Friday, December 30, 2011

BIG HASS Interview Laith Majali on Laish Hip Hop LIVE on MIX FM Saudi Araia

I hosted my brother Laith Majali from Immortal Ent to discuss the documentation of Arabic Hip Hop & the amazing work he's doing.

If you support true art - follow him on his page

Check out the interview below! :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Video | Arabian Knightz: Sisters Ft Isam Bachiri and Shadia Mansour | Directed by Laith Majali

A great song to support our sisters of the revolution.. Real Hip Hop coming straight from Egypt. Lens & Video are by the talented Laith Majali (Immortal Entertainment)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BIG HASS Interviews Shadia Mansour on Laish Hip Hop? Live on MIX FM Saudi Arabia

The First Lady Of Arabic Hip Hop is on my show live talkin Hip Hop & discussing her track "Koffeyya Arabeyya" which we play after the interview.
Salute to a true soul.
Watch Out for the album coming out sooon.

Laish Hip Hop is Saudi's 1st FM Hip Hop Radio Show & I play & support Local/Arab & international artists that dont get FM Support.

I am live every Thu from 9-10 PM Local Time on Mix FM Saudi Arabia.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My Fam Lowkey releases the video of my personal fav track of that historic Album..
Soundtrack To The Struggle..Pays respect to Adooni!
Salute Always

Produced by Beatnick & K Salaam

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Re-Volt Radio Interviews | Jay Electronica (Live in Amman,Jordan)

It was a crazy decision to fly from Jeddah to Amman prior the night of an event that was taking place there! but WORTH IT!

My brothers from Immortal Entertainment set up an epic night in Amman by having Mochilla , Omar Offendum, Sotusura , DJ Quantic & as a surprised Guest, They brought in Jay E!!

Laith & Nas Hooked it up & mad love!
This is the interview!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

BIG HASS Interviews Poet Amir Sulaiman on Laish Hip Hop? | Live on MIX FM Saudi Arabia

I had the honor of hosting American Muslim Poet Amir Sulaiman on Laish Hip Hop? (Saudi's 1st FM Hip Hop Radio Show)
Just released. Check it out. Mashalla & Hamdulilah.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"If Hip Hop Has the ability to corrupt Young Minds, It also has the ability to Uplift Them." KRS-1
The Teacha is still in the game & personally one of my favorite that still is all about the true essence of Hip Hop.

Check out this video "We Must Become One"
I will be intervieiwing this Legend in the next coming weeks on Saudi's 1st FM Hip Hop Radio Show "Laish Hip Hop?" which airs Every Thu from 9-10 PM (Saudi Time) on MiX FM (KSA)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Omar Offendum - 'On this Land' (Darwish), London

My Fam Omar Offendum reciting "Darwish's" - On This Land.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arab Winter | Be Where The revolutions really happened.

Arab Winter Exhibition takin place Dec 2nd, 2011 in Montreal, Canada.
A Must attend if you're there. Check my family out.

For more - Click Their Site

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rafeef Ziadah - 'We teach life, sir', London, 12.11.11

Passionate, Amazing Rafeef Ziadah..If this doesnt move you..You Aint Human..
"No Sound Bite..We Teach Life, Sir!"
WOW A Must heard. Salute

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amir Sulaiman | The Meccan Openings

Muslim American Poet/Artist Amir Sulaiman released his highly awaited album "The Meccan Openings". This video shot by Justin Mashouf is a small intro to the album..

Amir Sulaiman speaks about his new project. You can download the FREE Album at..

I had the honor of interviewing him on my FM Show "Laish Hip Hop?" & inshalla I will post the interview soon.

Monday, October 31, 2011


I had the honor of speaking at a Tedx Stage earlier this Oct. Much respect to my family Ziad Jarrar (Insanniah) who actually pushed to get me in & gave me an awesome introduction here. Also Thanks to Bander Mutlaq for the opportunity. I speak in 5 min about Hip Hop & Re-Volt. I was real nervous since this was my first real public speaking event & there were around 1,300 people present. So wtach it & do let me know your feedback. 1 love

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I was really honored to interview Lowkey on Saudi's First FM Hip Hop Radio Show. This was before the release of his amazing must have album "Soundtrack To The Struggle" which you can find on ITUNES/Amazon now. It is a historic album.

