Monday, October 5, 2009

Emily Wells: Fusion of Classic Music & Hip Hop

Today I discover a great talent in Emily Wells..

Emily Wells is a violinist whose style merges between hip-hop and classical. She also uses many other instruments in her work.. In live performances, she does not use any pre-recorded loops, rather she creates her loops while performing.

The style is eccentric !! but come on who said everything needs to be commercial to be viewed as talent? Why do we listen to the "famous" people - we listen to what "they" want us to hear - what they want our children to listen & get addicted to & copy.

Music is about emotions & expressing them not just booties & all or breakup & make up..Its like being in a state of trance - takes you somewhere - thats whats it about it.

Definitely talented - look her up :)

Below is a video of how she records her songs..check it out !!

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