Thursday, May 21, 2020

Etymology Records release new lo-fi compilation BARISTA BEATS

I've always been a fan of "Lo-fi Beats", ever since I started listening to music. There's so much tranquility in the space when a Lofi-beat is playing in the background. I for one love to listen and work/write only when listening to these kinda of beats, so IMAGINE my excitement when Etymology Records dropped a new lo-fi compilation entitled "BARISTA BEATS"...

The New York based label drop a stunning 20 track compilation showcasing the best new lo-fi, jazz-hop & chill-hop beats. 

Living in a period of time where people are unable to go to cafes, Etymology Records’ debut album is a concept album bringing together 18 lo-fi producers for an “audio barista”
Each producer creates a unique beverage and portrays it into sound form, resulting in a menu within a virtual coffee house. 

BARISTA BEATS provides you with the perfect soundtrack for studying, chilling, walking, meditating, whatever your vibe. 
Sit back, relax and be transported to a new level of chill. 

Home to producers such as Jazzinuf (US) BROCKBEATS (Japan) & Sebastian Kamae (The Netherlands), this global label features the finest lo-fi artists who clock up millions of monthly listeners on Spotify and are staple features in Spotify’s flagship chilled mood playlists such as Lo-Fi Beats, Jazz Vibes & Mellow Beats.

Give yourself and your ear-drum the pleasure of listening to this now!

“Established in 2019 and headquartered in New York City, Etymology Records is a creative collective that focuses its production on instrumental hip hop music. Our first release was my own album published under my stage name “Jazzinuf”, specifically my 9th Album, “Miracle of the Fishes”. Within 5 months we have garnered over 2.5 million streams on Spotify, collecting over 400,000 monthly listeners. 

The musicians of Etymology Records all have one thing in common, they all follow the formula of making timeless music. We aim to make music catering for all generations of people including the people of the far future and those who prefer the sounds of the past. Our initial efforts have been to build a bridge to help Hip-hop and House to reconnect back with their mutual ancestor, Jazz and possibly reunite other genres back to their roots”

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Meet Dj Michelle: 8 Year Old Sensation !!

First time I met/saw Dj Michelle play was actually on her instagram which you should go and follow NOW!, I was like "OH WOW!!" and that led me to follow her and I eventually crossed paths with her dad "Dj Shock", I fell in love with how talented she is.. at only 6 years old (when I know about her), she's 8 now and has big dreams, I sent her few questions, so here it goes, 
Show Love & Show Support.. 

Re-Volt: Hi Michelle, Thank you for being on Re-Volt Blog. We love you. Dj Michelle: Hi Big Hass! Thank you for your continuous support as well as the chance to be on your Blog. 

Re-Volt:You posted that video of you Djing with your dad when you were 2 !! Mashallah, how do you feel now that you look back at it? 

Dj Michelle: It feels funny to see myself as a toddler who was trying to scratch and pressing all those colorful buttons :) And of course it’s amazing to see the progress I made through all these years :))

Re-Volt:Do you have favorite artists to play? 

Dj Michelle:Yes, my favorite artist is Michael Jackson and I play his songs in almost all my sets. 

Re-Volt: Outside Djing, what do you do for fun? 

Dj Michelle: I love dancing, singing, making up stories, producing beats and doing some science experiments. I also love karate and basketball. 

Re-Volt: There are many celebrities that reposted your videos, which celebrity were you happy the most to see them hear about you? 

Dj Michelle: Definitely Missy Elliott and Chris Brown. 

Re-Volt:Do you get messages from kids that also wana be Dj's? and if so, what are these messages saying? 

Dj Michelle: Yes, I receive a lot of messages from all around the world, both from kids and adults. All of them are saying that I inspire them a lot and ask me the questions about equipment.

Re-Volt:Whats your dream? 

Dj Michelle: My biggest dream is to become the youngest World DMC Champion. 

Re-Volt:Whats the hardest thing about being a Dj? 

Dj Michelle: I don’t see any difficulties in DJing. When you passionate about what you do, you can achieve anything. Love, practice and dedication will improve your skills and help you reach higher level every time. 

Re-Volt: Question to Mom/Dad: How do you feel about the success that Michelle has been having? :) 

Parents Of Michelle: We’ve never imagined that Michelle would become a DJ at this young age. Seeing her success makes us feel very happy and proud. And also we feel responsibility about being the parents of this talented little girl. We are ready to help Michelle developing her talents and will support her in everything she wants to do. Thank you