Me & Lowkey talk Hip Hop, Life & I debut the track "Long Live Palestine" in Saudi & I believe the Middle East. I dont think this track got played anywhere in the Arab World FM Radio Before.

Lowkey is a true soul & I am proud that I have been supporting him & this movement.
Let me know what you all think.

Catch My Show Every Thu from 9-10 PM (Saudi Time) Live on Mix-FM

Sunday, October 23, 2011

KOOL G RAP LIVE ON Laish Hip Hop? Interview by BiG Hass (Audio)

The Legendary Kool G Rap was my guest on Laish Hip Hop? My FM Show that I launched in July'11. It is actually Saudi's First FM Hip Hop Radio Show & one of the few shows that actually play Arabic Hip Hop in the world.
I have interviewed The Narcicyst, Lowkey, Omar Offendum, Run Junction (Saudi Hip Hop Group), DJ Lethal Skillz & Many more to come.

Like The FB Page & keep updated with Laish Hip Hop?

Kool G discussed Hip Hop & Life in this Historic Interview.


My brother , Yassin AlSalman "The Narcicyst" has always been the creative soul. I love his passion for hip hop & mostly the way he's making a name for himself. It just makes me proud to have met the brother.
I really hope we meet again inshalla soon.

The Narcicyst just released a "Live" Album for FREE that will show you how it is attending a Narcy Show. The Brother is just talented. PERIOD

You can download this album right HERE:

For more info on Narcy & to follow his work, Check him out on Facebook & his Website

** Photo By
Francesco Vicenski.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"We Are Committed" by Saudi Hip Hop Group West Side Us | Video Directed by Amal A. Aljohani

Its always great to see how you're influence rubs on people. I am proud of West Side Us for getting involved in the community & singing about stuff that "Matters" & being real.

This videos is to show support & bring awareness to Breast Cancer for the women are our Mothers, Daughters & Wives.

Salute to everyone that worked on this & May God Bless You.

Spread the Word.

This will be played on my FM Show "Laish Hip Hop?" Thur 20th Oct (9-10PM) Saudi Time. Tune in

Sunday, October 16, 2011

HIP HOP ALBUM | Lowkey - Soundtrack To The Struggle

There are no words that Describe Lowkey right now. He just released his 2nd Album entitled " Soundtrack To The Struggle " & made some huge noise in only 1 night. He reached #1 in the Hip Hop Download Chart & His album is in the Top 10 Charts.
This is part of history. Lowkey is not supported by any Record Label or the Music Industry. This is the support of the people that got him there. He deserves all this because he elevates minds.

I really recommend buying the album & listening to it. Its a classic Hip Hop album & will go down as one of the best of all time.

Salute to Lowkey!

The Power is shifting to the people.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


No words can describe this person. For real a Mind Opener.
Lowkey at it again.
His album "Soundtrack to the Struggle" Dropping tonight! Pre-Order it!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stylah feat. Lowkey - The Light [Music Video]

Stylah & Lowkey at it...:)
This one if for Women

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

HIP HOP GROUP IN SAUDI ARABIA | Run Junction Releases Their Debut Album "J City Chronicles"

Run Junction is a Mult-National Hip-Hop group founded in Jeddah, KSA (end of 2010).
It consists of 6 MC's & 4 Producers as well as designers, artists & photographers.

On the mic you got Anas Arabi,Kaffien, Majic, Moh Flow , Tim Granite & Vizion. As for the 1's & 2's you got Unkle Saif, MindCircus, Uzi & Anas Arabi.

They released their DEBUT ALBUM : J City Chronicles (which you can download for FREE HERE)

"Hip Hop isnt about holding a mic & start rapping, its beyond that" Saif Saud "Unkle Saif" says on the release of the album, he goes on & says " We are trying to raise the bar, motivate young MC's to go harder"

They are trying to establish a market for "real" hip hop here in the Kingdom..The album already got great feedback from legendary producer "Fredwreck" & some of the artists like Syrian/Americana Omar Offendum & even Black Mccloud.

