Monday, July 25, 2011


Lowkey @ it again !
Video is amazing so is the LYRICS for this track that is all #TRUTH
Will you hear this on your MTV's / Mass-Media Stations??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis "WINGS" Official Music Video

This is just inspiring for me.
Salute to Mack & Ryan.. I will be playing this on "Why Hip-Hop?" Live in Saudi Arabia!

Arab World Unite

‎"Arab World Unite" produced by Dj OutlaW Featuring Qusai from Saudi, Karim Adel Eissa from Egypt, Balti from Tunisia, Ayzee Hawsawi from Saudi, Vico from Lebanon, Flipp from Bahrain, Murder Eyez from Syria, Timz from Iraq & Talal from Palestine.
Good initiative..Salute.
Brilliant Track

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Preach Ankobia ft. Meryem Saci - One More Chance

Salute to Preach Ankobia & Meryem Saci ! Loving this!
You can def feel the passion in this - which to me is REAL MUSIC.
Respect to Narcy for putting me on to this.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Lowkey's new video. Something that you wont see on Mass-Media just because it elevated minds & these TV's/FM's doesnt do that. Yes you can have fun with tracks - but sometimes its good to listen to a track that can make you see things differently..Open up your mind & support good real music.
Salute Lowkey, Keep going strong brother !

Power to the people - keep supporting
Listen to the lyrics they actually mean something..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Hass' FM Radio Host Debut | My Own Hip-Hop Show on MIX-FM (KSA)

RE-VOLT, The continuous talent digger, has finally found its determination and hard work rewarded. Breaching new limits, I have the pleasure to announce an exciting turn of eevents in the short life of RE-VOLT.

I , Big Hass, will be presenting my OWN show called "Laish Hip-Hop?" LIVE on 105.5 FM (MIX-FM, JEDDAH,KSA) Every Thursday from 9 to 10 PM. The "unleashing" begins tomorrow night (Thursday 7th July '11) , so I eaglry invite you to TUNE in & listen up to Arabic | English Hip-Hop.

I just am ecstatic that I am now able to showcase the talent the Arabic community has in this Hip-Hop game for I am just a listener who enjoys good music. The real talents are the brothers & sisters behind the mic doing their thing.

I hope you get to tune in !

Saudi Arabia Peeps (105.5FM - Mix-FM) @ 9PM..TUNE IN & Blast up your SPEAKERS

Monday, July 4, 2011

Peace Is My Religion, Music Is My Weapon MixTape

Yet another example of how Hip-Hop unites..Im proud to have Re-Volt's logo on this Mixtape. The creators have been very supportive.

Peace Is My Religion, Music Is My Weapon MixTape can be downloaded HERE (FREE!!)

Give it a listen! Its worth it

01. Intro Dj Djel - Dj Djel aka The Diamond Cutter (Maroc-France)
02. La Rue - Bouga (Algerie- France)
03. Truly Yours - Mohammad Dangerfield feat. Impaq (USA)
04. Nightmares - Arabian Knightz (Egypte)
05. L'Energie Du D├ęsespoir - Royal S (Liban)
06. El Kofeyye Arabeyye - Shadia Mansour (Palestine)
07. Criminuhl Clean - Eslam Jawaad (Syrie)
08. Freestyle Checkmate - Mobydick (Maroc)
09. Damascus - Omar Offendum (Syrie)
10. The Marathon - Run Junction feat. Qusai (Arabie Saoudite)
11. Nhar Nfhem Had Lalam - Mehdi K-Libre (Maroc)
12. Libre - Code Rouge (Maroc-belgique)
13. Tales of the Lost Tribe - Hasan Salaam (USA)
14. El Houma - Diaz-MBS (Algerie)
15. La minn - Rayess Bek (Liban)
16. 3alem Edzayer- Rabah-MBS (Algerie)
17. KL 2 Beirut - DJ Fuzz, DJ Lethal Skillz & MC Moe (Liban)
18. Ya Leili -Palestine aka Ledr P (Palestine)
19. Brass - The Narcicyst (Irak)
20. Mali Huriye- Dam (Palestine)
21. Love Is Love - Mazzi ( Iran )

Radio Documentary “Rhymes to Revolution – Soundtrack to the Arab Awakenings” by Jackson Allers

My brother Jackson Allers is one of the few people that is documenting the Arabic Hip-Hop movement. I already interviewed him for re-volt & got to meet him when I had my shows in Beirut. The brother is full of passion for this movement & i am proud to say that he managed to have the below documentary aired across 150 stations across the US & the world.

The documentary which is a
Free Speech Radio News production with editor Shannon Young and technical producer Rose Ketabchi.

Documentary Description:

The so-called “Arab Spring” uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa have been driven by a largely disaffected youth demographic aged 18 to 30 that dominates the populations of every affected country. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, the youth have demanded an end to the rampant corruption, unemployment, lack of democratic rights, and government policies that stifle freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Echoing these demands have been the representatives of the Arabic hip-hop movement living in both the Arab world and in the Diaspora.

This documentary will examine the rise of Arab hip-hop as a soundtrack to the revolution from its beginnings with Tunisian El General’s song “Rayess La Bled (Head of State)” until today. It will include the voices of rappers in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Diaspora including the creators (Omar Offendum/The Narcycist) of the YouTube viral video #jan25 (pictured above) and the creators of the Egyptian rap video “Rebel” (Arabian Knightz)

Interviews will be balanced with testimony from relevant political commentators, photographers, producers and voices from the Arab street in order to discuss how Arab hip-hop contributed to revolution and how it is still inspiring artists and protest movements in the US, and demonstrators in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Lebanon – who are still blasting Arab hip-hop anthems from their boomboxes as they fight Gadhafi’s forces in Libya, the security forces in Bahrain and Yemen and the Sectarian state in Lebanon.

Rhymes to Revolution – Soundtrack to the Arab Awakenings (Click Play Below to hear the full 30 min doc)