• Adamillion : From Somalia. Raps in Arabic. 

  • FREEK : Originally from Somalia but born and raised in the UAE. He was initially based in Abu Dhabi, but later on moved to Dubai. He's one of the few rappers in Dubai that performs in Arabic and is someone with a lot of passion on stage.

  • FADL: Originally from Palestine, but raised in Dubai. Fadl reflects that "new" wave of Hip-Hop 

  • Moh Flow: Originally Syrian. One of the most hard working artists in the region. Someone with an incredible body of work and an artist that has established himself in the city.

  • The Recipe: Probably the oldest rap group in Dubai. They started as a collective of creatives in order to empower & push the scene forward. They consist of 3 rappers (Swerte, P. Storm & Kaz Money) - With their hardcore lyrics and amazing beats, they for sure hold a special place in Dubai Hip-Hop simply because they have seen it evolve & grow till what it is today

  • Tac: Egyptian based in Dubai. I call him the young BEAST. 

  • Seki (Izzy) : Half Omani/Half Filipino, Izzy is part of creatives/rappers/singers that has paved their own path and are working together to establish themselves. 

  • Jaysus Zain: Sudanese via Libya. Jaysus is a spoken word artist and an incredible lyricist. He has yet to drop anything digitally. He's for sure one of the top rappers in the city for the passion and lyrics he brings to the table  

  • KC Hamada: Originally Iraqi/Iranian, but born and raised in Dubai. Very keen on word play. 

  • MENON: Half Srilankan/Half Filipino. Someone with a lot of energy and passion. His album "Epiphany Of a Misfit" is one of the best to come out from the city.  

  • M.I.A.M.E : Originally from Egypt. Someone with a lot of passion. His name stands for "Maybe I Am My Enemy". 

  • MC SyndRoM: Originally from Palestine. Raps in Arabic

  • N1YAH: Originally from Lebanon. N1yah is one of the few female Arab rappers and I for one been vocal about supporting more Arab females to get into rap. 

  • SANTI: Originally from Nigeria. SANTI was able to gain international support and a good fan base in the US. I believe his unique style and staying true to his origins has helped with that.  

  • Suhaib Alises: Originally from Palestine. He has yet to drop his work digitally but comes from a Spoken-Word background. I hope to see him rap in Arabic as well.

  • Saad Brizzy: Lebanese Artist based in Dubai. Mixed R&B with Rap

  • Zenden Lavon: At only 17, Zenden focuses on word play and  lyricism. His flow and how he formulates words is something to be respected.  ** (Update: Zenden has left the UAE but will always have a spot here) 

  • KAFV: Sharjah Based Rapper, very big on sampling and word play. 

  • Toofless: Sharjah Based Rapper, member of the rap group Diligent Thought - very witty. Raps mainly in English

  • LECT: Abu Dhabi Based Rapper. Sudanese. (couldnt find any videos online)
  • bigsizer: Dubai based Rapper/Producer. Raps in English

  • SG : Local Rapper. Raps mainly in Arabic. Does a good job on Photos & videos too ;)

  • Santo D : Originally from Algeria. Raps in Arabic. Between UAE & Britain. 

  • NM-1 : Based in Abu Dhabi. Rap Group that consists of 2 rappers and a dancer. Mainly rap in Arabic  

  • Storm Fernandes : Originally from India . Raps in English

  • YAZ: Rapper based in Dubai. Originally Palestinian. Raps mainly in English 

  • MK-1 :  Indian Rapper Based in Dubai. Very experimental in his approach 

Reazon :  Jordanian/Brazilian residing in Dubai. Lyrical and wordplay. Raps mainly in English

Young Gaby :  Syrian artist based in dubai. Raps mainly in English 

robn :  Rapper based in Dubai. Mainly raps in English 

. Molham : Saudi Rapper based between UAE/Saudi. Raps in both languages English & Arabic

Malikah : Lebanese Rappers based in UAE. Raps mainly in Arabic 

The Famous Guyyy : Rapper based in Ajman. Raps mainly in English.

O'D : Sudanese Rapper. Mainly Raps in Arabic

Eslam Jawaad : Syrian/Lebanese Rapper. Raps in both English & Arabic 

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