"We have what it takes & we are halfway through the SECOND album" Saif continues. Run Junction is trying to educate/aware the people of Saudi Arabia about this culture.
"A Full Album produced by producers from Saudi Arabia for the FIRST TIME! & its nothing less that what we hear from outside producers quality & Music wise. Its well structured & on point Al-Hamdulilah"

Give it a listen & support these brothers!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Omar Offendum - "Domino Effect (The Time Is Now)"

My Syrian Khayo "Offendum" !
Full article is here

Friday, September 9, 2011

Suheir Hammad - Def Poetry | A Real Light

This soul is shining light.
She makes me want to be a poet..
A must heard poem..
Passionate, real & insightful

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Iraqi/British Hip-Hop Artist with another Eye Opening Video/Lyrics, this time its featuring M-1 (Dead Prez) & Black The Ripper.
Def worth watching.
Check it out now.

Friday, September 2, 2011

K'naan in Somalia..| More..

A quick video of brothers Sol Guy & Artist K'naan during their trip to #Somalia..
Check out the full article (Part 2) here:

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This track is more than just music..its a Lyrical Revolution.
Shadia Mansour's passion for her country (Palestine) is admirable...Salute to M-1 for always supporting the real.
Video Shot & Edited by the brother Nana Dankwa
Check it out

Thursday, August 25, 2011

K'naan in Somalia..| Returning to Light.

Poet, rapper and songwriter K’naan has returned to Somalia for the first time since he fled his native land with his family in 1991.

Traveling with Sol Guy, his business partner and manager (and National Geographic Emerging Explorer), his mission is to help raise awareness (and relief funding) for millions of starving people. “A life no less valuable than yours and mine. And without any dramatization, without sounding a single bell, we are now at risk of losing 12 million of those ones. In that thought alone, it is remarkable that the world does not come to a halt,” K’naan and Sol said in a statement before their departure for Africa.

Read the Full Article & see all the pix (Taken By Nabil Elderkin) here

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ReMINDers- The Way It Is (Official Video 2011)

Salute to my fam @ Nomadic Wax

Nomadic Wax releases the first ever music video shot at the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival

The ReMINDers “The Way It Is” reflects sense of community that the festival has been working to build between hip hop artists around the world.
PS: Hopefully Re-Volt will be present there One Day!

The ReMINDers- The Way It Is (Official Video 2011) from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brownbook & Hypebeast Present The Narcicyst

My Brother Yassin Al-Salman (The Narcicyst)
A Quick Video/Bio. Talented!

Monday, August 15, 2011

VIDEO | Jon Tarifa - So Right (with Robin Brock)

The Brother Jon Tarifa..
Talent right there.

VIDEO | Maher Zain - Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Salute to Maher Zain. A Track about the Prophet (PBUH).
The Official Video for the track was just released. I would say if we have the courtesy to be & behave like the prophet - we wouldn't be where we are today for sure.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jody McIntyre's Bars For Change - Episode 1 - WHO POLICES THE POLICE?

Brother Jody Mcintyre just never stops to amaze me.. He put this together..Something that you wouldn't see on your Silly TV Stations.
Re-Volting Through Bars..

Monday, August 1, 2011


My brother from 808 Shirts has been supporting Hip Hop & Re-Volt since Day 1!
We set up an account for people to be able to purchase the T-Shirts & Support in anyway possible.

You can buy the T-Shirt By Clicking HERE:

Appreciate the support..

Re-Volt : Music Liberation

Short: To Whom It May Concern, The Aftermath by Husam Al-Sayed

Discovered this recently. Its in Saudi Arabia..South Of Jeddah..
Again to whom it may concern.
Shout out to Husam

Short: To Whom It May Concern, The Aftermath from Husam Al-Sayed on Vimeo.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Lowkey @ it again !
Video is amazing so is the LYRICS for this track that is all #TRUTH
Will you hear this on your MTV's / Mass-Media Stations??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video

This is just inspiring for me.
Salute to Mack & Ryan.. I will be playing this on "Why Hip-Hop?" Live in Saudi Arabia!

