Tuesday, April 30, 2019

DAM - JASADIK-HOM (Your Body of Theirs)

Palestinian rap group DAM releasing a very powerful message lead by Maysa Daw addressing equality.

Dubai Based Rapper Freek latest single "Wala Kilma" gaining attraction

Somali Dubai based rapper FREEK released his latest single entitled "Wala Kilma" end of March. The track which he has previously performed LIVE around couple of events in Dubai gained attraction quickly. 

The video was then reposted by LINKUP TV in the UK, one of the biggest platforms and the comments started coming giving attention to one of the artists that are truly making huge moves at the moment. 

Last but not least, FREEK just released a teaser of the remix he is planning to release with shout out from Radio Host "Charlie Sloth" whose show on BBC One Extra featured plenty of superstars. The remix of "Wala Kilma' will have two British MC's and also other guests that are not yet announced. 

This is about to really BLOW UP. This is huge on many levels and we truly happy for FREEK for gaining that much well deserved attention. He's one of the very few rappers in Dubai that actually performs in Arabic and he always comes from an authentic place with his hardcore lyrics and beats. 
Lets Go Freek

Friday, April 26, 2019

Shébani's New Song is Sizzling with Body Positivity!

Shébani (Picture Taken By Jes Luisse) 

Iraqi Dubai based singer/songwriter Shébani is set to release her latest single "In The Fire" on Friday April 26th. The song which will be accompanied by a video directed by Shébani's sister Iman is discussing body positivity. 

Re-Volt had the honor to ask Shébani few questions just before the big release today!

Track and video will be available on Shebani's socials, make sure you follow and show love 

Make sure you show love and support.
The Track is produced by RAYAN and video Filmed by Stefan RedJimi

RE-VOLT: This song means so much to you, take us through the process of writing such a track? How hard/easy was it to venture in your soul and put all these motions out there? 

Shébani: I wrote this song almost 3 years ago when I was in London, and only got it produced last year. I got together with Rayan and he showed me an instrumental that he had created for something entirely different, I sang my top-line of 'In the Fire' on it and it just fit like a glove, we didn't even plan it. But we decided to use what I had written and keep it that way! It wasn't very easy to put these words on paper and admit everything that I felt in my deepest thoughts. I mentioned this on an instagram post at some point, that this song counts as the anthem of my life. Growing up, I don't remember one day going by without me thinking about this topic and the way it affected my confidence, and suddenly, the more this song took its mold and came to life, the less I started to think about all the things that truly held me down and made me doubt myself. And that's why I love music so much, it's therapy, a form of expression and it's my way to 'let go' and start a new chapter in my life. I absolutely love it.

RE-VOLTYou are a true example of how music can be a tool of self expression, a tool to empower. With everything that you have gone through, what would you say are the highlights for you so far in the last couple of years? 

ShébaniLike I mentioned in the pervious answer, it's been my therapy. I think to be very honest with you, I believe that I wouldn't have been the woman and the person that I am today if it weren't for music and it allowing me to express myself so freely. I've come to realize that I built a very healthy relationship with my career as a musician, I don't see myself caring for anything else (career wise) as much as I care about music, and appreciate the many times that this form of art has allowed me to, simply put, be...my...self.

Shébani (Picture Taken By Jes Luisse)
RE-VOLTIn what way were you able to find yourself through the music you put out? 

ShébaniIt's a mixture of two things, where you sort of have them meet in the middle. It's a good combination. So as much as I found and grew my confidence, strength, and resilience. I also genuinely feel like I also became a lot more grounded, centered and patient. Finding myself through music has made me a rebel, BUT equally, a wiser person.

Shébani & her sister Iman (During the shoot of the video)

** We also had to ask IMAN (The Director of the video, about the process) 

RE-VOLTGreat Job on the video. Take us through the process of directing such a track? I thought the way its done was very clever and just real. 

IMANThank you Hass! There was really no complexity at all to the process of directing this music video. It was very organic and natural. Sarah and I see eye to eye creatively to a certain extent, or at least are very good at understanding each other's visions. 
"In The Fire" is about a very dark time in a young woman's life that she would like to leave behind to literally burn. I saw a struggle, some close ups of her honest facial expressions, some dramatic slow zoom outs and zoom ins and just pitch black atmosphere. I was hoping for tears, which i did get! yay! (hate to see my sister cry, but i believe that the honesty of her pure expressions is whats going to get the message of this song across.) Real is really what we were going for, and i am glad that thats been reflected for you. In the end we used a bit of contrast with colors and brightness to give people a resolution to what Sarah has been through. It's to say that there is always a "pink" light at the end of the tunnel.

