Saturday, June 29, 2019


FREEK - Photo by Dubai Based Photographer -  lughass

Dubai based Somali Artist Mustafa Ismail better known as "Freek" always knew what he wanted to do with the track "Wala Kilma", he told Re-Volt ".. I wanted to do remix for the track right after I finished recording - even before I release it- not sure why, but it was my instinct". He was always looking ahead. 

The Wala Kilma track gained lots of attraction when it dropped and eventually was posted on one of the biggest platforms for urban music in the UK "LinkUpTV". 

Last Year, Freek met and shot a video for British rapper "EYEZ"  and that's how the discussion began. "I had Eyez's verse since January." said Freek. 

Soon after that he bumped into British rapper Young Tribez in Dubai and they automatically formed a great bond and Freek asked if he also would like to jump on the track and it was a DIRECT GO-AHEAD. 

RE-VOLT managed to get a quote from Young Tribez on this beautiful experience " Easily the most fun feature I've done to date, from when we first chopped it up right until we finished the 3 Day video shoot. Not getting to hear each other's verses until the song was finished was nerve racking but exciting at the same time. Speaking to freek about the song from when I saw the original on YouTube, I could see he puts time and effort into his craft. I didn't understand what he was saying at the time but he was flowing sick and the beat was just fire!!! So him asking me to be on the remix was a pleasure. 
Living in the UAE for the last year I can see the music scene here vastly growing, and brother freek is making sure the scene is represented in a unique way I'm just glad to be a part of it!!!

EYEZ - Photo by Dubai Based Photographer -  lughass

Re-Volt Managed also to get a quote from EYEZ "Working with FREEK was an honour!! He is levels ahead of most people I have collaborated with and brings such a refreshing organic style! It's also sick that drill and rap is all over the world and FREEK is the best example of this.. I think freeks style with the wavy flows in Arabic is special and the way he has made a big introduction to the UK scene! Everyone is talking about him" British Rapper EYEZ told RE-VOLT 

I personally am so proud of this young man, I believe FREEK has an authenticity about him that will elevate him to lead the music scene in the UAE. His passion is beyond admirable and I truly believe in his talent. Words can't express how much this moment to me and to us living in the UAE. I feel Freek's music will surpass borders and when he gets on those international big stages, we will all hear the words " Wala Kilma.." being chanted by the crowd. 

The video was uploaded last night on "LinkUp TV" , watch it below, comment, share and show love...

Directed by @aiham.s 
Beat by @t1madeit 
DOP @stefan.redjimi 
Mixed mastered @m_bailouni 

J. Period - RISE UP! Feat. Black Thought, Posdnuos, Pharoahe Monch + More

Truly respect to the one and only J.Period who is like Questlove called him "the most creative mixtape producer of all-time” J.PERIOD is a musical storyteller whose work connects cultures, eras and styles.

Co-Executive Produced by J.PERIOD, Young Guru, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Khalil, The RISE UP Project reaffirms Hip Hop's place - for a new generation - as the soundtrack for social change, with 10 new songs that speak with renewed urgency to the fight for justice and equality in our nation. 

The collaborative album features: Grammy-winning artists Andra Day, Black Thought (The Roots), Aloe Blacc, Joss Stone, Posdnuos (De La Soul), Rhymefest, Dead Prez and Maimouna Youssef; leading activist Jesse Williams; and production from J.PERIOD, DJ Khalil, Rance Dopson (1500 or Nothin), DJ Jazzy Jeff, Stro Elliot, Tall Black Guy and more

Sunday, June 23, 2019

“What we gon’ do”: Hamza Hawsawi Bringing back 90s vibes with new single!

Saudi Singer/Songwriter Hamza Hawsawi has just released his new single entitled "What We Gon' Do" and from the Get-Go, one can tell its all "Nineties Vibes". 
The track is produced by Hamza himself.

I particularly like the lyrics of this one, I love how Hamza is always able to get us into his own world. Hope we see more regular releases from now on. 

Check it out below and on your favorite "Streaming Services" - Anghami - Spotify - Deezer - Apple Music, etc.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Bu Kolthoum - Wallé | بو كلثوم - ولّع

Bu Kolthoum

Bu Kolthoum has always been very honest with his lyrics. I feel its real and its refreshing. We really need to support this guy even more and push him. I salute him as he's someone who really is giving the whole Arabic Music scene something to really be proud of. He's unique. 

He just dropped a song called "Wallé" and its around 3 AM Dubai Time, and I had to catch him and ask him what inspired such a song, a full-detailed audio interview will be released in next few days but for now, please enjoy the song, push it, share it. 

Bu Kolthoum said for RE-VOLT : "For me I made this track, as kind of a statement to the victim culture and to the mob mentality culture. - - Two sides to the same coin, which is the same problem - We either idolize people to the point of we deny that they make mistakes and at the same we dehumanize other people totally as if they dont have any feelings" 

He goes on and says: "and the other side of the coin, Im addressing the fact that everyone wants to be a victim.  only the feeling of the victims matter... this track is a statement to that way of thinking"