Arab World Unite

‎"Arab World Unite" produced by Dj OutlaW Featuring Qusai from Saudi, Karim Adel Eissa from Egypt, Balti from Tunisia, Ayzee Hawsawi from Saudi, Vico from Lebanon, Flipp from Bahrain, Murder Eyez from Syria, Timz from Iraq & Talal from Palestine.
Good initiative..Salute.
Brilliant Track

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preach Ankobia ft. Meryem Saci - One More Chance

Salute to Preach Ankobia & Meryem Saci ! Loving this!
You can def feel the passion in this - which to me is REAL MUSIC.
Respect to Narcy for putting me on to this.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Lowkey's new video. Something that you wont see on Mass-Media just because it elevated minds & these TV's/FM's doesnt do that. Yes you can have fun with tracks - but sometimes its good to listen to a track that can make you see things differently..Open up your mind & support good real music.
Salute Lowkey, Keep going strong brother !

Power to the people - keep supporting
Listen to the lyrics they actually mean something..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Hass' FM Radio Host Debut | My Own Hip-Hop Show on MIX-FM (KSA)

RE-VOLT, The continuous talent digger, has finally found its determination and hard work rewarded. Breaching new limits, I have the pleasure to announce an exciting turn of eevents in the short life of RE-VOLT.

I , Big Hass, will be presenting my OWN show called "Laish Hip-Hop?" LIVE on 105.5 FM (MIX-FM, JEDDAH,KSA) Every Thursday from 9 to 10 PM. The "unleashing" begins tomorrow night (Thursday 7th July '11) , so I eaglry invite you to TUNE in & listen up to Arabic | English Hip-Hop.

I just am ecstatic that I am now able to showcase the talent the Arabic community has in this Hip-Hop game for I am just a listener who enjoys good music. The real talents are the brothers & sisters behind the mic doing their thing.

I hope you get to tune in !

Saudi Arabia Peeps (105.5FM - Mix-FM) @ 9PM..TUNE IN & Blast up your SPEAKERS

Monday, July 4, 2011

Peace Is My Religion, Music Is My Weapon MixTape

Yet another example of how Hip-Hop unites..Im proud to have Re-Volt's logo on this Mixtape. The creators have been very supportive.

Peace Is My Religion, Music Is My Weapon MixTape can be downloaded HERE (FREE!!)

Give it a listen! Its worth it

01. Intro Dj Djel - Dj Djel aka The Diamond Cutter (Maroc-France)
02. La Rue - Bouga (Algerie- France)
03. Truly Yours - Mohammad Dangerfield feat. Impaq (USA)
04. Nightmares - Arabian Knightz (Egypte)
05. L'Energie Du Désespoir - Royal S (Liban)
06. El Kofeyye Arabeyye - Shadia Mansour (Palestine)
07. Criminuhl Clean - Eslam Jawaad (Syrie)
08. Freestyle Checkmate - Mobydick (Maroc)
09. Damascus - Omar Offendum (Syrie)
10. The Marathon - Run Junction feat. Qusai (Arabie Saoudite)
11. Nhar Nfhem Had Lalam - Mehdi K-Libre (Maroc)
12. Libre - Code Rouge (Maroc-belgique)
13. Tales of the Lost Tribe - Hasan Salaam (USA)
14. El Houma - Diaz-MBS (Algerie)
15. La minn - Rayess Bek (Liban)
16. 3alem Edzayer- Rabah-MBS (Algerie)
17. KL 2 Beirut - DJ Fuzz, DJ Lethal Skillz & MC Moe (Liban)
18. Ya Leili -Palestine aka Ledr P (Palestine)
19. Brass - The Narcicyst (Irak)
20. Mali Huriye- Dam (Palestine)
21. Love Is Love - Mazzi ( Iran )

Radio Documentary “Rhymes to Revolution – Soundtrack to the Arab Awakenings” by Jackson Allers

My brother Jackson Allers is one of the few people that is documenting the Arabic Hip-Hop movement. I already interviewed him for re-volt & got to meet him when I had my shows in Beirut. The brother is full of passion for this movement & i am proud to say that he managed to have the below documentary aired across 150 stations across the US & the world.

The documentary which is a
Free Speech Radio News production with editor Shannon Young and technical producer Rose Ketabchi.

Documentary Description:

The so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have been driven by a largely disaffected youth demographic aged 18 to 30 that dominates the populations of every affected country. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the youth have demanded an end to the rampant corruption, unemployment, lack of democratic rights, and government policies that stifle freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Echoing these demands have been the representatives of the Arabic hip-hop movement living in both the Arab world and in the Diaspora.

