Thursday, October 19, 2017

Iraqi-Dubai based Singer/Songwriter Shébani drops #Scylla and its simply DOPE!

Shébani - Scylla (Prod by Rayan"

If you've been following me, then you definitley heard the name "Shébani" before. This amazing Dubai based singer/songwriter just a dropped a new single entitled "Scylla" produced by "Rayan" and its simply catchy, radio friendly, dope and hip.

What I personally love about the song is the fact that Shébani was able to get out of her comfort zone and she did that with ease and proved that an artist can always try new things and succeed in it. She's a natural man..Big credit goes to her producer "Rayan" who has been a huge catalyst for artists not only producing songs for them but also making them realize why they do music in the first place which is a very important thing to know as an artist.

Shébani performing at Boom Room (Pic by Waleed Shah)

I do believe that Shébani is a very important artist to support and push from this region. Not only is she humble and talented but she's also a voice for so many and I 100% believe that lots of people relate to her and her vibe which is somehow empowering as well. I believe a lot of people will connect with this track and vibe to it. So Share this. Spread the word. Improve your ear-drums ;)

It's now 9:25 AM Dubai time, song dropped on music streaming service "Anghami - Link below" .

** UPDATE**  25th Oct --- The Music video of the track was just released & its directed by the beast "Freek TV" who proved once again that he's a visionary at what he does. S/O to his better half "Dj Liutik" who always been supportive and as a Dj, she's been playing records for local artists at her events which is really cool.

Shébani & Rayan (@Boom Room) Proud of those two.. Keep Rockin
Pic by Omar Tartoob 

Below is a quick description of the song.. enjoy it. share it. support it.

Description: The name “Scylla” has a historical context and backstory. It is derived from ancient Greek mythology dating back to the name of a sea princess driven mad by an opposing sea-king she fell in love with. The song is an expression of being driven crazy by a particular person or feeling helplessly lost in a situation. The song is not tailored to solely categorize a sense of crazed love, but to liberate us from the feeling of overcoming it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

HASEEB - Take A Seat - Vol. 1

HASEEB... at it again!! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moiz Rehman - Love Me

Moiz Rehman with a new track that is different from what he usually does. I kinda like it. I salute him for being the musician he is and the artist he always have been. 

Watch the video for this funky & cool song that WILL GROW ON YOU!! Shout Out to the Animators. Big up

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lebanese/Canadian Artist "Mougleta" releases a video for "YA MAMA" & It's DOPE!!


I first heard of Mougleta from "Rayan" !! and I was blown away with her voice & amazing talent. Interviewed her and we had a great/cool chat.

She just released a video for her track "Ya Mama" and I loved it. I really love this song. Check out the video. Salute to Mougleta, Rayan & her team. 

This is what she had to say about the song "Ya Mama" 

"The Song is portraying my struggle as an independent artist trying to break through, in such a beautiful way. Thank you for everyone who's been part of the past year, for the good & the bad

Track Produced by "Rayan"
Video Directed by Omar Hamadeh

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

City Slums - Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE | Official Video

Shout Out Raja Kumari for always being cool, relevant and real. Big up DIVINE 
Salute Sony Music India. 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Alright - TooDope ft. MaMan || Too Catchy. Too Dope

Shout out to the brothers. 
This is Catchy & Dope! Wish'em luck