Thursday, October 19, 2017

Iraqi-Dubai based Singer/Songwriter Shébani drops #Scylla and its simply DOPE!

Shébani - Scylla (Prod by Rayan"

If you've been following me, then you definitley heard the name "Shébani" before. This amazing Dubai based singer/songwriter just a dropped a new single entitled "Scylla" produced by "Rayan" and its simply catchy, radio friendly, dope and hip.

What I personally love about the song is the fact that Shébani was able to get out of her comfort zone and she did that with ease and proved that an artist can always try new things and succeed in it. She's a natural man..Big credit goes to her producer "Rayan" who has been a huge catalyst for artists not only producing songs for them but also making them realize why they do music in the first place which is a very important thing to know as an artist.

Shébani performing at Boom Room (Pic by Waleed Shah)

I do believe that Shébani is a very important artist to support and push from this region. Not only is she humble and talented but she's also a voice for so many and I 100% believe that lots of people relate to her and her vibe which is somehow empowering as well. I believe a lot of people will connect with this track and vibe to it. So Share this. Spread the word. Improve your ear-drums ;)

It's now 9:25 AM Dubai time, song dropped on music streaming service "Anghami - Link below" in the early morning and there will be a video of the track that I will post once its out directed by the beast "Freek TV" who proved once again that he's a visionary at what he does. S/O to his better half "Dj Liutik" who always been supportive and as a Dj, she's been playing records for local artists at her events which is really cool.

Shébani & Rayan (@Boom Room) Proud of those two.. Keep Rockin
Pic by Omar Tartoob 

Below is a quick description of the song.. enjoy it. share it. support it.

Description: The name “Scylla” has a historical context and backstory. It is derived from ancient Greek mythology dating back to the name of a sea princess driven mad by an opposing sea-king she fell in love with. The song is an expression of being driven crazy by a particular person or feeling helplessly lost in a situation. The song is not tailored to solely categorize a sense of crazed love, but to liberate us from the feeling of overcoming it.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

HASEEB - Take A Seat - Vol. 1

HASEEB... at it again!! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moiz Rehman - Love Me

Moiz Rehman with a new track that is different from what he usually does. I kinda like it. I salute him for being the musician he is and the artist he always have been. 

Watch the video for this funky & cool song that WILL GROW ON YOU!! Shout Out to the Animators. Big up

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lebanese/Canadian Artist "Mougleta" releases a video for "YA MAMA" & It's DOPE!!


I first heard of Mougleta from "Rayan" !! and I was blown away with her voice & amazing talent. Interviewed her and we had a great/cool chat.

She just released a video for her track "Ya Mama" and I loved it. I really love this song. Check out the video. Salute to Mougleta, Rayan & her team. 

This is what she had to say about the song "Ya Mama" 

"The Song is portraying my struggle as an independent artist trying to break through, in such a beautiful way. Thank you for everyone who's been part of the past year, for the good & the bad

Track Produced by "Rayan"
Video Directed by Omar Hamadeh

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

City Slums - Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE | Official Video

Shout Out Raja Kumari for always being cool, relevant and real. Big up DIVINE 
Salute Sony Music India. 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Alright - TooDope ft. MaMan || Too Catchy. Too Dope

Shout out to the brothers. 
This is Catchy & Dope! Wish'em luck 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Dubai Based Hip-Hop Group "The Recipe" Releases Album "Funerals & Purgatory"

Check out "Funeral & Purgatory" by The Recipe. Go through the album. I dig it. 
My fav songs are: Had To Be, Place To Rest (Ft Talib Kweli), Bandana, Going Nowhere & Uma Thurman

Stream it on "Anghami" NOW!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Rapsody Releases New Album "Laila's Wisdom"

Rapsody is one of my favorite MC's in the game. She just released her album entitled "Lail's Wisdom" which is an incredible journey, dope vibes and mad lyrics! The album features the likes of Kendrick Lamar, BJ The Chicago Kid, Black Thought, Anderson .Paak & Busta Rhymes. In terms of production its by 9th Wonder, The Soul Council, Nottz, and Terrace Martin.

