Saturday, July 31, 2010


Some Pix of my first event featuring, DJ Jackson Allers, DJ Lethal Skillz, Fareeq Al Atrash, Double A, Qusai(Don Legend), Big A, Hanouneh. The event was held on 21 July,2010 at the Basement (Beirut,Lebanon)

It was great meeting all these amazing artists and having this event. It was also a great night for me since Omar Offendum dropped in to the club and actually took the stage & performed 4 songs from his epic solo album
"SyrianamericanA" . The night featured MC Zoog, Malikah, RGB who also took the stage & performed! along side other MC's as well . We also had a great visit by Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde) ; they did perform a night before with the Gorillaz!

It was a night filled with positive energy and love, I could feel it. It also marked the first time that Hanouneh (a member of the 961 Underground family) performed in the Middle East. People loved what she had to offer!

For me supporting these artists is very crucial to the scene especially in Arab World. People have to know that there is great talent everywhere, you just have to open your eyes & ears. Big up to all the artists that made this event possible and they surely rocked that night. It was a real honor having RE-VOLT's first event in Beirut and I look forward to working with more artists in the very near future. I also would like Basement management for all their support.

Hip Hop has no boundaries, we had people from Lebanon, Syria, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Sweden, USA performing on ONE stage!. Its a statement that these guys are making and for me to support them and let the public know more about them is exactly what I want.

Video shots are coming soon (in the works) had some techinical difficulties with that (first event haha shit happens) it was also a learning experience for me in so many ways. I will take what I learnt from this event to my second one inshalla.

I appreciate your support and look forward for RE-VOLT to be in a city near you soooon!

**All pictures are a courtesy of the talented photographer:
Karen Kalou whom I truly thank. Beautiful Work!

*Fareeq Al Atrash
*Jackson Allers opened up the evening!
* Big A rocking it on stage
* Malikah & RGB jumped off to the stage & performed!
* The one & Only Omar Offendum !
* Hanouneh's first performance in the Middle East!
* Big A
* DJ Lethal Skillz Mastering the set!
* Double A
* Omar Offendum!

* DJ Lethal Skillz getting interviewed by Future TV

* Qusai (Don Legend)

RE-VOLT POST : Liberian Amputee Soccer Narrated by NAS

This really got to me. I saw it a while back on ESPN & decided to look it up. NAS is great on the narration and did it just justice. Check it out & leave your feedback.

It's strongly done and narrated. The ability of sports to bring people together no matter what. This is a story about how Amputee Football united a nation.

Its a very uplifting story about group of men that never give up and twisted their weakness into strength.

The below is the trailer (3 min). To watch the full episode which is 13 min right here:

E:60 Liberian Amputee Soccer Tease feat. Nas from E60 on Vimeo.

Tuesday May 4th E:60 presents the story of the Liberian Amputee Soccer Team, featuring narration and music by Nas.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Since September 2009, RE-VOLT has stood its ground strong and proud, bringing you the highest quality of underground music.
As you have all noticed, RE-VOLT has lately been focusing on Arabic Hip Hop as a genre, a message and a movement. Our controversial Middle East is filled with potential, art and charisma.

Being keen on what the artists of this movement are doing, I - HASS - proudly present you my first event that will be showcasing some of the most committed MC's, DJ's of Arabic Hip Hop.

Event Details:

"Beirut Hip Hop" will be held at THE BASEMENT on Wednesday, July 21st 2010 at 9:00 PM.

The Line up:

DJ Lethal Skillz:
Hanouneh :
Fareeq El Atrash -
Double A The Preacherman:

**Opening Set by
Jackson Allers playing funk / deep soul / break-beats

Please reserve your places by calling,
THE BASEMENT at 70 95 96 98

Ticket Price: 20$
Includes 1 Drink + 1 CD "Arabic Hip Hop Mixtape"

I hope I see you all there. Come and support "real" music.

Note: The CD is a compilation of pro-Palestinian themed songs from the best Arab Hip Hop artists out there! It is a collaboration between RE-VOLT & DJ LETHAL SKILLZ. You can check out the mixtape here:

Monday, July 5, 2010


Immortal Entertainment Present "Destiny", Omar Offendum's First Solo Music Video. Beautifully done. Listen & check out this video directed & shot by my man Laith Majali..(A lens legend).
Omar Offendum lyrics in this song is truly admirable. He's one of the Arab MC's I been following and praising. Mashalla he's doing a great job!
Big up to him & all the Arab MC's :)


Omar Offendum "Destiny" Music Video from laith majali on Vimeo.

Omar Offendum's single Destiny from his debut album "SyrianamericanA"


Video Produced by Immortal Entertainment (

Edited and Directed by: Laith Majali

Beat by DaSole

Shot on location in Los Angeles, California and Beirut, Lebanon.