Sunday, January 2, 2022

Egyptian Hip-Hop Producers

Past couple years witnessed the come-up and the success of few Egyptian Hip-Hop Producers that really elevated the scene and made a huge impact of where the Arabic/Egyptian Rap is at now. 

Below is a list I will keep updating for you to get familiar with some of the producers. The attention is always on the rappers but producers play a big role in shaping the culture.

Fyi, this list will keep updating + I would love to see Egyptian Female producers rock it as well. 

Here we go:-

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- Molotof:

- Rashed Musik:

- Sintax:

- Marwan Moussa

- Abyusif

- Wezza Montaser

- Big Moe (IntoMyMind Collective)

- Omar Keef (IntoMyMind Collective)

- Marwan Pablo

- 77

- Dj Totti 

- Lil Baba

- Hog 

- Tocha

- Dj Fat Sam