RE-VOLTWe had the honor to get a sneak peek of the video, one can note that you got emotional during the song and that's what we love about you, take us through these emotions? 

Shébani: Oh man, I did not expect to cry. My sister, Iman, really wanted to get a few tears here and there, but that only happened about 2 hours into filming where I genuinely started to feel the song and remember what it stands for. I felt some frustration during the shoot and I remember not being able to control my emotions after that point. I think something about not getting "a shot right" triggered annoyance in me and I ended up in tears from frustration!

RE-VOLT: The way you have evolved writing songs is incredible. What can we expect in the next chapter for Shébani? 

Shébani: Thank you so much for always pointing this out, it's the most incredible comment anyone can give me. I still have a lot to learn and work on, but that excites me and gets me all motivated, I don't want to ever know everything, so that I have room to always aim for better and better. There is, DEFINITELY, a next chapter. Probably the most exciting chapter in my life, it started off as a song, then it moved on to being and EP, and now I'm thinking it could even be an album!

Shébani (Picture Taken By Jes Luisse)

RE-VOLT: For anyone out there whose struggling to find themselves in whatever they love, what would you tell them? 

Shébani:  I'd say that life is not only about creating a comfortable space to live in or a shelter to feel safe under, but it's about realizing your potential to become what you always wanted to be when you were 5 or 16 with no responsibilities or cares in the world. That's your truest and purest self, remember that and embrace it. Never settle for less, and never put yourself in a box. They say you need to dream less, and think more. But honestly? I only became happier and stronger when I thought less, and just 'did it', where I applied my dreams to my daily life. Hope this helps? hahaha. Thank you Hass. Much love and respect to you, always!

Stefan RedJimi, Shébani & Iman on the set of the video shoot "In The Fire" 

Watch The Full Video below

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'In the Fire' is now available on all digital platforms, download below: https://fanlink.to/inthefire Directed by IMAN Filmed by RedJimi Edited by RedJimi & IMAN Produced by Sarah Al Shaybani & IMAN Song produced, mixed and mastered by Mohammad Rayan Bailouni. Dubai, UAE. Follow Shébani: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/shebanimusic Website – https://www.shebanimusic.com Follow IMAN: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/imanalshaybani Follow RedJimi: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stefan.redj... Follow Rayan: Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/m_bailouni Website – https://www.rayanproducer.net Lyrics: Verse 1: I feel the cold in this place Striking matches just to change my ways Tracing smoke in a fireplace Setting voices and doubts ablaze Pulling me down, down, down Down, down, down to shame So I burned them down, down, down Down, down, down in flames Chorus: These are things I left in the fire Reflections that never accepted me These are things I left in the fire Expectations that never let me be These are things I left in the fire The loss I felt inside of me These are things I left in the fire 'Cause I could barely even recognize me, anymore Verse 2: I lost the color in my veins All I tasted were shades of gray My mind has seen some darker days Fighting these weaknesses that I blame Pulling me down, down, down Down, down, down to shame So I burned them down, down, down Down, down, down in flames Chorus: These are things I left in the fire Reflections that never accepted me These are things I left in the fire Expectations that never let me be These are things I left in the fire The loss I felt inside of me These are things I left in the fire 'Cause I could barely even recognize me These are things I left in the fire Reflections that never accepted me These are things I left in the fire Expectations that never let me be These are things I left in the fire The loss I felt inside of me These are things I left in the fire 'Cause I could barely even recognize me, anymore
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

S.O.U.L. Purpose & Ritual Media "The Check In" EPK!

The brother Mazzi keep working hard, he's someone that defines true consistency in this rap game. His latest project is an amazing collaboration with Ritual Media, and its basically South African & American artists/producers coming together. Some contributors include Young Guru, 88 Keys, Evil Dee, Pharoahe Monch, Skyzoo, Termanology, Reason, & Stogie T just to name a few.

