Thursday, February 23, 2012

Album Review | DJ Lethal Skillz "Karmageddon"

The Arabic Hip Hop movement is one that should be respected & supported. I have been supporting it since I started this blog back in '09 & it was a real blessing to meet the young & talented artists that are using Hip Hop in a way to express what's going on in their minds. People think Hip Hop is only associated with negative/dirty words/ gangs because this is what the Mass Media is projecting about this art form plus we as Arabs are known for our "Love" tracks that are everywhere - well guess what, Love is not the only thing going on between the youth in Arabia - You got Social, Political , Community issues that are going on and the artists are using "Rap" or "Lyrics with great beats" to express those issues to their communities & the world.

DJ Lethal Skillz whom I had the honor of meeting & interviewing for both my blog & my FM radio show just released his 2nd Highly anticipated album "Karmageddon" . Skillz is based in Lebanon & have been working very hard & actually sacrificed a lot for this movement.. He is one of the founders of the Arabic Hip Hop movement & deserves every single success bite he gets.

I just wanted to review this album, so here it goes:

The album starts with a Beatbox by "Johnny Madness" with a segment called "KarmaGeddon" - we move on to "Beirut City" handled by Hanouneh,El Edd, MC Moe - a track that discusses Beirut Life Style & the city's energy.. Love Hanouneh's part on this one - I also love the ending with a great Trumpet! - We witness a great track next - for sure "MY PERSONAL FAVORITE" the track is "The Messenger" by "Omar Offendum" - the Catchy Hook - the verses - the lyrics - the production. Everything about this track is just perfect - You will love the 2nd verse - & you will love this track - "Dont Hate Me - I am just the Messenger" . DJ Lethal Skillz shows us some of his Artistic Scratches here.

Ram6 goes on to track #4 with "Unity" - Arabic Hip Hop is strongly present in this album. #5 is Operation Lost Art by the Arabian Knightz (Egypt) - #6 is Shadia Mansour showing a different style of her's with "Language Of Peace" since she raps hard on this one in Arabic - The Lady Of Arabic Hip Hop is always up to the challenge - the lyrical revolution of this track is admirable. #7 Artist Vandal represents Real Hip Hop with his flow along with the great beats from the Skillz with "Industry Rulz".

#8 "Lookin Out" Performed by Ghost, Deen, Stormtrap, Rush, BellyWize - Deen goes real truth & Hard as always along Stormtrap rapping his politically charged lyrics raising Arabic Hip Hop to a great level.

#9 "My Nation" by Boikutt - The Hook starts "If we only can Live with our Unity/Love" a Political charged track that is also performed in Arabic asking us Arabs Youth "Where is your youth, where is your knowledge?" - Lyrically a great track - a must listened to more than 3 times to get hooked to it !! - Skillz

#10 "Fight The War" by The Narcicyst - My 2nd fav in terms of the beat & the amazing Narcy flow on this track - especially in the 2nd Verse where he goes hard in Arabic!

#11 MC Amin goes with "Click Clack" followed by #12 "Resistant Cultures" performed by El Edd, Zeinedin, Ram6 - a track that has a Jazzy feeling & its a good to just cruise with this track & get some real Beirut Stories from 3 Lebanese MC's.
#13 Saudi is represented by "Don Legend" with his track "My Definition Of Living" - #14 "Big A" is also present here (although he has retired from the music scene - but this also shows you how loyal Skillz is since he never forgets any member of the 961 movement" I can see this track played big in a club. #15 W.M.D goes hard with "The Guardians" - #16 Ram6 's "Civil Disobedience" - Skillz uses Arabic Samples at the beginning with the usual Ram6 going political in his verses - discussing the minds of the people in the Arab World - Raps in Arabic & has some great verses! Production is off the hook!
The Album finishes with "Thoughts from the Lost River" performed by "El Far3i" straight from Jordan - A talented MC/Performer

Overall , the album is great to listen to and you will definitly get a feeling of the mind elevation Arab Hip Hop Artists are trying to seek through their lyrics. This isnt a POP album & this album isnot only about Love - it discusses matters that are important to the youth & in my opinion should be supported.

Get in the movement & support this album now! BUY THE ALBUM NOW HERE . The Album is available in Virgin Megastore (Lebanon) & soon will be throughout the Middle East inshalla.
I also would like to thank FORWARD MUSIC (Lebanon) for their support in giving a platform for underground artists. Salute!

DJ Lethal Skillz "KarmaGeddon" Official Release Footage

This is historic in every single way. The Fam DJ Lethal Skillz released his 2nd anticipated album "Karmgeddon" that featured a lot of artists from Lebanon & the Arab World. The album is officially available at Virgin Megastore (Lebanon) & soon across the Middle East, which is historic because Skillz produces beats for Arab Hip Hop Artists to rap on & the fact that it is available at a Major Music store is history.

Re-Volt Will definitely review the album & write about it soon but for now - you can purchase your copy via this link (

For now - enjoy this official release footage just released..
The event took place at this cool new joint in Beirut City Called "DRM" Democratic Republic Of Music - also salute for them for hosting this event & hopefully well collabo soon!

Arabic Hip Hop always making moves..Glad to support & saluting Skillz & all the artists involved in the movement.

"KarmaGeddon" DJ Lethal Skillz Sophomore Album Release Party from DJ Lethal Skillz on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 - Interview with Brother Ali (in English)

A Great interview with one of my favorite artists & humans!
Brother Ali Discusses Islam, Life & Hip Hop!
A Must Check.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sami Yusuf - Forgotten Promises | Humanity = 1 Body

I was honored to Debut this song on my show in Saudi Arabia when it first came out about a month ago.
Buy the track now & feed 2 people for a day.

This is the video just released.
Please support the music that is for a cause.