Sunday, January 12, 2020

SUDAN CYPHER | سايفر السودان

Artwork by Nora Zeid 

I've always had a connection with Sudan, I am yet to figure out what and how this connections started but I LOVE the country, I love the people, I love the art, I love everything about Sudan. One of my 2020 goals is to visit Sudan inshalla.

I also love "cyphers", Put together 2 re-volt cyphers + an Anghami Cypher in the past, and then I wanted to do a "Sudan Cypher" and I felt honored to reach out to few incredible MC's that personally impacted me with their lyrics and their incredible flow.

I've had the pleasure to connect/meet with Brooklyn Hitz through the guys at "Phoaq" and I fell in love with his authentic beats and his passion for true hip-hop production. I reached out to him with the idea and he was very welcoming and supportive. He sent me many beats, I chose mainly 3 beats and those beats were sent to the rappers who I put together.

Now, this was the hardest part, I personally wanted to put a Cypher with the MC's that personally impacted me and hence I started to gather the line up.

I reached out to the rappers and they ALL showed so much love and support.

Each of them delivered and i loved the diversity of their verses.
Shout out to all of them!
Please show them love and show support.

TooDope, Oddisee, Lil Joe, Aka Keyz, Nadine, Flippter 

Saturday, December 14, 2019


After many collaborations and singles since 2018, Palestinian rapper who is based in Qatar released his FIRST Official album on 10th Dec, 2019 on Soundcloud and then it was released on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Anghami, etc...) 

I just finished listening to the full album for the first time, and from the get-go, one can feel the passion this kid has for rap. A lot of discussion on mental health and also incredible punchlines. He is not holding back and lyrically he's discussing many things but the one highlight for me is the fact that "space" is where illiam feels at home. Space has no gravity so you always floating right? In one of the lines he actually says "... I am scared that the planet might not be enough for my imagination" 

My favorite song is "Cinema", from the first second till the last, he kept me engaged... "Bkhaf" is also a song that is getting a lot of love.

Let me know whats your fav song and why?

Love the album! Listen to it below

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Friday, November 15, 2019

Narcy debuts a song for Baghdad on "AlBasheer Show"

Ahmad Al-Basheer is an Iraqi comedian, journalist and director. He is most prominently known for creating the television program Albasheer Show. After he began broadcasting in 2014, he became one of the most famous comedians in Iraq.

Yassin AlSalman, also known as "Narcy" is an Iraqi/Canadian Artist who we been following here at RE-VOLT since we launched in 2007! It has been amazing to support him/cover his news/be inspired by him.

With the revolution in Iraq currently going on with 350+ killed and thousands injured.. Narcy wrote a song for Baghdad and its nothing short than SPECTACULAR !!

The song is produced by the "Spear Of Arabic Hip-Hop production", Iraqi producer Sandhill, whose production impacted myself and many others.

To have a song like this debut on a show like "Albasheer Show" is just incredible. The show has a huge following and is viewed by many around the world but especially in Iraq. Narcy has always been an artist where you can feel his love for his homeland. Despite him performing mainly in English, one can tell his passion for Arabia and his country Iraq by watching his videos, he even did a whole "Arabic Album" which you can find below...

Check out the video and show love.

مقابلة سريعة مع الرابر "اليام" | Re-Volt Interview Illiam

Quick chat with "illiam"

Friday, October 25, 2019

Malikah's 'I am Fighting" | A Testament to Patriotism Reborn

With the people rising up in Lebanon and demanding a change in the government. Artists are also trying to be involved in what they do best. A series of unified protests against the current government have somehow restored the faith of many in their country. 

For Lebanese/Algerian rapper "Malikah" meaning "Queen" in Arabic, it has been an incredible journey. First time Malikah stepped on stage was in 2001 and she overcame that stage fright and she converted that fear to power and she has been doing it since 2001 !!


Malikah just released a track to show love and solidarity to her home country Lebanon, entitled "I am Fighting". The song was actually written 2-3 years ago when some "revolutions" took place in the Arab region but she never really found "her place" to talk about them but LEBANON is a different story since its her country, 
" I recorded new parts, added new lyrics" Malikah said to have it adapted to the current situation. Malikah goes on and tells Re-Volt
" I never even dreamt that something like that would happen to Lebanon, I lost faith, but this movement somehow brought back a lot of hope, and that's why I wanted to support this revolution with this song which means a lot to me..."

Check out the song on Youtube
Song was produced by Fredwreck

Video done by Raed Al Murish 

** Song is also available on Streaming Platforms (Spotify, Anghami, Deezer, etc..)