This documentary will examine the rise of Arab hip-hop as a soundtrack to the revolution from its beginnings with Tunisian El General’s song “Rayess La Bled (Head of State)” until today. It will include the voices of rappers in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Diaspora including the creators (Omar Offendum/The Narcycist) of the YouTube viral video #jan25 (pictured above) and the creators of the Egyptian rap video “Rebel” (Arabian Knightz)

Interviews will be balanced with testimony from relevant political commentators, photographers, producers and voices from the Arab street in order to discuss how Arab hip-hop contributed to revolution and how it is still inspiring artists and protest movements in the US, and demonstrators in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Lebanon – who are still blasting Arab hip-hop anthems from their boomboxes as they fight Gadhafi’s forces in Libya, the security forces in Bahrain and Yemen and the Sectarian state in Lebanon.

Rhymes to Revolution – Soundtrack to the Arab Awakenings (Click Play Below to hear the full 30 min doc)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

" 1 n 2's Hustlin" The Mixtape by DJ Lethal Skillz

DJ Lethal Skillz , in my opinion, one of the founding members of this Arabic Hip-Hop movement that I been supporting! He has so much passion & has sacrificed a lot for this. I respect his work tremendously. He has helped so many upcoming artists reach a great level of maturity & work ethic..Its up to these artists to learn from one of the best.

For now - DJ Lethal Skillz just released a Mixtape " 1 n 2's Hustlin' " which is a personal Mixtape that reflects the past 3 & half years since he decided to retire from the corporate world & dedicate himself to producing, turntablism & empowering the Arab Hip-Hop movement in Lebanon & around the world.

Skillz says "This is dedicated to Hip-Hop & all the peeps around the world who were lucky enough to witness & live that era of hip hop..its an educational hip hop mixtape"
Enjoy this & spread the word !

THE FULL MIXTAPE (Click Play Below)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

TEDxArabia talk | Ziad Jarrar | Sin Square

My fam Ziad Jarrar is one inspiring brother. He has showed me a lot in my media corporate career - but his positive approach towards life is truly one of a kind. The guy is just a perfect speaker & you would love listen to him.

As a marketing and communication expert, Ziad’s experience has taught him to always look at the big idea, the big picture and always keeping the objective clear and in focus by simplifying it, definitely Ziad addresses the details of the big picture but in a way that keeps the perspective simple, practical and purposeful.

Growing up, Ziad’s life was filled with experiences that taught him that life is too real to be addressed ideologically, he believes people are in need of simplicity and common sense, an approach through understanding that no one can argue with, one that aims at reminding people of the big picture.

Ziad’s brand of Insanniah positions him as a “Life Coach”, one who is able to engage people to provoke their thinking and share ideas on how we may look at things from a different perspective, one that could help us to change for the better.

As a public speaker, Ziad’s style of engaging people has been welcomed by his audience as captivating, refreshing and engaging always leaving them intrigued by the thoughts he’s provokes.

He recently spoke @ Tedx Arabia - This is how it went (Brilliant!!)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TEDxRamallah - Mark Gonzales | Wage Beauty

The brother Mark Gonzales speaking for TEDxRamallah
Poet. Scholar. Lover of Life. Mark Gonzales is an HBO Def Poet with a Master's in Education, a Mexican and a Muslim, a Khalil Gibran meets Pablo Neruda in a lyrical break dance cypher.

Mark lives in the center of intersections. From Palestinian refugee camps, universities in Beirut, foster homes in Portugal, to cities across the Americas, he transcends citizenship identity to break borders and wage beauty across continents through culture. He is respected internationally for his creative approaches to suicide prevention, human rights and human development via performance, photojournalism, and narrative therapy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

RE-VOLTING | DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah - "Notorious" (In Studio)

The talented Ayah alongside the legendary Jazzy Jeff! Brilliant

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maroc Hit Parade (20-21 June'11 / Morocco)

To all my peeps in Morocco !

Morocco -
The capital will be witnessing a huge parade on 20 & 21st June,2011 with the 4th Edition of "Maroc Hit Parade" hitting town celebrating Music.

