Saturday, August 11, 2018

An Open Letter to Hip-Hop // From A Saudi

Pic By Azarel 

I have dedicated a decade of my life to a music culture that has endured many obstacles, sometimes skepticism, but has proven its resourcefulness and its essence as it has expanded globally. 

Today is the day we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hip-Hop, a music culture that took a blue-eyed Saudi passion-driven radio host from a humble state of mind to a inquisitive and activistic position.

It started as a backyard party and an enthusiastic DJ, it pushed through the ghettos and the voiceless, it got picked up and glamorized by the mainstream media and with all that said, artists still cave into this urban music genre and in some loopholes, you can still hear the real sound of hip hop. It is important to acknowledge the beginning, the legacy, the purpose, the knowledge, the elements and the culture. 
It is important for artists nowadays to give respect to the pioneers and to know their history. Hip-Hop started in the Bronx but it has impacted so many cultures and has been adapted to their languages and to their heritages. I am thankful to this mind elevating music genre, as it has taken me places around the world, in my way of thinking and up my career ladder. 

Affinities have been created, misconceptions have been broken, hip hop has kept me intrigued and passionate to know more, learn more and shed more light on talent with a capital T.


With Chuck D Public Enemy  (A great moment in my career)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Nigerian-Dubai based Artist SANTI releases "FREAKY" || Ft. Bridge & Nonso Amadi

Nigerian Artist Santi

Big up to the fam Santi, feeling the vibe for this one. Track is live now and getting international attraction.. Produced by Genio and features Bridge & Nonso Amadi  

I was able to get a quote from SANTI on how the track came about.. and that's what he said:-

I was heavily influenced by Nigerian music. it is an integral part of who i am. Freaky came about from an old song named Shobeedobeedoo by a Nigerian artist named Ikechukwu. I remember hearing it in high school on the way home everyday. I had plans for a long time to sample the beat but the day finally came when Genio made the beat and the rest was history.

Listen to the track here
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018

"READY UP" for Moh Flow's New Vibe

Dubai Based Artist Moh Flow releases his new joint "Ready Up" produced by AY. This duo have been making big international noise for the past couple of years now. 

I love this record. For me, shows a certain maturity for Moh. The 25 year old artist is for sure putting his stamp down as one of the leading artists from the Middle-East.

Question is: Is the music/art he is providing for the people of the Middle-East? I happen to think YES! He's tapping to a great young demographic which I think are proud of the fact that they can "ROCK ON" / "Vibe To" an artist from Arabia that sounds that DOPE!

I personally have no doubt that what HRMNY guys are doing will result in a big international exposure and one can tell that the first step was that Pusha T & Moh Flow feature for Spotify's Campaign "Im With The Banned" 

Check out the track and follow the guys

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Earlier this year (April 23 '18) , Dubai based rapper Menon dropped his album "Epiphany Of A Misfit" produced by Dubai-Based Genius "RAYAN" and ever since he's been working hard to always release visuals to his songs and working on other projects. In my opinion he's considered one of the best rappers in Dubai at the moment. 

He just released a video for "City Love" one of the songs from the album. Video is directed by Philip J. Rachid (Soultrotter) and video produced by Phenomena Films. 

Check it out below. Big up everyone involved in the project. It's always great to see videos produced in a high quality and the song itself is dope. My Favorite song in the album is "1952" which I hope Menon does a video for soon.

Watch & Support !