I love love love this album! Middle East peeps, you can stream it on "Anghami" -Rapsody is a true representation of a real MC Check it out below now (STREAM IT FOR FREE BELOW)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lebanese Rapper N1yah Drops a Video for "Die Alone"

Lebanese-Dubai based rapper N1yah dropped a video for her track "Die Alone" & I for one wants to support her. We don't have many female MC's in the region and we really need to start pushing our sisters out there to get on the mic and start representing..

"We're born alone, we die alone and I want to people to let go the negative incidents that happened to them and live the moment" N1yah says abot the track

I will be interviewing N1yah this week and will hopefully post the video interview on my Youtube page, till then go show love!

** Put in mind that this whole video was shot by an iPhone 7 !! Shout out to SG 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

#ASHEKMAN 's #OperationSalam || A gigantic Arabic calligraffiti of the word "سلام" (peace in Arabic)

Pic by Ashekman

#ASHEKMAN 's #OperationSalam will cover 85 rooftops, 385,000 square meters by a gigantic Arabic calligraffiti of the word "سلام" (peace in Arabic) in Kuffi calligraphy that can only be seen from space. 

"We will need 12 days to finish this huge project. We worked for more than 4 years on this idea and we finally found the right spot, in the North of Lebanon, precisely in the infamous ex-war zone Beib el Tebbeneh  and Jabal Mehsen , an area that was almost destroyed by internal conflicts and guerrilla war." ASHEKMAN 

Salute to Ashekman for always being pioneers. Keep updated by following their Instagram below 

Trak - Rabbit Hole

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Emirati singer/songwriter "Abri" alongside his group Funk Radius just released a video for their track "Sunny Daze". I had the honor to interview Abri and also catch this track performed on my show.

I fell in love with it and the vibe. Abri is considered a legend in the UAE scene not to mention that hes mad talented. I am so happy to see him release videos/songs. 

This video is so cool, given that it's also directed by "Freek" who is one of the best at this in the city. When I asked Freek how was it working with Abri, he said " Humble man, been seeing him on TV since I was a teen.. and now I am collaborating with him to direct a video for him. It's an honor.." 

And this is what Abri had to say "I am excited about releasing Abri & Funk Radius 'Sunny Daze (Ankabūt)', our new single and video exclusively on Anghami. The song and video were done a while back so i was itching to get it out there so that people could hear it and watch the amazing video (shoot and edited by Freek T.V) at the same time, that way they get the whole experience. The song and video go hand in hand.'"

& When I asked him about the spider, Abri said " The Spider is symbolic. It represents the female and fate. The choices that we make construct our lives. SO if you do good things then good things happen but if you make bad choices, then...

The video was released EXCLUSIVELY on Music Streaming Service "Anghami" - Check it out below. Dope Song. Dope Visuals.

Abri is BACK!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hamza Hawsawi X Shébani Event in Boom Room Dubai


9th Sept,2017 will be a night to remember not only because it featured two of the best singes/songwriters we got in Arabia but because it proved that the crowd will vibe/rock with original music performed by local/regional artists. 

I got so much to say but I will leave this blogpost to share with you few pictures from that incredible night. Saudi sensation "Hamza Hawsawi" proved once again he's a force to reckon with not only in the Middle-East but in the world. Shébani's hard passion & dedication are admirable and something that should be respected. I am also very proud of producer/performer/genius "RAYAN" who really set up a great and entertaining show. 100% of the music performed that night was his production! Dj Liutik who opened up the night was also incredible in setting up the mood for the night and putting everyone in the right vibe in between sets. 

It was an honor to put together and host this event. Thank you to everyone that showed up & supported. There were so many artists hanging out together & showed love. It felt amazing seeing all these artists chatting/talking after the show. At the end of the day we ONE movement...One Unit striving to showcase talent do exists in the Middle-East and it's in everyone of us. We just need platforms to showcase and that's hopefully what I tried to do that night...

Here are some pix from that night... THE BEAT is officially LIVE in Dubai..On to the next one.

All Pix below are by the incredible Waleed Shah

Big salute to Boom Room Dubai (In Stereo Arcade) for having us. What an incredible venue it is!

Shout Out to G-Shock Middle-East for providing the artists new watches

We also gotta shout out Careem UAE for supporting us!!

Dj Liutik 

Shébani & RAYAN

Shébani rocked that stage..

It Was an honor hostin/putting together this event. Proud.