Adel Al-Shawi (President of the comity that picked the artists participating in the parade) who is passionate about promoting Hip-Hop music said " Our wish is to make this parade/event a yearly thing which can connect the artists to this wide audience despite of all the financial difficulties that occur in signing up sponsors of the event" He went on & added " We are collaborating with the Moroccan National TV who will be broadcasting the event in addition to other Media Outlets (Print & Online) & this will promote the artists participating & give them a chance to widen their fan-base.
The comity will also be launching a campaign of awareness of AIDS where by the " Fight Against AIDS" Foundation will be offering to do the tests to the public for FREE!

Best of luck & Show out to Nadia.

Re-Volting |Sullee J - Think Twice (Official Music Video) HQ *Vindication*

A New Music Video from my brother Sullee J!

Think Twice captures Sullee J's real life. It expresses his emotions, and how he feels toward his actions he has made in the past. Think Twice is a track that everybody loved when it was released, and it can be related too by many. Think Twice is the bonus track off Vindication & its Free to Download - Check out the Youtube Video Below:

S.U.L.L.E.E. J. (Society's Undisputed Liberated Lyricist Expressing & Exemplifying Justice)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nomadic Wax Present | Thawra: Youth & Hip Hop in the Arab World [Special News Piece]

My brothers at Nomadic Wax have been supporting good hip-hop for a while now & this Mixtape is all about the revolution (The Arab Revolution)

Make sure you give it a listen..Its really dope..
Much respect to all the artists & the people who made such a project happen.

Monday, June 6, 2011

RE-VOLTING | Deeb "Masrah Deeb" prod by Gen K

My Egyption Brother "Deeb" 's video of the track " Masrah Deeb". The dude is talented. PERIOD.
"Law Halim Kan 3ayesh - Mosh 7aykon Fi Rotana.." Brilliant
Respect - Check out that tune!
The video is also subtitled in English.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Suheir Hammad - Into Egypt (Official Video)

This has light all over it. The talented Suheir Hammad re-volting with her words & creativity ..Check it out now!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Mohammed YAHYA is a Mozambican born Rapper/Spoken Word Artist who was forced to flee his country of birth during the civil war. Having moved to Portugal - he began to show interest in music & poetry. Being surrounded with tough circumstances, he used music to channel his thoughts & energy in a positive manner.

I have been supporting Mohammed for quite some time now & I admire his talent - moreover his will to do workshops & actually implement what he talks about in his lyrics.
I was very fortunate to conduct a quick radio interview with him for Re-Volt Radio..Check it out below

You can support Mohammed by going to his Facebook Page

Friday, May 20, 2011

Re-Volting | Cultures of Resistance: A Day with Lowkey & Shadia

Cultures of Resistance .. an organization always searching for truth & they do a lot of great work did this quick video with Lowkey & Shadia Mansour. (Artists that I support fully in their quest of delivering meaningful lyrics using their voice & talent)

Mad respect for both..Notice Lowkey's T-Shirt?! #Good Times
Peace & Love

Friday, May 13, 2011

ARTICLE | Systematic Slavery by Sullee J

My Hip-Hop brother Sullee J whom I had the honor of Interviewing (You can check out the audio interview here) is one talented artist. He recently released this track "In the Air" that sheds light on the situation & the up-rises in the Middle East & Africa.

I thought of sharing with you a piece of writing he wrote by the title of "Systematic Slavery"
Check it out & connect with the brother.

Systematic Slavery by Sullee J

I write to those who believe with their ears, and magnify the biases. Those who amplify the tunes of idiocy within their hearts, and are taught by the arrogant, prejudice and misguided. To those who adjust to the current trends, and fall for the fiction that anything displayed on a cable box or mainstream radio is automatically fact. You are what they call a "modern slave". The truth and the public broadcasts are two very opposite forms of information. The former is real, the latter is manipulative. This is what I declare to be "Systematic Slavery", a form of control, or hypnosis. We are living in a commercialized generation that lives by the motto: If it doesn't make "cents", it doesn't make sense. Lies are becoming more valuable than the truth. Who gives whom the right to label and build hate in the hearts of men, women and children, by being judgmental? When did generalizing become acceptable? Isn't categorizing a whole race or religion for the actions of a small minority with no morals, immoral in itself?

