Friday, May 4, 2018

Khaleeji Rappers You Should Know About ! رابرز خليجيين لازم تعرفهم

Below is a list of few Khaleeji Rappers you should know about. These are rappers that are GCC Nationals 
*** Please feel free to send me others & I will add it
Rappers should be from GCC (Saudi Arabia, UAE, OMAN, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait) 

  • Sons Of Yusuf (Kuwait)

  • Flipperachi (Bahrain)

  • KLASH (Saudi)

  • BLVXB (Saudi)

  • Big SmoOke (UAE)

  • Qusai "Don Legend" (Saudi)

  • EIRKKK (Saudi)

  • Shiboba (Saudi)

  • Slow Moe (Saudi)


  • LIL.K (OMAN)

  • Ruthless (From 3yall Makkah) (SAUDI)



Menon launching his album "Epiphany Of A Misfit" - The Fridge (Dubai, UAE) 

April 23rd,2018 marked Menon's Birthday and on that day he released his album entitled "Epiphany Of A Misfit" - The album is produced by Dubai based producer "Rayan" who is definitley making a huge name for himself in the region. Menon for me is one of the best rappers in the city and hes someone who is working very hard to reach his goals.

The launch was held at "The Fridge" in Dubai & it was part of their "Concert Series Events". Dj Liutik opened up the night with an incredible set and rappers Moh Flow & Freek took the stage with each performing 3 of their hit songs. 

Dj Liutik

Moh Flow

Event was hosted by myself and I always love supporting these guys! 

Menon then took the stage with Rayan on the decks and electrified the crowd with his energy and passion. He even got his mom on stage!

Menon's album is well structured and has diversity of topics ranging between relationships, community and also a track about his father which is entitled "1952" and it features Iraqi Singer/Songwriter Shébani. The track is my favourite in the album.
Let me know which track you feeling!



Album dropped EXCLUSIVELY on Anghami for one week. You can play/Download & STREAM it for Free below...

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shébani releases new single "I Wana Know" Produced by RAYAN


Dubai based Iraqi singer/songwriter Shébani just released her latest single entitled "I Wana Know" produced by RAYAN.

I love how Shébani keeps evolving with every single she puts out. There aren't many Arab female singers doing what she's doing, so I make sure I show support whenever I can. She has great talent & is also a great soul.

What I love about this song is the fact that she's not afraid to express herself, she's trying different topics and also diversifying her crowd. 
RAYAN came through as usual with the production, it's at a very high calibre. 

Check out the single below, out now on Anghami.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Bishop Nehru || Elevators: Act I & II + Dubai Debut

American Rapper Bishop Nehru just released his latest album. Its available on all streaming platforms including Angahmi. He teamed up with Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer Kaytranada & legendary Hip-Hop artist/Producer MF DOOM !! The album is 2 Acts. First act produced by Kaytranada & the 2nd by MF DOOM.

 Moreover, the amazing guys at SOLE DXB and in partnership with PUMA Middle East were able to bring Bishop to Dubai for a private "Listening Session" in which I had the opportunity  to meet Bishop and I was very impressed with the lyrical content of the album. I personally love the MF DOOM production part but Kaytranada was also so dope! 

Personally, one verse really caught my attention which is in the song "Rooftops" & it says: "I'm Infinite, like I'm unsigned Eminem, yeah.." Bishop is referring to the debut studio album titled Infinite; dropped by legendary rapper Eminem in 1996. The album sold only roughly 1000 copies from the trunk of Em’s car.

It felt to me that hes describing his life with the 2 Acts, Act I was called "Ascension" & Act II was "Free Falling". He did say that he has lots of codes in his lyrics & its up to the listener to find out/think about those lyrics. 

Pix courtesy of Sole DXB
There were about 25 people that were able to get an exclusive listen to the album and then share their thoughts + few Q/A with Bishop. Loved the vibe and it was also great to see Dubai-based artists such as singer/songwriter "Shébani" , Rappers Moh Flow & Majeed and producer AY , in addition to Dj Aeli , Frez & Nnamdi 

Pix courtesy of Sole DXB

Stream the Album for FREE NOW on Anghami 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Irshad released new EP "Sky Reach"

Irshad, one of my favourite rappers in the region. He used to be based in Dubai, UAE. He is now based in Sri Lanka and he just dropped a new project/EP called "Sky Reach" & It's amazing, I am sure you will appreciate the vibe/the lyrics. He's also preparing a new Podcast series called "APMD" which stands for A Penny & My Demo. 

Check out the short video below to get the vibe & support him on bandcamp here

Interview coming up soon! enjoy this one