Hamza Hawsawi rockin with the crowd



You can not make that VIBE UP... Incredible Night @ The Boom Room Dubai

Friday, September 8, 2017

CunninLynguists release new single "Violet (The Upper Room)" from new album "Rose Azura Njano"

Album is set to be released on 6th October, 2017 !!! MAD MAD EXCITED

Thursday, September 7, 2017

American Muslim Rapper HASEEB hits hard with "Droppin"

Haseeb has always been one of my fav MC's in the game now! I love the fact that he's current yet still can manage to talk about issues that are impacting the world!

He just released his new track entitled "Droppin". I reached out to him to get a quote about the song & this is what he said "This record is really emotional for me, as it's essentially a diatribe against the current power structure, from the perspective of a first-generation Muslim American." Haseeb

Q&A with Amal Murad | A Pioneer in the UAE Parkour Scene

On August 11th,2017, I was honored to host TEDx Fujairah. I was truly inspired by the speakers I met that day and also by the amazing team efforts from he organizers. There was some inspiring speakers and some incredible entertainment that took place. One of those speakers was "Amal Murad". My first impression of Amal was that shes very energetic, passionate. Amal is a pioneer as she is the first Emirati female parkour instructor. 

Below is a quick Q&A with Amal about how she started and what does parkour mean to her. Check it out & also at the end of the interview, check out the link of her TEDx Talk..

Q: How did you get into Parkour. Was it a specific video you saw, a friend? tell us. 
Amal Murad: Since childhood, I used to play video games like 'tomb raider' where the woman lead character would be doing all kinds of cool stunts. Being the daredevil myself as a child who had climbed over to the neighbors' houses and found a path to avoid getting caught by the dogs, I've always felt that I had that side of me. However, I didn't understand what "that side" really was until I could give it a name almost 20 years later. It was when Xdubai started sponsoring two parkour athletes. That is when I was introduced to the sport and had finally started appreciating what possibilities there were. 

Q. You've always said that parkour somehow "Liberated you" - Can you expand more on that? What were liberated from? 
AM: I've always considered sports as a way to release pent up negative energy. Not only is it scientifically proven that exercise gives out endorphins, but to me its more about the way you feel after a dedicated workout. Parkour especially allows you to express yourself through movement. It isn't about jumping over buildings but more about what you find yourself capable of doing when you set your mind on something. 

Q. Parkour for you is a way of life. What is/are the main misconceptions if any about this sport? 
AM: I have heard that parkour isn't considered a "real" sport and that it doesn't do much for the body. People tend to underestimate just how much endurance, cardio, strength and explosiveness is required in parkour. We use legs for jumping and balancing, arms for climbing and hanging; truth be told, its a full body workout but the best part is that you don't feel it is. 

Q. You were part of an incredible campaign by "Nike". Tell us about that opportunity. How did it happen? & what is the message that they were trying to convey? 
AM: It was such an exciting opportunity because Nike approached us and wanted to know the struggles we faced as Muslim Arab women in sports. When we initially spoke to them, it was on a very superficial level where we discussed attire and that we had to wear more layers but the dialogue got much more personal. We then went to discuss the reason why we were afraid to even practicing a sport. Almost all of us said that we were afraid of what people would say about us. That is the mental wall we all have and continue to face on daily basis and only we are the ones who are capable of overcoming that wall. 

Q.  How important is the support you been getting from your family? 
AM: I can't stress enough on how important it is to get support from the people you love especially your family. It truly makes all the difference. I am never an advocate to go against your family to do something but more of trying to prove to them over time that you truly are passionate about something.

Q: At any point during your journey. Did you feel like giving up & if so, what did you do to overcome this? 
AM: Yes, when I broke both bones in my forearm. It truly broke my spirit because I felt like that was the end of the road for me. However, that is when your true strength is tested. I feel like it was a good time to reflect on what I have accomplished and whether or not I had the faith to continue. It's about remembering that everything happens for a reason and you have to trust the process. 

Q. What's your dream with Parkour? 
AM: My dream is to encourage more women to try new things in life and to not be afraid of diving into something they love.

Q. You were one of the speakers at TEDX Fujairah. Tell us about the experience of being on a Tedx Stage? & how did the crowd react to your talk?
AM:The experience was overwhelming in the best kind of way. I never expected the crowd to cheer as much as they did. It truly showed me that there are so many people out there going through the same things I am and that we're all in this together in trying to figure out what our purposes are. 

