Friday, April 28, 2017

Saudi Singer/Songwriter 'tamtam' releases new EP | Identify Myself

Saudi artist "tamtam" has always captured my admiration!! She just released her new EP entitled "Identify Myself" alongside the video for the track with the same EP title.

Love the track, love the message & more power to her! The message of ONE, of not being boxed in, of being human first..

Check out the video now! 

رد على "التمساح" هيب هوب

لست بشخص إؤيد "الديسات" و لكن هذا يعتبر رد اعتبار و رسالة الى كل من يشوه صورة الراب حتى لو كانت بطريقة  كوميدية 

من ٥ أشهر ، نشر البرنامج اليوتيوبي المشهور "التمساح" 
حلقة تحت عنوان الترمبية المعركية 

و في الدقيقة ٦:٥٠ بدأ الحديث عن هذا فيديو 

من الطبيعي ان يستاء جمهور الراب لانه التمساح حتى لو كان بطريقة كوميدية/هزلية يتحدث عن الهيب هوب .. فهذا فقط يؤثر على الهيب هوب بطرقة سلبية و السبب هو عدم الفهم الكلي عن ثقافة الهيب هوب في العالم العربي ، أنا شخصيا لا مانع لدي مما فعله التمساح و لكن ثقافة الهيب هوب لدى الشعوب العربية لا زالت ليست مكتملة.. فأتى الرد عن طريق الشباب .. اسمع الأغنية


Hands Down, one of my fav rappers in the game now! Glad I been supporting him for a while! Expect BIG THINGS from Mad Squablz!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mèdine - Global

One of fav. rappers!! the fam Mèdine 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Focus The Truth - Gonna Change feat. Ayo Da Don | VIDEO Directed by Mohammed Hammad

I know Mohammed Hammad for more than 7 years now! I met him when he was a producer at Dubai One TV and ever since we stayed in touched. I always thought he's a dope director and a great soul.

A week ago, he messaged me saying that he directed a video for rapper "Focus The Truth" and I was glad he did that because lyrically "Focus The Truth" is truly incredible & genuine.

Check out the song "Gonna Change" feat Ayo Da Don off the album "Q85" - I feel the vibe of this track and will be airing it on my radio show soon.  I also advise you to check out the album and subscribe to his Youtube Channel. #HipHopIsONE 

Mad proud of my brother Mo Hammad, check out his video work HERE

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN

Click the picture below and support Kendrick Lamar! 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mougleta Releases "Dancing Shoes" || BIG HIT !

Boombox UAE artist "Mougleta" just released a hit that should be played all over the radio in Arabia & the world.  This Lebanese/Canadian singer/songwriter is making a huge bang and I for one am proud to have met/interviewed her. 

Produced by "Rayan", Mougleta captures us with her vibes and incredible voice! What an incredible talent she is

This is a must heard song, you can hear the full song Exclusively on Music Streaming Service "Anghami"


I was able and through the good people of 1520 to get a phone interview with American Hip-Hop artist "RUSS".. sadly the audio got damaged and it wasn't recorded well.. ;( I am trying my best now to either revive it or do a re-interview when he comes to Dubai, UAE for his FIRST SHOW IN UAE )

The main question people wanted to ask RUSS was about his "policy" for not having any opening acts in his shows. His reply was ""Let them build their own **** fan base, I have worked so hard to get mine and I ain't giving it away like that & if rappers get mad, let them get mad"

He also expressed his love for the Middle-East ! He does have fans from Saudi who will be flying in to attend. His show on Friday 29th is highly anticipated and it's so cool to see someone like "RUSS" selling out venues worldwide. At one point he kept releasing a song every week for a year. His work ethic is incredible and when I asked him about that, his answer was "I simply wanted to blow up" which he did!

If you're in the region, make sure you fly out for this and attend the show. 

Big salute to Rèpublique for hooking me up with 2 free tickets! I cant wait to be there and hopefully get a backstage pass and do the interview (THIS TIME VIDEO !!) 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Berusaha - HerdiOflo feat Swerte of The Recipe DXB | Hip-Hop is WORLDWIDE !!

Big up Indonesia! Cant understand, BUT DEF FEEL THE VIBE! MAD LOVE!!! #HipHopIsWorldWide 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Al Nather x Awal Wej || BEATS

I am a huge fan of Al Nather's work. He's a Palestinian producer based in Ramallah.

Check out his collaboration with "Awal Wej" which is a set of musical performances. Al Nather is presenting to us some of his finest production/beats.

I also see the brother "Muqata'a" there. Dope video. Juts click play & enjoy them BEATS!!

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