Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 7 / Mix!

So, this is SET #7 & i hope u guys r enjoying these tunes - this will be a mixed one
(ELectro - Rock - Jazz - Oldies)

Please spread this YOUTUBE Link as much as you can : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJbS2od5Hls

So here it goes:

  1. We Come One - Faithless
  2. In the air tonight - Tupac Feat Phil Colins (real nice!)
  3. Contagious - Trapt (check out those lyrics - one of the bands i really like)
  4. These Walls - Trapt (again , awesome tune..havent u ever wonder why these guys never make it to radio)
  5. Cold - Crossfade ( @ a time my fav rock band - Passionate!! check out the chorus!!)
  6. Crazy Love - Ray Charles (Legendary Performer..!)
  7. Broken Like An Angel - Crossfade
  8. Rivers Flows in you - Yiruma (Piano Piece)

New Deadmau5 Tracks !

Joel Zimmerman doesn’t like being called a DJ. The 28-year-old dance music phenomenon from Toronto, better known as Deadmau5, rolls his eyes a the description, which he sees as a hopelessly outdated way of describing what he does. His sets are closer to live performances. He plays mostly his own material, assembling tracks on the fly, using cutting edge computer technology, including software he’s helped write himself. “There are no CDs involved,” he explains. “It’s a technological orgy up there and I try and keep it more my music than anyone else’s. If people come out to see Deadmau5 I want them to hear Deadmau5 music.”

Deadmau5 - believe me he will invade the city yo\re @ very soon - probably its gona be either Dubai / Beirut. Lets all get together & have a small poll on where would you like Deadmau5 to go to

Dubai or Beirut, Jordan - (lets see how many people would respond to this).

In the set below - find 2 of his newest songs - u culd see the talent & the unique style - please note that he MAKES his own music - not just spins a CD - lets give respect to people that should be respected. I remember once I was @ a TIESTO Concert in Beirut - People were practically killing each other just to get in "I respect Tiesto really; i believe hes a great businessman made a great name for himself; but nevertheless he still doesn't make all his music" - then you tell them about Deadmau5 - they go like "whose that??"- Im an Underground person - so probably when Deadmau5 is really well known & if he changes his style to commercial I wouldnt be a big fan - but lets face it that kid got talent for real.

The Mouse is alive Ladies & Gents - Enjoy the 2 Tunes !! really Awesome!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Deadmau5 @ Club Exit - Lithuania

Check out this interesting Interview for Deadmau5 (Dead Mouse) - hes been there for a while now - but i think he has great potential for becoming a great Live Performer!!- with some really great tunes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Revolt Radio / SET # 6 / Hip Hop

Salam !

This is my 6th Set & its for HIP HOP - we got really interesting tunes up in here so lstn to it all.

  1. Iraqfella - The Narcicyst (hit it up with lyrics - really deep & true - thumps up Narcy)
  2. P.H.A.T.W.A - The Narcicyst ( look up the video on YOUTUBE - Awesome stuff)
  3. Road to Zion - Damien Marley Feat NAS
  4. Why - Jadakiss feat styles, common & NAD (true words for sure - go thru it)
  5. Ommi El 3aziza (Dear Mamma) - Klash ( A Saudi Rapper - the kid got talent) Interview Soon! To all the mothers out there !
  6. Kick it - Foreign Beggers (Underground Hip hop Band from the UK - got their own style) Interview Soon
  7. One Mic - NAS ( A Must put song in every Hiphop List out there) Get those Lyrics - Close the door & try to sing it with him - very very passionate Song!
  8. I Try - Talib Kweli Feat MJB (Now that guy should be on the Radio not Sean Kingstooon!)
  9. Hurricane - The Roots Feat Common& Mos Def ( from da movie !)
  10. Beautiful - Talib Kweli Feat Most Def ( Lyrics are too good for this smooth tune!)
  11. Take A Minute - Kanaan ( I featured a song for him previously - this one is just too good 2 !) Lets Go Africa !
  12. Wasted - 10 Years (Rock song i know - but ...!!! A documentary with 10 years will be available very soon)
Hope u enjoy it & please keep givin me ur feedback :)

More to come Soon - keep checking my FacebookGroup & the blog for Updates!

The Narcicyst.."Real"Hip Hop

True Artists dont come along very often - this is a great documentary about the Narcicyst (Yassin Al Salman).
A fearlessly observational Hip Hop Performer
Look out for a great movie @ the Dubai Film Festival on Dec 9th,2009
for a great one called " City Of Life"

Give it up for Narcy & hopefully soon we will get you REVOLT Listeners an EXCLUSIVE interview with Narcy himself.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Revolt Radio / Special Set

Revolt Radio Special Set Playlist:

  1. Kiss the Rain - Yiruma (Def the best Pianist I heard! such a talented fella & hes only 28 years old - look him up )
  2. SPECIAL SPECIAL REVOLT SONG - Dear Person to Revolt's CEO
  3. Miwawa - Souad Massi ( Algerian Composer - Artist) REALLY TALENTED

All these Guys up there are Talented !!