Q. Any last messages/shout outs.. go ahead. 
AM: Shoutout to Big Hass who was the MC during tedxfujairah. He truly is one of the most uplifting people I have come across in a long time. I remember how he hyped me up before my speech when I was nervous and I couldn't be more grateful.

**Watch Amal Murad's Tedx Fujairah HERE

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sri Lankan/Filipino - Dubai Based Rapper "Menon" releases 'REGULA' & ITS DOPE!!

Menon - Regula 

I first met Menon at "Rayan's" place about 3 months back. I wanted to meet this young fella because I felt that he had a lot to say. He's half Sri Lankan half Filipino, born and raised in Dubai. He had endured a lot in his life and I for one was/is ready to hear what he has to say. 

We sat down and he took me through some of his new work that "Rayan" was producing. I felt the vibe.. felt the passion and hunger.. felt the words and wanted to support..

Love this!

He has been waiting for today to release his single "REGULA" fully produced by "RAYAN" who always does a great job capturing the artist's vibe and energy and suiting the beat to him/her plus he always have his points that really make a huge difference in how the artist deliver. Mad respect to him.

Song was just dropped on "Anghami" and also the video which was amazingly shot/directed by Eazy World Peace is now LIVE!! 

Before you see the video & be amazed, this is what Menon told me about the track "Regula is about self realization and self empowerment, it's about embracing and flaunting your inner misfit."

I also got this quote from Eazy World Peace about the track 
"When I first heard it I felt a sense of triumph intertwined with an underdog-climbing-to-the-top vibe. I was in the studio with the guys as they made it so my feelings were generated during the creative process of the song"

"We realized that a big part of his life comprised of being an outcast of some kind. But it more from the view that it could be an empowering dynamic. It takes a lot more courage and strength to accept and embrace being different, being an odd number in an even system. I think that's when we realized what his music was going to be about. He was a spokesperson for anyone feeling the negative effects of social pressure, anxiety, or fears of fitting in. That talk basically gave birth to 'Regula". Rayan Bailuni (Producer of the track)

enjoy this & show this young brother some love & support... 

Video is below... 

Jon Hope - Savage Beauty : No One Is Exempt


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Talib Kweli - "She's My Hero" Prod. Oh No

Abz - 9295

I think each one of us would be able to relate to this song.. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Narcy releases VIDEO for #CHOBIBRYANT

Iraqi/Canadian Hip-Hop artist "Narcy" just dropped the video of his track "Chobi Bryant" in which he also directed. 

#ChobiBryant is the sequel of the Makoo Video and it's amazing to see how entertaining yet relevant Narcy and his team are.

Track is produced by the amazing Sandhill and has Iraqi- Dubai based Photographer "Cheb Moha" in addition to ceasrock

The track is about that quick internet sensation fame..

Watch the AMAZING VIDEO below

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Lowkey Tour Dates in SEPTEMBER - UK !!

LOWKEY just dropped a track & its just... a MUST TO LISTEN.. TO HEAR. TO PUSH. TO SUPPORT.

May Allah bless this brother. He's spitting truth like noone!!
Love !!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Vinnie Paz feat. Eamon "The Ghost I Used to Be" || VIDEO

Vinnie paz releases a video for his track "The Ghost I Used To Be" featuring Eamon. Incredible. Dope. Real. 

Check it out now & show some love!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Shèbani released a video for "Right By You" & IT IS AWESOME !!!


Dubai Based Singer/Songwriter "Shèbani" releases a video for her track "Right By You" after ONE year of dropping her EP "Alter Ego" which was produced entirely by RAYAN. The video was released EXCLUSIVELY on Music Streaming Service provider "Anghami" - Check it out below

During the span of the year, Shèbani went to the UK to study music at BIMM London - that experience was great for her, she met a lot of people and also performed in London and on campus. 


What I personally love about Shèbani is her passion & dedication. She's humble and mad talented. Go show some love & follow her on Instagram 

Fans who subscribed to her mailing list also got a "gift" from Shèbani and it was a song entitled "O.K"

This is a quote from her about the video... 

