Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sudanese Group "The Cirxle ⭕️" drops "Almost Home" and It's already a CLASSIC!!

I have so much respect and love for all the members of The Cirxle, they are just doing it right in my opinion. They have just released "Almost Home" that features Eaz Da Bully, AidyProof and Aka Keyz and in my humble opinion, this song is already a classic. I love it. Each of these MC's hit different. I connected with every bar really, related to the lyrics in my own way. Big Love to the Circle!!

Eaz Da Bully, AKA Keyz, AidyProof

Ive asked each MC to send me a quote about the song and they humbly accepted my request exclusively for re-volt:-

"Almost Home to me reflects on my level of comfort. Home is a safe place where I’m most comfortable at. I’m trying to reach that same level of comfort mentally, spiritually as well as financially and I feel like I’m almost there. In my verse I touch on the times where “home” seemed like a thousand miles away." Eaz Da Bully

Almost Home represents a mix of  being almost home by being able to leave home. Basically our environments can be harsh and detrimental to our growth and sometimes leaving is the best way to find your way. I was expressing my desire to get rich not for self but to move my friends and people away from situations that are unfavorable. It’s a feeling that grips me from my hood in New YORK to my hood in Bahry (Sudan ). “- Aidyproof

"In the hook & my verse for Almost Home, the intention was to capture the difficulties of succeeding while being in or from Sudan & also to voice the irony in how people back home want to leave Sudan, whereas Sudani's across the world have a deep yearning to go back home & help out with development. The closer we get to our long term goals, the closer we are to going back home." AKA Keyz

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The Circle is a group that consists of five artists. Follow them and show support

Much Love to all.

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Big Hass brings together Sudanese Rappers TooDope X T.A for the first time!!

Big Hass drops his seconds single as he brings together Sudanese MC's TooDope and T.A on a track entitled "RASSA". Produced by Sudanese Producer MoSauce, the track is the FIRST collaboration between these two rapper who were able to build an incredible fan base individually, the collaboration started out with a text message from myself to both rappers, after back-and-forth, the rappers decided to go with fusing two beats and i believe they went in-hard!!

"Super proud of this, the guys came in and hey were very excited to work on this and I believe they delivered and this will go down in history as he firs collabo between these two incredible artists, wish them all the best and Its an honor to have worked with this line-up" Big Hass 

"this specific song has been a long-time coming, because its my first collaboration i make with You, first collabo with T.A and first collabo with MoSauce, I love the fact that I got all of you guys on one song, very highlight anticipated song and both of my and T.A's fans have been asking for it, super excited for the song" TooDope 

"Me and TooDope met 2018 November and caught the vibe since then we wanted to work together we just never perfect timed it but thanks to big hass he drove us to this collab a month later and with the amazing Mo Sauce on the beat we came out with a BANGER big shout out to the team work." T.A told re-volt 

Single Artwork was designed by Egyptian illustrator Nora Zeid who has worked with me before on Sudan Cypher, Lofi-Beats by Arab Producers and is one of the most professional artists we have in the region 

Check out the song on ALL-Digital Streaming Services here:-

Music Video is now being shot in Sudan!!
Most probably would be out in couple of weeks from today
Song was mixed and mastered by MaMan 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Swerte From The Recipe releases his first solo song! 🇦🇪🇮🇩

One-Third of the rap group "The Recipe", Swerte, has released his first solo project/song. "Esso" a song produced by Mjeezy and features UAE based-Somali rapper Freek & Indonesian rapper Saykoji. The track blends both the UAE & Indonesia which is something I personally am always with!

Had a quick chat with Swerte about the record, check it out below:-

re-volt: It took a long time for you to release a solo song, salute to you for the career you had/having in music. Take us through the process and feeling about releasing your own work solo? 

Swerte: Thanks! To be honest, I’m kind of surprised myself by how long it took to actually put a song out commercially and it only clicked in my head when I had it uploaded and ready to go before I was about to click “Send” that, damn! it’s taken me 22 years to do this! 

I guess I always felt like I wanted to understand the Industry as best as I can before I released anything that people would pay for. It was kind of a similar process with The Recipe and it took us a long time before we released our debut album but I think that experience helped give me the confidence to do this. Especially with the team that I have supporting this release. It’s been emotional. Starting as a young teen and nearing 40 before releasing something properly.


re-volt: how did you choose the artists you collaborated with on this track. What was the reason behind selecting them to go to this new territory for you? 

Swerte: I have so much respect for the two of them. Seeing Freek grow to the artist that he is has been so inspiring and humbling to know that, as The Recipe, we had a small part of that. Saykoji I’ve never actually met but I’ve known him for so long because of his music back home in Indonesia and I learn so much from watching what he does. 

Its super inspiring to see someone be completely independent and make a living the way he does with his art. So when it came to finalizing this track and making it complete, I knew i wanted to ask these 2 artists to work on it with me. The fact that they both said yes when they heard the song only boosted my confidence more so I knew I was doing the right thing leading with this. 

re-volt: bridging Indonesia & UAE together on one track. How did the idea of the track come about and how has the reaction been a far? 

Swerte: I’ve been working on a lot of songs with the idea of bringing my two worlds together. Working with artists from the home where I currently live and artists from the home where I was born and grew up. Both places shaped me and the artists from both homes play such an important part in my life. It’s been amazing seeing the reactions online and especially how people have accepted the track despite it having 3 different languages on it. I hit over 20k plays on Spotify in 20 days which was a huge milestone for me personally. At this age, I’m sure you know how great it feels knowing people appreciate your work in a field where youth dominates and many times dictates whats dope or not. 

re-volt: any exclusive news you can share with re-volt about upcoming projects ?

Swerte: Im working with you!!! We got something really dope in the pipeline that also bridges many borders and I can’t wait to share that with everyone!!

Also got the below quote from the producer of the song "Mjeezy" about working with Swerte:-

“Working with Swerte was such a thrilling experience. I grew up listening to The Recipe and I watched them build the music scene from the ground up first hand. So to be able to be a part of a project like this was such an honor. And to be able to help Swerte release his first single as a solo artist was very exciting. Needless to say that having two legends from the UAE and Indonesia such as freek and saykoji bless the track with their features was an even more mind blowing addition to the whole process. So in summary, I’m very proud of the song and how it came out. And I’m even more proud and thankful to Swerte for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the scene’s history with this joint. Finally, I’m grateful to everyone that’s shown the track love and support and to you (hass) especially, for your constant support of this track as well as all the other great music that we, or all the other artists within the region, put out”

Check out the song below. 

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