Thursday, June 30, 2016

Jordan store opens in Dubai | #DXB23

Salam my people!
I remember the first time I bought a pair of Air Jordan's. I don't want to sound too old, but it was back in the 90's! The pair that I bought was the Air Jordan XII (1997). Basketball is a big part of who I am. Back then, owning one of these simply made you 'cool' and I think it still does and I have just the story to prove it.
See, I wasn't really that 'cool' back then. There was this popular kid in my school, a few years older than me, who noticed my Air Jordan's and my shoes sparked a long discussion about Basketball and Life! 

Fast-forward to 2016, I am still fascinated by the Jordan brand. I received an invitation from Nike to visit their Jordan store, newly opened in Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE) on 30th June '16. Going through the store, it was nice to be greeted by a young and friendly staff. I walked straight to the shoe section and I was bedazzled by the beauty of the Air Jordan XII!
We meet again...
 'my precious'!
The store has a good layout, and I truly recommend you visiting it!

It definitely brought back memories of that pair I owned (yes its gone now!)

My only request from the Jordan brand and Nike is to try and extend the sizes in order to cater to all basketball players. I am 6'1 with broad shoulders and my shoe size is 48.5 European (14.5 US) and unfortunately they don't have this size in the market. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and hopefully my next visit will be to invest in a new pair! or maybe #DXB23 can hook a brother up! ;)

"Fight" Between Halal & Haram

I have posted about Hassan Hajja before ; but I just wanted to highlight the below piece of work.. 

This simply has two boxing gloves, 
on the right (Halal = Prohibited) & on the left (Haram = Not-Prohibited)

There's always this "FIGHT" between whats Halal & what's Haram and it's fascinating how simple yet genius this works especially in our Muslim world.

Big Salute to Hassan Hajja and his great work. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

UAE Based MC’s Set to Tour European Musical Festivals highlighting Arabic Music | Africa Express

Genre Defining Arab Hip-Hop Artists Eslam Jawaad & Malikah set to be part of ‘Africa Express presents…The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn & Guests’

Eslam Jawaad and Malikah, two of the Arab Worlds pioneer Hip-Hop artists, are gearing up for performances at European music festivals set to begin in Holland on June 22,2016. The UAE residents will be representing their home-region as they entertain hundreds of thousands of music seekers expected to attend this summer’s festivities.

Eslam Jawaad of Syrian and Lebanese origin, and Malikah of Lebanese and Algerian origin, have rocked stages around the world with leading artists and performers including Wu-Tang, Gorillaz, De La Soul, and Rachid Taha. This year, the pair will be touring across six major festivals including the mega festivals ‘Glastonbury’ and ‘Roskilde’ as part of a special edition of ‘Africa Express presents The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn and Guests’.

Re-Volt asked Eslam Jawaad the below:-

  • How did this opportunity come to life?
EJ: Damon and I traveled to Syria in 2009 where I introduced him to the orchestra. since then & due to the war, many of them left Syria, and others suffer hardships. Damon wanted to regroup them to celebrate Syrian culture, and thus the tour was born

Malikah, who will be releasing her highly anticipated solo album later this year, added, “I’m honored to take part in this historic moment for Arab Classical Music and am thrilled at the prospect of having an entire Syrian Arabic orchestra playing Glastonbury.”

Syrian rapper Bu Kolthoum is also set to join the tour

The European tour dates for Africa Express presents…The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians with Damon Albarn & Guests include:

June 22: Holland Festival
June 24: Glastonbury
June 25: Southbank Centre
June 27: Istanbul
June 29: Roskilde
June 30: Köln Philharmonie

Check out for more details.

Follow their journey on Social Media:-

Malikah @

Eslam Jawaad @

Bu Kolthoum: @


A special link to watch the live stream from Royal Festival Hall in london on the 25th of June will be available

Very happy for these guys & i wish them the best! Go Get Them! 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Get Down Sizzle - Netflix

Netflix has announced the premiere date for its music-driven 1970s-set drama series, "The Get Down," from Baz Luhrmann.
The series will be released in 2 parts; the first half will debut on Friday, August 12, 2016, and will unfold over 6 episodes. Dates on the second half will be announced later.
"The Get Down" will follow a rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers in a broken down and beaten up, violent New York City at the brink of bankruptcy, which gave birth to hip-hop, punk and disco – a story told through the lives and music of the South Bronx kids who changed the city, and the world… forever.

Safia Elhillo - "Alien Suite" (CUPSI 2016) |

Truly one of my favorite voices from Sudan! What a powerful authentic soul !

Shout out to Safia.. Shout out to Sudan