"It’s been the year of my life. A year of music, growth, accomplishments, hardship, long lasting friendships, and eye opening experiences. I don’t believe that any of it would’ve been possible without the support that you have shown me. I’m a big believer that life is all about giving back as much as you receive. So it is with a warm heart that I can finally give you back a gesture that measures my gratitude." Shèbani 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Syrian/American Artist Omar Offendum weigh in on #Charlottesville Incident

Omar Offendum

I had to report this on my blog! Omar is a friend, he's an inspiration & most importantly he's someone who believes in the equality of all. 

He just posted this picture & caption that I urge you to read right now.. its very important. Just Read it

I'm a proud Syrian-American Muslim immigrant. My wife is a proud African-American Jew. We both grew up in Northern #Virginia & graduated from @uva in 2003. I met her while walking home from classes at The #Architecture school, which was situated adjacent to the Department of Drama she was attending. I came to find out her mother was a direct descendant of #Holocaust survivors, & her father was the first black Secretary of Education in #Virginia history. She learned that my dad's hometown of #Hama had been bombed mercilessly a month after I was born, & he did all he could to provide his family with a safe & secure environment to thrive in; thousands of miles away from the horrors of the #Assad regime, believing wholeheartedly in the "#AmericanDream" ... It's 2017 now & we are blessed to have a baby boy of our own. He represents all the hopes & aspirations of generational survival our beloved parents & ancestors embedded in our DNA, & thus the tragic events that took place in #Charlottesville have been effecting us in a deep & profound way. We stand in solidarity w/ those who reject the hate-fueled ignorance that was on display there, & offer our deepest condolences to the families of those whose lives were taken &/or shaken by the heinous act(s) of white supremacist violence that were committed. The terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of innocent people held a deep contempt for all that my family is proud of being - #Black, #Jewish, #Muslim, #Immigrant, Open-Minded, #Free-Thinking & #Syrian (he even went so far as to post pro-Assad propaganda on his Facebook page) ... Some might find solace in the notion that this doesn't truly represent #America or #Jeffersonian ideals ... For the record, #ThomasJefferson carried out a well-documented destruction of Black families & held a belief that "their griefs (were) transient", while arguing that Black people’s ability to “reason” was “much inferior” to whites’, and that “in imagination they (were) dull, tasteless, and anomalous.” Despite (t)his callousness, we are a proud(ly diverse) family & will raise our beautiful son w/ an even greater sense of #pride insha'Allah ... #Sinsyrianly ✍🏽 #OmarOffendum.
A post shared by Omar Offendum (@offendum) on

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LOWKEY Ft. Mai Khalil - Ghosts Of Grenfell / VIDEO

Interviewing Lowkey in 2008 in Beirut,Lebanon

& I still get few "people" that keep asking me why do i support this brother even when he stepped away for 4-5 years.. this dude changed my life from the first verse i heard in 2007 !! It inspired me to start thinking, it elevated me, it pushed me to create "Re-Volt Blog" THIS BLOG !!

I am so honored to have supported, pushed his music on Arab Radio & on Saudi Radio! Lowkey is an unforgettable artist!! Thank you brother for STILL makin' music that is relevant in a beautiful, passionate and sincere way & GUESS WHAT... he gets HUGE NUMBERS , he sells out SHOWS, & big venues too.. 

You dont need to be all "shady,sexy" all the time to do so.. just a hint.. 

Grenfell Tower on fire on 14 June 2017 

This is his latest video/track and its towards the souls we lost at #Grenfell Tower - listen to the words, check out the video & see how relevant he is.. You dont need to British or even affected by this tragedy to know/feel his passion/his words/ his AUTHENTICITY.. all with the beautiful sweet voice of Mai Khalil...

Go on Lowkey!! I am a fan till my last breath!! One

Friday, August 4, 2017

Syrian/American Hip-Hop Artist "OFFENDUM" releases NEW EP "EYE KNOW FACES"

Eye Know Faces EP Artwork by Hagop Belian

I been supporting, listening to Omar Offendum since 2008! I must say I look up to the brother. His album "SyrianamericanA" is a classic. 
This EP is incredible and its personal to Omar as well, he's now a dad for a beautiful boy "Jibran".. The EP is inspired by Khalil Gibran, actually the poetry of Khalil Gibran has inspired Offendum throughout his career..

The EP can be streamed/downloaded below through his Soundcloud & Bandcamp accounts. 

EP is produced by Saüd from Brij Entertainment.

I also love the artwork which is done by Hagop Belian

Go support the brother and do your eardrums a favor !

