Friday, October 29, 2010

RE-VOLT & PhonoSapien Productionz Present:AL Jisr Hip Hop Mixtape "Bridging Cultures" Part 1

Hip-Hop is a universal language & a bridging communication tool. Hip Hop isn't dead..its more alive than ever with the rise of Hip Hop Artists from all around the Globe.. You just got to change the channel & know where to listen.

From this perspective,
Re-Volt Radio & DJ Lethal Skillz are launching a series called "AL Jisr" Bridging Cultures where we get you artists from all over the world mixed on 1 track showing the true meaning of hip hop & unity.

It is a small attempt from our end & inshalla more countries & more artists will be featured in the next ones :)

Mad respect to all the artists that are featured & to DJ Lethal Skillz for doing a brilliant job with the Mixing. Check out all these amazing shout outs during this Mix!
For legal purposes - the Mixtape will be only for streaming.

Stay Re-Volted...

AL JISR MIXTAPE (Please leave your feedback!)


Chen Lo and the Liberation Family (The LO Frequency) from (Brooklyn, NY) are a unique phenomenon in the world of music. They are a live hip-hop collective group.

The group’s core message revolves around peace, community, family, and the idea that creativity is a liberating force

The Liberation Family not only provides an education through entertainment that gives various art forms a powerful purpose, but it will absolutely move your spirit with amazing music.

I caught up with this amazing group while they are in Beirut,Lebanon as we speak conducting hip hop workshop & community work for the next couple of months!
You can check out their videos, latest news right here:

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (Just Click Play below)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lo Frequency with DJ Lethal Skillz

When you combine a great passionate Hip Hop Group like the Lo Frequency (aka Chen Lo & The Liberation Family) straight out of Brooklyn with the heavyweight champion in Turn-tablism DJ Lethal Skillz - you get an explosive awesome collaboration! Check out the Youtube below.
(Pic is a courtesey of Tanya Traboulsi)

Re-Volt Radio will be interviewing The Lo Frequency soon.
If you are in Beirut, Lebanon & need something real & true banging on your ear-drums, check out the below Event:


Maz Jobrani is an American-Iranian Stand up comedian that has definitely made a huge name for himself in that field.

He's re-volting through Comedy which does bring people together and he did recently had a show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

I caught up with Maz & spoke about comedy in the Arab World, who makes him laugh & he gave us a special Maz Jobrani Shout out at the end.

FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (click play below)


I introduce to you GON (An American/Palestinian) rapper that is based in Chicago and is thriving to make some noise.

RE-VOLT Radio had a quick chat with GON who also is a Co-founder of Urchin-Studios.

Check out the Full Audio Interview right here:

Check Out GON's New Video "Imaginary Door"


I always appreciate True Hip Hop and by i mean by that hip hop that moves this art's platform forward, a movement that builds positive thoughts through talent.

Hakim Green (From the Channel Live Hip Hop Group) is one of those true voices that I appreciate and was actually managed by KRS-ONE & is always active in school lectures & one of the most amazing MC's , speakers out there in the Hip Hop Scene.

I had the privilege of having him on Re-Volt Radio for a great discussion about his career, hip hop, his message to the young artists that are trying to make it right now.

Hakim did give a huge shout out to Harrabic Tubman (Show N Prove Radio) & Shadia Mansour for using her voice as a tool of re-voltion!

You can easily Youtube Hakim Green & check out the videos that he is part of; the speeches he's doing.
One Love from Re-Volt Radio to Hakim. Appreciate your time on bro.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fake Empire By Ryan Lewis

I came across this a while back & it was just really eye i called up Ryan Lewis, the guy behind this footage.
Fake Empire was actually featured on CNN & received a wide response on several sites. Take a look.This was Lewis' final thesis statement at the University of Washington. It won Best Student Film at the SCIFF

FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (just click play below)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

RE-VOLT & PhonoSapien Productions Present:AL Jisr Hip Hop Mixtape "Bridging Cultures" Part 1

We @ it again. Re-Volt & DJ Lethal Skillz have combined forces once again to bring you a message of unity, a message that shows Hip Hop can bridge cultures.

