Friday, January 31, 2020


Big Hass with Sons Of Yusuf (Holding a pic taken by Aqib Anwar)
Pic by Azarel 

Them Kuwaiti boys are really rocking it early in 2020!! They have already released "SONS OF YUSUF & SHAFIQ HUSAYN" EP IN NOV'19 and released 2 tracks from their upcoming album "Shaykh The World" coming out in the next 7-10 days! 

On Jan 31st,2020, the duo dropped a track that features non-other than Jay Electronica ! and man oh man! Loved it! Jay's verse on it just fire! Sons Of Yusuf are once again proving that they are really building that bridge between East & West and connecting us more through Hip-Hop, I believe more people in the Middle-East needs to know about Jay!

I got Sons Of Yusuf on Buckle Up earlier today and they spoke about that collabo..."We connected with Jay Electronica back in 2007... now we have a record wit him..Ya'koob told me...

Their Buckle Up Episode will be out by next week!

The song is titled "Diving For Pearls" and he went on and said ...

"Our grandfather was a pearl diver, and that's how people used to provide for their families in Kuwait, he's away at sea for 6 months, his family wouldn't even know if he's dead or alive until he comes back.."

They wanted to honor the pearl divers...and at the same time get the East/West bridge..."he's a real one, he's not driven by money..." Humble Abdul said of Jay Electronica

Song is produced by MikeChav who is a regular collaborator with Jay Electronica, his sound engineer, a dope producer and a Hip-Hop legend!

Big up Sons Of Yusuf, to have Arab MC's collaborate with an artist like Jay Electronica, that says a lot! Best of luck to the brothers!

Stream the track and check it out.
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

SUDAN CYPHER | سايفر السودان

Artwork by Nora Zeid 

I've always had a connection with Sudan, I am yet to figure out what and how this connections started but I LOVE the country, I love the people, I love the art, I love everything about Sudan. One of my 2020 goals is to visit Sudan inshalla.

I also love "cyphers", Put together 2 re-volt cyphers + an Anghami Cypher in the past, and then I wanted to do a "Sudan Cypher" and I felt honored to reach out to few incredible MC's that personally impacted me with their lyrics and their incredible flow.

I've had the pleasure to connect/meet with Brooklyn Hitz through the guys at "Phoaq" and I fell in love with his authentic beats and his passion for true hip-hop production. I reached out to him with the idea and he was very welcoming and supportive. He sent me many beats, I chose mainly 3 beats and those beats were sent to the rappers who I put together.

Now, this was the hardest part, I personally wanted to put a Cypher with the MC's that personally impacted me and hence I started to gather the line up.

I reached out to the rappers and they ALL showed so much love and support.

Each of them delivered and i loved the diversity of their verses.
Shout out to all of them!
Please show them love and show support.

TooDope, Oddisee, Lil Joe, Aka Keyz, Nadine, Flippter