Sunday, February 1, 2015

Malja | Bahrain

I was invited by Red Bull Bahrain to attend the launch of #MALJABAHRAIN - A Very cool space for artists to collaborate, connect & make ART! 

It's a very cool step in the region and it's something I personally will endorse and support. 

Check them out HERE

I also had the opportunity to kick it with Outlaw Productions Team (Dj Outlaw, Flipp & Sarah Nabil) who showed great hospitality. From Saudi, we had Jeddah Legends (Klash, Oday & Moe Samman) in addition to Lou (The Female Jazz Singer) 

Overall, I had a great time & I will be blogging/writing about it but for now, here are some pictures!

Big respect to Moe Samman (MVP) from Red Bull Saudi & Jeddah Legends for the hook up. 

All pix are credited to @BIG_HASS (So, please credit that if you are using it) 

Below is my quick Interview/Chat with Sarah Nabil (Outlaw Productions) about #MaljaBahrain 

Jeddah Art | Saudi Art Council | Inner Voices

I am very proud of this initiative by The Saudi Art Council.
Re-Volt Team checked it out last night. Here are some pix. 

All Pix are copyrighted to @BIG_HASS (so please if you're using it- credit it!)