Thats for all of ya Rockers!

  1. Coming to Terms - Carolina Liar (An Interview with coming soon)
  2. Shelter - Ray Lamontage (just lstn the passion in his voice!)
  3. So Long goodbye - 10 Years
  4. Eclipsed - Evans Blue (Interview Coming Soon)
  5. This Time - Ill Nino ( Interview Coming soon!) - ENjoy the Latino rock tune!
  6. Wake Up - Lost Prophets (True Lyrics!)
  7. Shattered - Ramy Zero
  8. Carnival Of Lust - Poets Of the Fall
  9. The Crow & The butterfly - Shinedown
  10. I Try - Macy Gray (I interviewed her in 2006 - Coming Soon)
  11. Camouflage Image - Arab Summit (Narcy, Omar) -
  12. Zamen El Ta2fiya - Ziad Rehbani ( This song was written & Composed in the 1980's during the Lebanese Civil War - Unfortunately its lyrics still apply!)
  13. World So Cold - Mudvayne (there's one crazy part; i will leave it for you to pick it up !)
  14. Radio/Video - System Of A Down

Friday, September 25, 2009


Salam Ya'll..

This is SET # 3 & this is designed for Electro Fans..This set wil lbe feathering a talented DJ that goes by : DJYENN & i am telling you that kid got some talent.


  1. Core - DJ Yenn
  3. Mark Shultz Feat DJ YENN
  4. You Wont See me Cry - Mark Shultz
  5. Moan - Trentmoller
  6. King Without a Crown - Matisyahu - Got out of Electronic (very talented + Great voice)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Revolt Radio Set 2 !


Set # 2 Playlist:

  1. The Beginning of the End - SpineShank
  2. Name - Goo Goo Dolls
  3. History - Jay Z
  4. Between Angels & Insects - Paparoach
  5. Big In Japan - Alpha Ville
  6. Fatima - Ka'naan
  7. Everybody - Stabilo Boss
  8. Candleburn - Dishwalla
  9. Brazil - Deadmau5 (Electro)
  10. The Message - NAS
  11. Collide - DIshwalla
  12. Can't Stop The Reign - B.I.G Feat Shaquill O'Neal
  13. Need Order - Arab Summit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ReVolt Radio Soft Launch..

Have you ever wondered how all these tracks that you hear on the radio are programmed to make you think in a certain way Governments might impose ?

If Yes; then you have found an Underground Online Radio that plays noncommercial Music with really talented artists that some have never been exposed to you because :

1. No agent.
2. No Money
3. Their Song will get you thinking about important matters in life - not just silly stuff...

I'm not saying that I wont be playing famous artist's songs here; but I will be playing songs that other radio stations don't play.

RE-VOLT is a startup online Radio that I been trying to put together since 2006 ; but couldn't find the best way to communicate my message to all of you. I hope this blog reaches as many people as possible.

I hope you enjoy the playlists - Please leave your feedback on my blog.
These Playlists will be updated regularly (every week)

Get Re-Volted !
Hear what's REALLY Out there..

Maybe one day - your support will help me make REVOLT A REAL LIVE RADIO STATION !

Best regards,

Hass Dennaoui
Re-volt Radio Ceo & Founder

Please allow 5-10 seconds for a Music Player to upload @ the bottom of the page ;)

Revolt Radio Set 1 - PART A Playlist:

  1. Breathe (New Release) - PearlJam (A legendary band - great Song!)
  2. FRGT /10 - LinkinPark Feat Chali 2NA
  3. Don't Stop - Chali 2NA
  4. The Narcicyst feat Shadia Mansour - Hamdullalh (A very underground Iraqi/Canadian Artist - hes def passionate about his music - read about him through http://www.iraqisthebomb.com)
  5. Waivin'Flag - Kanaan (An Internationally Known Sumali Artist -Such power & revolution!)
  6. International - Chali 2NA
  7. Jurassic 5 - What's Golden (One of my growing Up Tunes)
  8. Regulate - Warren G Feat Nate Dogg (Ok its a famous song - but you gotta love it when this tune is on a RADIO!)
  9. The Warmth - Incubus (They have other songs than Drive - this is one of them..)
  10. Eurasia - Marc Romboy (Electro Lovers would love this ..feel da beat yaƔll..)
This is Playlist 1 Part A
A lot more to come in the next Dispatch which would be in 2 days !

Stay Tuned to my Facebook Group (Anti Radio/Revolt !)

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