Friday, October 25, 2019

Malikah's 'I am Fighting" | A Testament to Patriotism Reborn

With the people rising up in Lebanon and demanding a change in the government. Artists are also trying to be involved in what they do best. A series of unified protests against the current government have somehow restored the faith of many in their country. 

For Lebanese/Algerian rapper "Malikah" meaning "Queen" in Arabic, it has been an incredible journey. First time Malikah stepped on stage was in 2001 and she overcame that stage fright and she converted that fear to power and she has been doing it since 2001 !!


Malikah just released a track to show love and solidarity to her home country Lebanon, entitled "I am Fighting". The song was actually written 2-3 years ago when some "revolutions" took place in the Arab region but she never really found "her place" to talk about them but LEBANON is a different story since its her country, 
" I recorded new parts, added new lyrics" Malikah said to have it adapted to the current situation. Malikah goes on and tells Re-Volt
" I never even dreamt that something like that would happen to Lebanon, I lost faith, but this movement somehow brought back a lot of hope, and that's why I wanted to support this revolution with this song which means a lot to me..."

Check out the song on Youtube
Song was produced by Fredwreck

Video done by Raed Al Murish 

** Song is also available on Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Anghami, Deezer, etc..)

Friday, October 11, 2019

“SHAOLIN’S FREESTYLE” is the first single off the up and coming mixtape titled “NALA” by Dubai based creative, ekay !!

ekay (formerly known as Reem Ekay) is an unconventional artist that dubs herself as a Neo-Soul Rap-head and credits the likes of De La Soul, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and the Roots as some of her early influences. 

Born into Hip-Hop and raised as a spoken word poet, ekay uses a freestyle approach when creating music and draws inspiration from her raw emotions as well as color. 


Her creative approach and conceptual projects showcase her soulful sounds, strong lyricism and visual narratives

ekay just released her first project under Rogue City Entertainment, entitled Shaolin’s Freestyle” produced by Zenden Lavon!

Her new release is a sultry soulful ode to the Wu-Tang Clan where the female might intertwines with the ruckus of love.

Track is produced by Zenden Lavon, Creative direction by ekay, Brought to life by Amir De Leon, Captured by Young Habiti, Featuring Cyrus Izibili, Mastered by J Ulster and Presented by Rogue City Entertainment

Check it out below and also ALL streaming platforms 

When asked about the single, ekay said "This all started with Zenden, me and a mic. He sent me a beat pack and the 3rd track immediately caught my attention. I started freestyling off the dome and the rest is history." 

Zenden Lavon: "Loved working on the project . It was a lot of fun". I always enjoy putting on the producer's hat and creating music with other artists.

Zenden is also an incredible performer and someone who will have a huge impact in the near future. Catch the "Buckle Up" interview below. 

I had to ask about Rogue City Entertainment and Lisa Tripp from RCE gave Re-Volt the below quote:

"..Marcus and I look to create a label that truly puts the artist first and becomes a household name in the music business on a global scale. 
Right now we are working really hard to expand the careers of the 5 artists that we have. It takes a lot of time and dedication and we treat all artists like our family. 
While we aren't signing any artists at the moment, we certainly will look to expand the family as the company continues to grow in its success."

Rogue City Entertainment as a label that focuses on management and artist development. ekay, Zirra and Zenden are part of that family and we are super excited for what is to come.

"Hold Me Down" Title of the Debut EP for Egyptian-Malaysia based Produced "77"

'Hold Me Down" EP Artwork 

There's a certain feeling of satisfaction when I'm able to spot talents at their early stage or when they drop their first album/EP/song. Im a big believer that if something impacted me that I want to support it. I don't wait until that artist really "makes" it and that could be a good or bad thing. I just trust my instincts and go for it. Supporting someone with a talent is NEVER wrong and that's always been my approach since 2007 till now. 

Yesterday, I heard a new EP dropped by Egyptian producer "77". He is 19. Born-raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and currently in Malaysia pursuing an education in sound engineering. His name is Mahmoud, and his parents calls him "7ooda" and he chose the name "77" as an "artist/stage" name simply because he saw the number "77" everywhere and he took that as a "SIGN" ... 

When I asked him about his debut EP entitled "Hold Me Down", he had this to say: "...this is very special to me because as an individual, I always felt that something was holding me back from achieving what I want whether it is making music as an Arab or taking on the challenge that our society/culture refuses to accept or support. Especially now more than ever we are living in a generation where there is so much negativity being passed around"

I personally support such a theme and the fact that he's 19 and took that step is something I want to salute him on. He goes on and say "While creating "Hold me down", I slowly began to accept that I am the one that is holding myself back, the fact that I let all these things get into my head really shows that it is all up to me whether I will let that stop me from chasing what I'm really passionate about or not. After finally accepting that, I have given myself the freedom to do what I want knowing that there is nothing holding me down."

"77" at work 

".. Nothing is holding you down but yourself! A huge shout out to every individual that was involved in this project for believing in my vision and for expressing their feelings towards this topic through a creative process!" 77 told Re-Volt 

Listen to the FULL EP here and it features few artists that I personally love like , Keyz from Sudan, Felukah from Egypt and Acequared from Jordan + many others 

I personally enjoyed the full EP, the journey I took, I had a 40 min drive and just put it on! and from the intro, "77" was able to take me through that journey of "Self Discovery" and that life might throw certain challenges your way but that's the way you will learn. I loved the production. I loved how simple/yet complicated they are. In terms of rappers, I salute "77" for choosing the names he got. I enjoyed it and I recommend you giving this a listen...

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