Can't wait for this project to be LIVE and as always, ALL profits from sales/streams of this album will be going towards a charity as the same to ALL MAZZI's Albums/EP's and this time it will be to Mandela’s Children’s Hospital!

Monday, April 8, 2019

DJ Sotusura Releases Beat Tape inspired by Arabic Samples

Sotusura is a Jordanian Dj/Producer/Radio Host and someone who has been supporting Arabic Hip-Hop for a while. I've always been a fan of his use of "Arabic Samples" and finally the day came where he dropped his OWN BEAT TAPE entitled "SALEH AL ALHAN" inspired all by Arabic Sampling... 

I caught up with him for a one-one-one chat, check out his album LIVE now on Soundcloud

RE-VOLT: Saleh Alalhan, your latest album that consists of Arab Sampling, How did the title come around? 

Sotusura: At first i thought its "Sane3 Al Alhan" . :) hahaha I actually thought of calling it Sane3 Al Al7an but that didn't sound right in many ways, I always found it interesting how Arabic names unlike in other languages have actual meanings to them, names such as Steve or Frank don't have meanings, Saleh has multiple meanings in Arabic, righteous but also good or valid... and Alhanan means melodies. 

RE-VOLT:.How long did it take you to put this together? and what was the process of gathering out the Samples?

Sotusura: I learned to DJ on vinyl in 2001, so my record collecting and sample gathering started then, when it comes to Arabic records, i started collecting them slowly since 2006-2007. The album itself from scratch took a bit less than a year of madness to finish, from the music to the artwork, mastering, getting it on all platforms online.

RE-VOLT: You've always been heavy on playing samples, is that what made you get into production? 

Sotusura: Yea of course, that and the fact that i've always been heavily into hiphop as well so i started producing on and off a long time ago on fruity loops but didn't like it much and always wanted to mess with it, never got the chance to get an MPC or to even be around one to learn on it which was a dream, but when NI dropped the Machine, it was exactly what i needed.

RE-VOLT: How is the feedback on the album so far? 

Sotusura: So far the feedback is great,I have a few people that approached me to rap to those beats so i also want to take this time to make it clear, other than for people who enjoy just listening to the music, there are rappers and singers out there who would like to write to those tracks, be my guest.

RE-VOLT: What were the challenges that faced you putting this album together? I know you had a crowd funding campaign, which I salute you for, its an album for the people by the people. 

Sotusura: Yes, the crowdfunding was going on during the month of December and I want to take this opportunity here to thank everyone that has funded this project, Im glad you guys made this happen and hope you enjoy the outcome as well. The main challenges is trying to meet deadlines, but its only by giving myself deadlines that i was able to make it happen, even if things got postponed a bit, thats things I learner from this release and will help me better in the future when I plan releases as far a challenges since the album dropped spreading the music outside of my direct circle is what I find the harder, making it and releasing it is one thing, pushing it once it is out is another game of its own... 

RE-VOLT: Very hard question i know, but what are your fav tracks on this?

Sotusura: Hahaha, yea thats not an easy one, i think i like different tracks at different times, the 1st 2tracks Sahi Al Nayem & Bel Fai,and the last 2 tracks Down and Wallz are more chilled and like them at the right times, I like Belbalad and Riding but think they will be even better if i got some mc's on them. Other than those i would say Darkning is one of my favorite, but if i just had to name one i think i would go with Gasdara. 

RE-VOLT:  Whats next for you? what are you planning for the rest of the year? 

Sotusura: Well before the year ends, I'm trying to finish and drop 2 more Ep's, instrumentals as well, on a vibe close to Saleh Alalhan... And hopefully doing more shows in and out the region...

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Syrian Rapper Bu Kolthoum dropped a new song couple of days ago entitled "OMEGA" and he seems to be also attaching the name "Bo'Bo" - Looking forward to what the future holds for this incredible talent - Check out the song below 

THE BEAT DXB Interviews Narcy // VIDEO

Narcy performing in THE BEAT DXB - Dubai - Mar 13 - Pic by Waleed Shah 

Just before his show in Dubai, we sat down with the man himself, Iraqi/Canadian Artist "Narcy" and get to know the artist behind the amazing music, we dive into his beginnings , his passion for Hip-Hop, his latest album "SpaceTime" and whats next for him.

The show also featured Dj Lethal Skillz, Layla Kardan and Moh Flow.