Saturday, December 5, 2020

Good Company: Experimental / Funk Music Outta Saudi Arabia


Re-Volt: what is good company? How many members are you? & how did you all get together to launch this ? 

Good Company: we are an independent group that makes original music for the sake of making music, we are three guys who go by Talal, Mohammad and Khaled.

we we're all friends before we started this and before good company we started this idea of collaborating with other musicians in the local scene , and Mohammed started this soundcloud page called AUX which is based on tracks from various amount of musicians collaborating together, after that all three of us gained this humble work ethic experience separately and brought it to the group with weird experimental ideas coming from 3 different backgrounds embraced with acceptance and the genuine share of loving music.

Re-Volt: Your first EP “Good Company” , how was it received by the public?

Good Company: we were genuinely surprised, we started this with the idea that we we're making weird music that we personally liked and nobody would care for, but it was the complete opposite we were so overwhelmed by the love and support from the people, and that encouraged us to share more and give back .

 Re-Volt: Being in Saudi Arabia and doing the kinda music you doing, what’s the Advantages and disadvantage of that?

Good Company: the big advantage is that everything is raw and the community is kinda Small you'll notice that in a while which is very cool , the disadvantage is mainly the resources available to you as as music lover very limiting stores and material, specially maintenance shops

Re-Volt: You’ve just released your second EP, what’s one major change from this one and the first one?

Good Company: the one major change in this EP from the first one is having a concept , the first EP was more random , more raw and genuine , while the aliens are coming is more well though of during its process but making sure every song still has its theme behind it .

Re-Volt: Love the names you collaborating with, tell us about your collaborations you guys have on both EPs? 

Good Company: Over all each person we collaborated with had a really interesting point of view about music and how to approach it which was cool to see and share , sometimes learn from, shout out to all the people that gave us alot of their time beast amr عمر , ntitled , kali-b , koosh كوووش,  lanky صالح , oyaji big daddy محسن , bayan for making the amazing artwork much love

Re-Volt: What are your dreams? 

Good Company : We just hope we can keep on playing and making music , also the idea of future collaborations and what the future holds for us is very interesting but for now we're just gonna trust the process keep doing what we love.

Re-Volt: What are your thoughts on the evolution of saudi as an art /creative/music scene?

Good Company: its definitely one of its kind and very much growing, specially the last two years but its still in its Early stages and very new to the culture but the future is looking very C major (bright) lol

Check out their latest EP here