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Palestenian Hip-Hop Artist "Muqata'a" releases "La Lisana Lah" || A Sound Like No Other!


I have always loved Muqata'a , I do believe he is TOP 3 Arab Rappers. His production is also incredible. He has released an Instrumental album entitled "La Lisana Lah" (One without a Tongue)

I asked him what's the process of creating such a sound, and this is his answer.. "Loved it" 

"As a child I was listening to a lot of Trip-Hop, downtempo, electronic, drum n bass & hip-hop music. When I started, this is the type of music I wanted to make. Then I started writing on my beats because I felt like I had to express myself in a more direct way and through that start some sort of conversation, and also because I love hip hop music. 'La Lisana Lah' and a lot of the instrumental tracks I have been releasing recently are still hip-hop, but also influenced by many other sounds and types of music. The fact that I am now releasing mainly instrumental music has a lot to do with the situation we live in today. Our reality is being changed quickly and we have no control over what happens. Also, the over-saturation of "information" and "content" essentially mutes us all. We need a new language to communicate with. 
La Lisana Lah, is somewhat a representation of that." Muqata'a 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fire Destroys, Words Ignite | Yemeni-British Spoken Word Poet "Sanasiino" writes about Grenfell Tower Fire

Sanasiino | Yemeni-British Spoken Word Poet

I've known of British-Yemeni spoken word poet "Sanasiino" for over 8 years now. Her passion & incredible poetry truly are inspiring. My favorite rapper "Lowkey" has always collaborated & spoke of her. They did this track.

On June 14th, 2017, a huge fire happened at GRENFELL TOWER , North Kensington in London. Many casualties, dead, victims of a corrupt Sana used what she's good at to reflect her thoughts about this incident to inspire, to help.. She did a poem and it's incredible..

Grenfell Tower, London

I asked her about the reasons of why she did the poem, her reply was:

"To this day I can say, hand on heart, no event of this scale has affected me as much as the Grenfell tower blaze has. I'm not too sure why this is, but I believe it is due to the fact that this was a complete and utter negligence and irresponsibility on behalf of the council toward people that were of a lower class to those across the road from them in Kensington. 
This was an absolute tragedy and a catastrophic blunder that could have been avoided had the authorities heeded the calls of many residents in the tower who warned them of the risks within the block. I grew up in the west London area, about fifteen mins way from Grenfell and although I did not know anyone in the block, this was very close to home. My family and I lived in a tower of that size for more than fifteen years and to look into the charred windows of grenfell and see the face of my family in there is absolutely daunting. Every missing persons poster I see at the site of grenfell, although they are complete strangers to me, feels like a lost loved one, truly. It pains me to look at their faces and to think of their last moments on earth; what were they thinking, what were they feeling, did they cry, were they scared? These are all thoughts that have haunted me and many people around me for more than a month. 

Anyone familiar with my work can confirm I very rarely post or publish new spoken word pieces. As a creative I personally don't like to force myself to write anything in fear of it not coming across as genuine. The last I uploaded anything was more than a year and a half ago. But when I saw grenfell ablaze, something ignited deep inside me and I found myself spilling emotions onto a page for the first time in a very long time. There was no thought involved, i picked up a pen and let my heart say what it needed to say and this is the result of some 20-30mins of writing. I am beyond grateful for the response I've received for this and I am humbled and honoured that many were able to resonate with these words. 

It does absolutely nothing to rectify what has happened but I believe we as individuals have a duty to personally contribute when such tragedies unfold. For many, this was donating aid. For others, this was counseling survivors. As a writer, this was my contribution to keep Grenfell in the headlines."


Friday, July 21, 2017

Big Hass Interviews Emirati Singer Rashed Al-Nuaimi

Rashed Al Nuaimi 

I am always trying to give a voice to artists and I pride myself that I been doing this since 2008. Its simply a liberating feeling for me when I reach out to artists who are not getting enough "exposure" to feature on my blog just as a sign of solidarity and support. Today's guest is Emirati singer Rashed Al Nuaimi  whom I first stumbled on via his instagram account and this song:-

A post shared by RÃN - رآن (@r__a__n) on

I became a fan and I wanted to show support. I salute this brother and wish him nothing but the best. The interview has been done a month ago and I thank him for his time. Have a nice read & show love to him.

