Saturday, October 31, 2009

Revolt Radio Interview - Derek Matthew

A great Songwriter that is out there - check out this exclusive Interview with Derek & his acoustic performance Live on the air straight from LA.

The Full Interview is on here:

You can find more about Derek by visiting his site:

Featured below on Revolt Radio is his song - Something Foolish

Monday, October 26, 2009

Revolt Radio Set 10 / Original HiP HoP

Check out this mini HiP Hop Set feat Mos Def,Talid Kweli, KRS-ONE, JAY-Z & My peeps Foreign Beggars

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars Shout Out to REVOLT RADIO !

This is just a part of an awesome Interview that was conducted !!

I would like to thank P for his time & his shout out to Revolt Radio !

The Full Interview is coming to you soon in additional to some Tracks
for this very talented Group.


Revolt Radio Interview with DJ YENN

Revolt Radio Interviews DJ YENN; an upcoming Composer/DJ from LUXEMBOURG !

Very interesting fella - Check it out !

This is Part 1 of the Interview - You could find Part 2 in related searches.

Tracks to be uploaded soon here :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Revolt Radio Special / LIVE K1NK INTERVIEW !


Also, featuring 3 of their tracks:
  1. Distant Lovers
  2. Slide
  3. Crimea (new track)
The new remixes will be out by next month.

Make sure you keep an eye on this group - its making it big & we as listeners should always give an ear to talent out there & believe me it doesnt get any better than K1NK !!!:)

A Shout out to Brad that made time to do the interview & Revolt Radio will be getting a shout out from K1NK very very sooon - so Stay TUNED !!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ronald Jenkees: True Hip Hop Beats !!

Just check out the type of talent this dude has..he creates music just for the fun of it + hes good @ it.

No more words - check the below video.

For more info & to get his tracks check out :

A possible interview with Ronald could be happening soon.

You heard it first @ REVOLT !!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 9 / New & Old Talent

Set # 9 Playlist:

  1. Until We Bleed - Lykke Li Feat Kleerup ( Both come from Sweden - really talented artists; smooth beat ya?)
  2. Logging for Lullabies - Kleerup feat Titiyo
  3. Breath - Telepopmusic ( lstn to dat song on a highway just chillin - ull know wat i mean - try it)
  4. Tower Of Trellick - Kleerup ( awesome Talent for real - check out this beat)
  5. Soul Meets Body - Deathcab for Cutie
  6. Wonderwall - Ryan Adams (ths great hit done by a different artist than Oasis )
  7. With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup feat Robyn ( im sure all of u will love this song!)
  8. Hip Hop is Dead - Nas (gota check the lyrics when u hear dis song !) Nas is a legendary !
  9. Fanatic - Xzibit (NBA Live 2010 Soundtrack - Ballers u will love this one - get ur headphones & ball wit ths!!)
  10. Song Cry - Jay-Z (Gota love da passion in dis song..getem lyrics!)
  11. Magic - Colbie Collait (sweet song for sure)
  12. Where are You Going? - Dave Mathew Band ( one of my Fav bands ever! we dnt hear them much on da radio - why??
  13. Blye Eyes - Cary Brothers ( smthn about dat song...)
  14. Call my Name - Morgan
  15. Hero - Nas (love to lstn to that when im playing basketball - takes me rite there !!)
  16. In the Air Tonight - Nonpoint (Phili Colins legendary Hit put into ROck - MAGNIFICENT)
  17. He got Game - Public Enemy (real real song - m sure uall hear the chorus from here & there)
  18. Californication - RHCP ( ok the Guitar @ the beg of this song is truly Mental - chk it out !!!!!!)
  19. Everything you want - Vertical Horizon
  20. Agony - Breaking Benjamin (rockin out @ the end !!)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revolt Radio Message!

Spread this video around..
Im trying my best to let people see that there are alot of talent out there & we shouldnt only focus about what the radio are putting on especially in our Arab World. Its all commercialized.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 8 / Under-rated Artists

this set is kinda relaxing; 3 totally underrated artists (Emily Wells, A FIne Frenzy & Lykke Li)

Listen to them ladies & Gents..
  1. Good Morning Kaia - DJ BT ( look up the video for this song) very emotinal
  2. In the Barrel of a Gun - Emily Wells (check out the below video of how she made this track)
  3. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
  4. A Little Bit - Lykke Li

Emily Wells: Fusion of Classic Music & Hip Hop

Today I discover a great talent in Emily Wells..

Emily Wells is a violinist whose style merges between hip-hop and classical. She also uses many other instruments in her work.. In live performances, she does not use any pre-recorded loops, rather she creates her loops while performing.

The style is eccentric !! but come on who said everything needs to be commercial to be viewed as talent? Why do we listen to the "famous" people - we listen to what "they" want us to hear - what they want our children to listen & get addicted to & copy.

Music is about emotions & expressing them not just booties & all or breakup & make up..Its like being in a state of trance - takes you somewhere - thats whats it about it.

Definitely talented - look her up :)

Below is a video of how she records her songs..check it out !!