Friday, August 28, 2020

Bu Kolthoum in a message of GRATITUDE !

Syrian Artist Bu Kolthoum who is based in Holland at the moment strikes again with a hard-hitter song "Mamnoun" which means "Gratitude" in Arabic". The song discusses many things and maybe gives out mixed signals about his life and his dreams, but the way he did the song was pure genius in my opinion. Maybe he's discussing the Butterfly Theory..Maybe not...

What's amazing is that we have an Arab Artist that ain't afraid to let his emotions out and he finds comfort in the music, music heals him and in that aspect, the music he makes heals people too..

Watching the video and listening to the track, one can see that there are so many references, I see a "lullaby" reference at the beginning, i see a "Mahmoud Darwish" reference with the "Butterfly", I see a "home/country" reference in addition to the mother reference that can also circle back to his "motherland".

Or maybe we are all over-analyzing ... but that art is all about, to provoke thoughts and make us think, sometimes its to shake booty, sometimes its to shake the mind..

Beautiful track, powerful video.

What do you get from it?

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Watch the full video below