Sunday, February 28, 2010

REVOLT Live Coverage of "Free Palestine" Concert

REVOLT's First Live Coverage

Taking place at the American University of Beirut (A.U.B), during the Israeli Apartheid Week, on Friday, March 5th 2010!

Come out and support music for a cause at the "Free Palestine" Concert, where revolutionary artists will be performing.
Shadia Mansour, Lowkey & Amal Kaawash!

REVOLT & Hass urge for your presence to experience non-commercial music. Let the underground rise and let the countdown begin!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Laith is a Jordanian Photographer/ Film Producer.

Laith Al-Majali is first and foremost a visual storyteller. Producer and editor of the 2008 Sundance Audience Award winning film (and winner of 25 other international festival awards), “Captain Abu Raed,"

Born and raised in Amman, Jordan with a communications degree from Elon University in North Carolina (USA), Majali has produced for American and Middle East television, and has won awards for editing/producing a number of short films and documentaries. These days Majali and his production company, Immortal Entertainment, are developing a number of film projects.

Majali is also photographing the rise of pan-Arab hip-hop for an up-coming book release.
He has worked with the top heads that are making a huge statement in this movement.

REVOLT had a great chat with LAITH about his Featured Film & the documentation of the Rise of Arab Hip Hop Movement & other stuff - Check out the full Interview below.

* All pictures on this post are a work of Laith

To check out Laith's talented work & news - make sure you follow his blog @


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Akil The MC - an Ex member of the Famous Hip Hop Group JURASSIC5 chats with me on all sort of things!

Check out what he says about elevating mind of the youth & his newest project in progress on Islam.
A very interesting character !

A big Shoutout to Akil for making this happen.
Thank you brotha!

To get a look @ Akil - Check out this cool video of the Famous Song "What's Golden"once performed by J5- now performed by AKil !Gotta love it

Also check out his LATEST VIDEO from his New Album "SOUND CHECK" - The Song is called ├ľne for the $$$"


Saturday, February 13, 2010


REVOLT had the chance to Interview BIG A Live from Detroit City !

Here's little bit about Big A:

Born and raised in South Lebanon Big A witnessed 3 wars to which he lost a lot of friends and relatives and his album "Conscious Gangsta" 2008 was heavily influenced by the principles of resistance and the freedom to occupied Arab land.

He made a name for himself in the Detroit underground after sharing stages with KRS ONE, Invincible and One Be Lo to name a few.

His profile was raised after landing several interviews and features with Al Akhbar Newspaper, The Arab American News, SPIN Magazine, Yasour and so on.

Big A focuses on building his events around community, university and school environments in addition to performing at Hip hop venues from Detroit to Chicago to Minnesota and beyond.

His style is all about honest expression and sincere lyrical flows.

He met DJ Lethal Skillz in 2008 and started representing for the 961 Underground family since then. January 2010 marked Big A as the newest member of 961 Underground.

Download & Listen to 4 Tracks (You gota love BIG SMILE) (Free!)

THE FULL INTERVIEW ( You Gota check it - This guy has something BiG to say- SO hear it out)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

BIG A : Lebanese Power in Detroit !

Big A always carries himself as a rapper with a unifying message and is all about making strong steps towards the progress of that unity.

Big A was born and raised in South Lebanon yet his message resonates louder than the sounds of war.

He brings the raw experiences of a wounded country that refused to give up and lets you be the judge of it all.

He released the album Conscious Gangsta in the summer of 2008 and is currently working on new music projects.

The style is so “Conscious”: It will make listeners change the way they think and so “Gangsta”: It will make listeners fight for their true freedom.

BIG A was recently introduced as the newest member of the famous Lebanese Hip Hop Movement "961 Underground".

Make Sure you check out Big A's site @

An interview with Big A is coming @ you real soon for now I leave you with this Video Shout from BIG A to REVOLT:


REVOLT had the chance to catch up with Eva Egypt Al Fayed.

An Egyptian Rapper/Poet/Activist living in NY. Her music is her mission. Elevation of mind & soul.

For more info on Eva - make sure you check out her site @:

She recently said this " We have a responsibility as women of color to have a voice, not simply for ourselves, but for those unable to is my medium to inspire knowledge because thats all we can do..INSPIRE others to think and seek knowledge for themselves"

A big Shout out to Eva for doing this - much appreciated.


Monday, February 8, 2010


Salam All,

I had a great chat with Shadia Mansour (A very talented / passionate female Hip Hop Artist). Her music is true & real. Give it a listen (wont regret it)

For more info on Shadia: Check out the below older post :

One of her songs about Palestine:

The Full Interview is available here:

Friday, February 5, 2010


I had the chance to chat with The Narcicyst. (if u dont knw about him - then u missing out big time)
Music with a meaning & a true soul

Plz mind ma voice - Sorry i was truly sick but i couldnt miss this for the world ! Those who follow REVOLT would know how much I respect Narcy - awesome artist & keepin it real.

Check out his site & buy his album of ITUNES!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Lowkey's New Single "Something Wonderful"

Check this out
This is a song from LOWKEY's New Album "Soundtrack To The Struggle"