It doesn't take a genius to know we are living in a corrupt world and raising a dying breed. We are witnessing a unanimous meltdown of the minds of humanity because we have become lazy. We are the generation that is generating ignorance and selling it for billions. Why is it that we have let the media become God? We are facing a tyranny of the majority by adjusting instead of standing up. We are being led instead of being leaders, by 'living' without 'being'. Just because we do not use the term "slavery" anymore, does not mean slavery has been eradicated. Slavery, like energy, has transformed into a different form of itself. It has evolved into a mechanism which is used by the system in order to make people believe that anything displayed by the mainstream media is true. So that makes me wonder, what is real anymore? Is it the people’s fault? Or is it the fact that the system has deprived its own people and led us to become desperate while forgetting to keep our dignity, identity, and morals. We have forgotten how to be ourselves. We have fallen into the trap of doing whatever it takes, without thinking over things. We have become an impulsive rather than a premeditative society.

The antics, the foolish semantics, and reckless tactics are the reasons behind the outcome of today's world. The false predictions, induced actions, unjust justifications, the biased theories and ideologies are spreading like a cancer. Systematic slavery is the repetitive, manipulative information that the system keeps feeding into the minds of the masses and brainwashing them. In essence, it is an organized way to make the masses believe by presenting a half-truth to mask the underlying deception. The entire media as a whole is not culpable in promoting this falsehood. Honest journalism still exists but many times it is suppressed or rejected for the sake of a half-true sensationally spectacular media story. Many of these reporters feel the pressure to research or promote stories that are improperly or incompletely investigated just to be the first with “breaking news.” Eventually it becomes a “Catch 22” when they compromise integrity for the sake of job security, material wealth, or prestige.

So what can we do? How can we stop and try to help each other wake up instead of just sleeping through life? How can we be ourselves, without having to conform to the dictates of our televisions? How can we resist the temptation of materialism and pay more attention to what really matters? What does ultimately matter? Your deeds when you die; or what's in your pocket that will be left behind? You have to think, research, crave knowledge like you crave acceptance. You have to quit looking for a scapegoat all the time and admit that you are a victim of your choices and actions. I am asking you to learn, think, and know before you believe what is being presented to you as truth. Do not just listen and generalize. Do not just see and ventilate. Do not point without target. Do not just be precise, be accurate. Do not be a slave! If you have a voice, you have a choice, regardless of
what language you speak.

"Abomination" by Sullee J (This poem sums up a few conditions of our current system)

You can tell me I'm wrong, but believe me I'm right,
vocal chord for my people, that's the reason I write
what type of infidel's, sin and tell,
a few men own half the world, and the rest live in hell,
rule makers use make up, rule breakers
are told to get their weight up, punished for crimes some of us never made,
the stories made up,
generalized a whole race, for the ignorance
that power has played, all, so the rounders is paid,
empowered by many in power,
as greed and pride possesses, there pennies get sour,
it's our ego, the subconscious, the conformity, need to fit in
the social norms and enormities, the only peace we getting
is the piece we forced to carry in the streets, corrupt police
torture and bust the cherries of the weak, it's hard to sleep
when even your relatives start varying there speech,
but this is our system, the way we made it,
from the government, mass media, and the game we play with,
this is slavery, that modern day whip,
are we congregated or just stuck on a slave ship
thinking we moving forward,
when there still lynching our minds and calling names quick,
call it systematic slavery,
this is abomination!

S.U.L.L.E.E. J. (Society's Undisputed Liberated Lyricist Expressing & Exemplifying Justice)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

VIDEO | Operation Lost Art - DJ Lethal Skillz ft. Arabian Knightz | Directed by the One & Only Laith Majali

Shout out to the brothers Arabian Knightz & DJ Lethal Skillz.
The video was directed & Edited by the Talented Laith Majali.
Arab Hip-Hop Stand Up!

Friday, May 6, 2011

TRAILER: Existence is Resistance Presents: Hip Hop is Bigger Than the Occupation

My Hip-Hop family from Existence Is Resistance have been doing great thing to show how hip-hop can be used as a positive tool & as a tool to maybe even help end an occupation.