Big Hass: What's up brother?
Rashed Al Nuaimi: Thank you for having me brother.

BH : Your passion for singing shows. How did that passion start?
RAN: There's no real way to answer this question..I like it ever since I was a kid, it was just something I always did; but I can definitely tell you when the transition happened between becoming something I'd do in the shower to something that I might make a career of.
It was not until I went to university and i joined my first vocal lesson class and I tapped into the "opera classical" type venue and I had my first recital at the end of the semester. I remember inviting my family to attend and they were all shocked although they knew I sing, but not to this extent..So i guess that course I took in university was the transition..I felt this could be something bigger..

BH: Do you remember the first track you ever heard?
RAN: "Laugh" Can you ever know the first track? but i can probably say the first favorite song was for "Whiteny Housten" who was a big inspiration as a kid, it was weird because I wouldn't find anyone my age listening to it. She was the reason why I would label myself as "Powerhouse" vocalist maybe. My housekeeper who was Ethiopian is the one who introduced me to Whitney Housten. 

BH: You just finished/finishing the military service for the UAE. Salute on that. How do you feel and what has this experience meant to you?

RAN: I haven't finished yet; for me I serve my country in various ways, I dont label whatever I do with the army as extremely different, Either I serve it with my music, my day job and with literary just living here.  Whatever I do with the military is just adding to that whole journey of giving back an unmeasurable debt that I have to my country for giving me everything. It's something that I pride myself on alongside the other things that I do..My music is also a big part of that "giving back". 

BH: Do you believe the UAE has a solid foundation in supporting their Local Artists?

RAN: Step by step. It's not fully formed yet, but its being created as we speak. We are kinda of setting a pedestal for the ones who would come after us. It's hard but its happening and we are creating it.

BH: Tell us about your participation at the Emerging Talent Competition that took place last year? how was that for you?

RAN: That was the biggest crowd I ever performed for. I thought I'd be nervous but surprisingly I was very comfortable. I love watching the reactions of people, I felt everything in its details. I saw facial expressions, I actually felt what the weather was like, how the "dishdasha" was moving in the wind. I also got to meet amazing local artists and interacting with them, getting to know their stories.

BH: Have you released any original material? and would you be interested in working with local/regional producers?

RAN:It's time for me to release original material. I been doing covers for quite sometime and gotten a name for it. I am definitely working on that. YES! of course, I would love to collabo, either I am doing a horrible job at finding them or they are doing an amazing job at hiding (lol) , if you know any, please direct me to them.

** This interview was done about a month ago and ever since Rashed collaborated with Egyptian producer Moseqar in an awesome track/cover - check it out

BH: How important is the support of the family?
RAN: Extremely important. I know a lot of people might not get it, I understand the value of having it. Sometimes you have to work against their wishes but I definitely believe that family's support will create a more stable road and it will also create a stamina that you need.

BH: What can we find on Rashed's MP3 player?
RAN: Mainly its Adele, Sam Smith, Whitney Housten. I also been listening to Mura Masa and John Bellion.

BH: Name few local artists you love listening to?
RAN: I been really digging Rotana Tarabzouni's "Daddy" , "Dancing Shoes" by Mougleta and also the Omani Artist "Ghazi Al Balushi"

BH: Do you believe Radio Play is as important as before?

RAN: I guess it depends where you want to reach with your music, what's your definition of success and how much do you follow "mainstream/commercial" music. I definitely am a radio listener but I also can point out that the radio is not a "definitive" result of success, big part of it is marketing and feeding a commercial need, but i think its an outlet that somehow spreads your music. I would love my message to go through but also it would not affect me negatively if it did not because I believe in my message. Its an important tool, I hope it gets used in the right way to support the right people, to push the right content.. You can not deny that hearing your songs on the radio wont give you butterflies.. that's a fact :)

BH: What's coming up for you in 2017?
RAN: Well, military for the remainder of 2017. Hopefully 2018 will be my year ;)

BH: What's your dream?
RAN:As cliche as it sounds, as many times you've heard it on Hallmark is honestly to be happy. With music or without music, but I do believe that music for me is the road to reach my dream

BH: Any last words or shout outs?
RAN: Believe in yourself. Be Yourself and criticize yourself in a positive and healthy way. Always strive to be your own.

Thanks for your time Hass!