This is Part 1 of this awesome series

That's the Teaser..The Mixtape is coming soon to your Ear Drums!

Friday, October 15, 2010

RE-VOLT RADIO INTERVIEWS : DR.DAHLIA WASFI (An Activist with Passionate Voice)

I first came across Dr. Dahlia Wasfi from one of the posts that Lowkey put on his page. I looked her up and listened to her work. She is brilliant & a strong voice we all got to support.

She is an Iraqi/American Activist that decided to put her Medical Career on hold & speak up against the War in Iraq & other US military activity.

I had a great discussion with Dr. Dahlia on her decision to stop her medicine career, her thoughts on Arab Leaders, situation in Iraq & her opinion on how the Arabic Hip Hop movement is crucial in all this.

In my opinion, she is saving lives now; but in another way!
In Solidarity! I want to thank Dr. Dahlia for her time to come on Re-Volt Radio. Big up to Lowkey for introducing me.

You can follow Dr. Dahlia Wasfi by checking out her website:

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW(just click play below)

Tracks in the interview courtesey from Lowkey (the beginning) + The Narcicyst (After the interview)

Check out this inspirational Speech by Dr. Dahlia!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


About a couple of weeks ago. I got a call from Mokhtar Chahine, a Saudi Photographer that lives in Jeddah. I have interviewed him before but for another website..Mashalla the kid is talented & definitely has a big potential with his passion for photography.

The reason for the call was to invite me for a photo-shoot to his idea "The Pink Project" and basically it is to show support to the Breast Cancer Society which is definitely something I was honored to be part of.

Mokhtar's approach towards the whole thing is to show support from all kind of angles, shapes, age & gender. It was a really fun shoot and I salute people like Mokhtar that decided to REVOLT with their talent & spread positive vibe messages across the globe.

Good luck my brother & thank you for making me part of this.
Stay Revolted.

You can check out more project & work from Mokhtar on his cool website:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

RE-VOLT RADIO INTERVIEWS: ADAM HART-DAVIS (Where Science is Fun+Educational)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you Adam Hart-Davis. He is a photographer, writer & broadcaster. A real fun loving personality in Science as well. I actually came across him through the Saudi Show "Khawater 6" (Reflection) where he presented us with really fascinating information on how Islam affected the technology that we have now-a-days all over the world. His "cool" approach towards science made me research him and actually interviewing him for RE-VOLT which happened & I am thankful for the opportunity.

Check out the below exciting audio interview where we talk about passion of science, importance of Islam in the technology, why the Islamic culture didnt continue, his amazing trip to Kenya and his thoughts on "Are We Alone in the World" ..

You can check out & follow Adam right here:

THE FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (Just Click Play below)

Friday, October 8, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen, I introduce to you KHALIL ISAMAIL

He is a recording artist, producer from Washington DC,USA.
What's special about Khalil is that hes both a lyricist & a vocalist. He's passionate about what he does. His aim is to create an alternative type of media that elevates minds of human beings.

I had a quick interview with Khalil about his music, his views towards Islam, President Obama & Arabic Hip Hop as a movement.

You can check his website:

Check out the FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW (Click Play below)


Tania Kassis is a Lebanese singer that started singing at the age of 16 & performed her first solo opera concert at 17.

I first saw her perform at the 6th Francophone Games that was held in Beirut, Lebanon. She performed a track that bridged Islamic & Christian cultures together.

Its a beautiful track/gesture from Tania that proves music is a universal language, also given the fact that she was raised in Beirut and this is what Beirut sounds like being it consists of both religions. For me its the culture of Beirut in 1 track..

I salute Tania for having the will to do such a track..Much respect.

I had a great chat/Interview with Tania about this track & her thoughts on commercialism of FM Radio.

You can check out Tania's new CD "Oriental Colors"