Thursday, June 30, 2011

" 1 n 2's Hustlin" The Mixtape by DJ Lethal Skillz

DJ Lethal Skillz , in my opinion, one of the founding members of this Arabic Hip-Hop movement that I been supporting! He has so much passion & has sacrificed a lot for this. I respect his work tremendously. He has helped so many upcoming artists reach a great level of maturity & work ethic..Its up to these artists to learn from one of the best.

For now - DJ Lethal Skillz just released a Mixtape " 1 n 2's Hustlin' " which is a personal Mixtape that reflects the past 3 & half years since he decided to retire from the corporate world & dedicate himself to producing, turntablism & empowering the Arab Hip-Hop movement in Lebanon & around the world.

Skillz says "This is dedicated to Hip-Hop & all the peeps around the world who were lucky enough to witness & live that era of hip hop..its an educational hip hop mixtape"
Enjoy this & spread the word !

THE FULL MIXTAPE (Click Play Below)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

TEDxArabia talk | Ziad Jarrar | Sin Square

My fam Ziad Jarrar is one inspiring brother. He has showed me a lot in my media corporate career - but his positive approach towards life is truly one of a kind. The guy is just a perfect speaker & you would love listen to him.

As a marketing and communication expert, Ziad’s experience has taught him to always look at the big idea, the big picture and always keeping the objective clear and in focus by simplifying it, definitely Ziad addresses the details of the big picture but in a way that keeps the perspective simple, practical and purposeful.

Growing up, Ziad’s life was filled with experiences that taught him that life is too real to be addressed ideologically, he believes people are in need of simplicity and common sense, an approach through understanding that no one can argue with, one that aims at reminding people of the big picture.

Ziad’s brand of Insanniah positions him as a “Life Coach”, one who is able to engage people to provoke their thinking and share ideas on how we may look at things from a different perspective, one that could help us to change for the better.

As a public speaker, Ziad’s style of engaging people has been welcomed by his audience as captivating, refreshing and engaging always leaving them intrigued by the thoughts he’s provokes.

He recently spoke @ Tedx Arabia - This is how it went (Brilliant!!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TEDxRamallah - Mark Gonzales | Wage Beauty

The brother Mark Gonzales speaking for TEDxRamallah
Poet. Scholar. Lover of Life. Mark Gonzales is an HBO Def Poet with a Master's in Education, a Mexican and a Muslim, a Khalil Gibran meets Pablo Neruda in a lyrical break dance cypher.

Mark lives in the center of intersections. From Palestinian refugee camps, universities in Beirut, foster homes in Portugal, to cities across the Americas, he transcends citizenship identity to break borders and wage beauty across continents through culture. He is respected internationally for his creative approaches to suicide prevention, human rights and human development via performance, photojournalism, and narrative therapy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

RE-VOLTING | DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - "Notorious" (In Studio)

The talented Ayah alongside the legendary Jazzy Jeff! Brilliant

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maroc Hit Parade (20-21 June'11 / Morocco)

To all my peeps in Morocco !

Morocco -
The capital will be witnessing a huge parade on 20 & 21st June,2011 with the 4th Edition of "Maroc Hit Parade" hitting town celebrating Music.

Adel Al-Shawi (President of the comity that picked the artists participating in the parade) who is passionate about promoting Hip-Hop music said " Our wish is to make this parade/event a yearly thing which can connect the artists to this wide audience despite of all the financial difficulties that occur in signing up sponsors of the event" He went on & added " We are collaborating with the Moroccan National TV who will be broadcasting the event in addition to other Media Outlets (Print & Online) & this will promote the artists participating & give them a chance to widen their fan-base.
The comity will also be launching a campaign of awareness of AIDS where by the " Fight Against AIDS" Foundation will be offering to do the tests to the public for FREE!

Best of luck & Show out to Nadia.

Re-Volting |Sullee J - Think Twice (Official Music Video) HQ *Vindication*

A New Music Video from my brother Sullee J!

Think Twice captures Sullee J's real life. It expresses his emotions, and how he feels toward his actions he has made in the past. Think Twice is a track that everybody loved when it was released, and it can be related too by many. Think Twice is the bonus track off Vindication & its Free to Download - Check out the Youtube Video Below:

S.U.L.L.E.E. J. (Society's Undisputed Liberated Lyricist Expressing & Exemplifying Justice)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nomadic Wax Present | Thawra: Youth & Hip Hop in the Arab World [Special News Piece]

My brothers at Nomadic Wax have been supporting good hip-hop for a while now & this Mixtape is all about the revolution (The Arab Revolution)

Make sure you give it a listen..Its really dope..
Much respect to all the artists & the people who made such a project happen.

Monday, June 6, 2011

RE-VOLTING | Deeb "Masrah Deeb" prod by Gen K

My Egyption Brother "Deeb" 's video of the track " Masrah Deeb". The dude is talented. PERIOD.
"Law Halim Kan 3ayesh - Mosh 7aykon Fi Rotana.." Brilliant
Respect - Check out that tune!
The video is also subtitled in English.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Suheir Hammad - Into Egypt (Official Video)

This has light all over it. The talented Suheir Hammad re-volting with her words & creativity ..Check it out now!