This is a trailer of a film by E.I.R & my brother Nana Dankwa about a musical tour to Palestine teaching resistance through the arts. Featuring M1 (Dead Prez), Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Marcel Cartier, Mazzi (S.O.U.L Purpose), DJ Vega Benetton, SWYC, University of Hip Hop, Jody Mcintyre & many more..
Please check their website up for more info

Thursday, April 28, 2011

RE-VOLTING | The Lo Frequency Feat Lebanese MC's | VIDEO | TRADITIONS

Proud of this one! Lo Frequency are an amazing Hip-Hop group based in NY. Late 2010 they have conducted hip hop work shops in Beirut & got to know the scene there & finally finished off the trip by doing a video called Traditions that featured Edd & Chyno from Fareeq Al Atrash, Malikah, MC ZeineDin & Ram 6 . Enjoy it. Feeling this One.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

RE-VOLT & PhonoSapien Productionz Present:AL Jisr Hip Hop Mixtape "Bridging Cultures" Part II

Re-Volt & DJ Lethal Skillz combined forces once again to present to you :
Al-Jisr Mixtape (Bridging Cultures) Part II. The mixtape features artists from around the globe in an attempt to show you how hip-hop can be a bridging culture & Unity Tool.

We hope you check it out & get it bumping in your houses, cars & Mp3 players !

Mad respect to all the artists that were part of this..

This series wont stop & Part III will be in the works soon & maybe we might do something different this time to involve you all in making Al-Jisr Part III.

For now , Enjoy this one & please leave your comments , download it (FREE) + lets get it to mass-media websites.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RE-VOLTING throught Turn Tables | The Struggle Continues | DJ BOO

This is a powerful video that my brother DJ BOO did as a response to the up-rises that took place & is still going on in the Middle East..
The power belongs to the people & they can make a change..
This is BOO doing what he does best ..spinning them tables & will spin off your mind as well. Check it

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Re-Volting | Busboys & Poets | FREEDOM OUTLET IN WASHINGTON DC

During my visit to the US, we passed by Washington DC where we were invited to Busboys & Poets , a place where freedom & positive vibes exists at.
This is a quick video Interview with the Owner Mr. Anas Shallal who is from an Iraqi origin & did a wonderful job in creating this amazing (Must Visit place)
Take a Look yourself !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arabian Knightz feat Ameer Youssef ,Yasser & Mc Ghaza | Eed Fe Eed

Arabian Knightz straight out of Egypt are never disappointing! Check out this amazing track/Video. Egypt Stand up
The track is called Eed Fe Eed (Hand in Hand) & its an after revolution track!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maher Zain - Freedom (Official Music Video) | ماهر زين - الحرية

Maher Zain sings Freedom dedicated to all the people struggling for freedom & dignity in the world.
The Video is inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya & across the Arab World..

I recently Interviewed Maher Zain for Arab News (you can check it out below)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NEW VIDEO | The Narcicyst- Brass

Brother Narcy newst video..real creative. Salute

Thursday, March 17, 2011

IMMORTAL ENT. + MOCHILLA Combine Forces to Shoot in South Africa with Jay Electronica

Proud of my brothers @ IMMORTAL ENTERTAINMENT & MOCHILLA for Shooting this extraordinary video (Made in South Africa)
Cant wait for the Jay Electronica Album!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BOOK RELEASE | The Diatribes of a Dying Tribe By Yassin ‘The Narcicyst’ Alsalman

Pre-Order now this book about Arabic Hip-Hop..Written by my brother The Narcicyst.

Diatribe of a Dying Tribe is about the jumbled reality of North American life. The destructive components of juxtaposing cultures, the birth of immigrant internationality and the resilient art that comes out of struggle and oppression.

It is the story of four young Arab men who joined forces to create their own representative governing meeting. Excentrik, Ragtop, Omar Offendum & the Narcicyst spent two weeks in California and endless hours on a computer crafting the Fear of an Arab Planet; an examination of the heightened anxiety towards Islam, the Oriental gaze towards the Arab face and the ever-growing paranoia of the ‘other’, all over some bangin’ beats to rock to. As a post-analytical view of the making of an album, this book serves as a document on the burgeoning Arab poetry scene, and how the two mother cultures of a migrant society coalesced through a modern hyper-culture called Hip-Hop. From TSA agents to ABC rappers, The Arab Summit were on a mission to be heard… and that is exactly what happened.

With writing by Suheir Hammad, Omar Offendum, Ragtop & Excentrik

Exclusive Interviews with Cilvaringz, Malikah, Eslaam Jawaad, Members of AK, DAM and Soul Purpose.

Buy The Limited Edition Book Now by clicking HERE

You can check & follow The Narcicyst on his amazing site: