Monday, December 28, 2009

Revolt Interviews the Talented GINA LORING!

Gina Loring is as talented as an Artist/Poet can be!
Her Passion in her music & poems is INTENSE !
True Artist - which is so hard to find now-a-days!

REVOLT caught up with Gina for a brief chat - check it out!

Make you sure you check out Gina @
You can purchase the CD from there!

This is GINA Performing Live - Get a glimpse of what I'm talking about!

Thanks to Gina for giving revolt time to do this.
Stay Real Gina!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revolt Podcast: Set 12

Took some time off to get good interviews !
Now this set is dedicated to the people I interviewed & the upcoming ones !

Set Playlist:

  1. Fireflies - Owl City " Interview is in the Pipeline !"
  2. Feels Like Saving The World - Outlandish (Waqas from Outlandish rapped the first Verse of the song in his interview - amazing song - a Must have album "Sound Of A Rebel"
  3. If You Hunger - BEATSPOKE ( I am loving this band! - totally Fresh !)
  4. One Day - Matisyahu ( An isreal Ragaee Artist with a great message - awesome song - 1 Humanity!)
  5. With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup
  6. People Like Me - K'naan ( check the lyrics of this song - so true & real ! - Way to go K!!)
  7. The Man Who Cant Be Moved - The Script ( interview is on the works)
  8. Find Me - Boyce Avenue ( Sweet song - interview - Jan 7th 2010)
  9. My Harlem Lullaby - Gus feat MASE (DJ Zerone Remix) : GUS takin it out there - amazing brotha!
  10. Brandenburg - Black Violin (If you think that Violin Aint cool - well think Again !!)
  11. Trouble Is A Friend - LENKA ( this song grows on you - a talented Australian artist - interview soon)
  12. You & I - Medina feat DEADMAU5 ( when the mouse invades any song - this is the result! awesome!)
  13. Amen - Outlandish ( another song from the great album!)
  14. Deeply Disturbed - Infected Mushroom
  15. Need - Hana Pestle ( Upcoming Artists - really awesome talent - reminds u of Amy Lee ?)
  16. The Embassy - Mos Def ( Middle Eastern Tunes !! really amazing - Must Heard !)
  17. Hypnotized - Notorious BIG ( watched the movie - got inspired - hes truly the best rapper ever - hands down!!)
  18. Keep The Record On Play - Outlandish feat Ihab Tawfik ( check out this mix !)
  19. Crawl Back In - Dead By Sunrise (Chester from Linkin Park has a new band : THIS IS IT !!!)
  20. Collide - Dishwalla (One of my fav rock bands)
  21. Air For Life - Above & Beyond (interview coming up soon)
Let me hear ur thoughts


Friday, December 18, 2009


Re-volt Interviews WAQAS From OUTLANDISH

Waqas talks about life, music; his faith & the possibility of them one day coming to Jeddah for a show !! + his rap verse from the song " I feel like saving the world"

You should all check out their latest Album "Sound Of A Rebel"it is off the hook! All the songs are awesome.
Buy it!
Support this band!

The Interview is in 2 Parts:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Revolt Radio Interviews Emily Wells

Finally; the interview with this awesome artist is up

I have previously wrote a small article about Emily Wells - you can find it here

Emily talks about how she started; her passion for Hip Hop, record labels & her willingness to make to perform in the Middle East one day!

The Interview is in 2 PARTS :



Infected Mushroom Interview with REVOLT RADIO

Music has no religion/politics

I had a small chat with Duvdev from Infected Mushroom - Check it out!

They had no problem having an interview with me given the fact that they originally come from Isreal & I come from Saudi/Lebanon.

Its corny to say that Music heals the world - with what's going on in Palestine & Isreal - lots of innocent souls are going away - but that doesnt mean that Infected Mushroom are the ENEMY just cuz they hail from Isreal. For me accepting to do an interview with an Arab Based "BLOG" ( im not even an FM Station) & the guys were humble enough to talk to me.

In CASE YOU dont know - Infected Mushroom IS one of the biggest electronic bands out there - like they are really big!

Pardon my French - but I dont see a famous popular Arabic Singer accepting to talk to a BLOG.
(maybe thats just me).

Hope you enjoy it.



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mos Def : Cant Get More Real Than that..

Boogie man!

Mos Def lays all out there in a real funny manner !

Check out this "real" conversation from MOS DEF on the Bill Maher Show.

You gotta lend your ears to the latest Mos Def Album
Called "The Ă‹cstatic" - it will definitely entertain your eardrums!

Also Youtube : Mos Def in Osaka - the true legendary MC walks in the Street of Osaka - Japan Rappin his way thru the beautiful streets of Osaka.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Born in Saudi Arabia..Raised in the USA..Omar Offendum has something to say ladies & gents. A Message of positive vibes music & lyrics. This Syrian-American Hip Hop Artist is true..real & talented!!

He has worked on so many things during his Hip Hop career; worked with real amazing artists such as The Narcicyst, Dj Lethal Skillz & many more.

Omar never forgets where he came from & that is important! You will have to admire his passion for his City "Damascus"& country.

Omar is currently working on his first Solo Album & from the name you could tell its gona be the BOMB!
"Syriana-Americana" - Cant wait for that.

For me; i dont know anybody that takes the Poems of the legendary Nizar Qabbani & puts in English with that smooth style - in his upcoming album we will witness that!.

Revolt will get a small interview with Omar very soon; I wish him luck in his coming tour & looking forward for that chat double O.

Check out OO Freestylin here :

In the meantime; enjoy these tunes ..Wu Baddi 3eesh (this is his signature shout out)
  1. New Day - Omar Offendum
  2. The Last Arabs - The Narcicyst Feat. Omar Offendum)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Check out this awesome interview with BEATSPOKE Live from Barcelona, SPAIN.
Dont miss out on this unique band.

Show your love & support people.

For Best First Album that Radio Grenouille88.8 in France is conducting.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Violin : A Classic Revolution!

To most people, jazz, hip-hop, funk, and classical are musical genres. But to revolutionary music group Black Violin, they're nothing but ingredients..

For Kev Marcus & Wil B aka Simply Sick - The Violin is a way to express themselves & let me say they doing that in great REVOLUTIONARY fashion.

Of course they need some extra tunes & spinnin & that is provided by DJ TK!!

I will be having the pleasure of having a small interview with the band itself very soon (so stay tuned) in the meantime Black Violin have been gracious enough to send Revolt Radio a Shout out - so here it is along with a tune of their production! - Enjoy & stay tuned for the interview soon !

Black Violin Shout for Revolt Radio :

For more info on Black Violin : Check out their website @

& this is a video of them performing! - what a talent!

Real Talent - Give them props people!!

Stay tuned for the interview soon.


PS: A Shout out to GG (Group Manager) for making this happen - Appreciate it man.