carnaby Street, Central London in 2003. The first time he went, another MC by the name of Loki, who had previously been a regular at the weekly open mic, confronted him and they battled for use of the name. Lowkey was named the winner by the audience and other MC's present.

Interview with Revolt Coming to you real soon.


Check Out LowKey's Video @

An Arab Collaboration: Long Live Palestine

Lowkey,Narcy, DAM, Shadia Mansour, Hassan Salaam, Hich Kas, Reveal, Eslam Jawad get together for an awesome track. Check it Out!

Hopefully REVOLT will be able to have interviews with all these amazing artists; but Sahdia Mansour & Lowkey are in the works !

Just wait for the Music Player (Divshare) to appear & Click Play!!

Stay Tuned -
Get Revolutionary !

Mashrou' Leila

Recently I came across this amazing "project" that is based in Lebanon.
Mashrou' Laila which means "An Overnight Project" in English is making some serious noise People!

They are a perfect example of hard work & perseverance. It all started out like everything great we know - a small work shop in the American University Of Beirut (AUB). Its their dedication & serious talent not to mention their unique style what got them to be recognized throughout Lebanon & even the Middle East!

Somehow I always believed the LIVE shows are the true judge weather an artist is talented or not. I mean I always dream about watching Dave Mathew Band Live because I hear their Live shows are on another level & that brings me to Laila - I haven't seen Laila in concert yet; but I sure will soon. I've seen some videos & for me I love the passion that the guys bring out each in their own unique style given that the band has 7 members in which each does their job more than well to have a great end result!

On Dec 19th,2009 they launched their latest album in a concert in Beirut in which alot of people attended & enjoyed the performance with a copy of their Album! (id say go get a CD right now! if you into some original not fake music..)

REVOLT will have an interview with the guys from Mashrou' Leila & maybe a small performance :) "working on it"

Best of luck to the guys & stay real in this Fake Music Industry!

Enjoy this small Tune by ML.