Friday, August 18, 2017

Vinnie Paz feat. Eamon "The Ghost I Used to Be" || VIDEO

Vinnie paz releases a video for his track "The Ghost I Used To Be" featuring Eamon. Incredible. Dope. Real. 

Check it out now & show some love!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Shèbani released a video for "Right By You" & IT IS AWESOME !!!


Dubai Based Singer/Songwriter "Shèbani" releases a video for her track "Right By You" after ONE year of dropping her EP "Alter Ego" which was produced entirely by RAYAN. The video was released EXCLUSIVELY on Music Streaming Service provider "Anghami" - Check it out below

During the span of the year, Shèbani went to the UK to study music at BIMM London - that experience was great for her, she met a lot of people and also performed in London and on campus. 


What I personally love about Shèbani is her passion & dedication. She's humble and mad talented. Go show some love & follow her on Instagram 

Fans who subscribed to her mailing list also got a "gift" from Shèbani and it was a song entitled "O.K"

This is a quote from her about the video... 

"It’s been the year of my life. A year of music, growth, accomplishments, hardship, long lasting friendships, and eye opening experiences. I don’t believe that any of it would’ve been possible without the support that you have shown me. I’m a big believer that life is all about giving back as much as you receive. So it is with a warm heart that I can finally give you back a gesture that measures my gratitude." Shèbani 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Syrian/American Artist Omar Offendum weigh in on #Charlottesville Incident

Omar Offendum

I had to report this on my blog! Omar is a friend, he's an inspiration & most importantly he's someone who believes in the equality of all. 

He just posted this picture & caption that I urge you to read right now.. its very important. Just Read it

I'm a proud Syrian-American Muslim immigrant. My wife is a proud African-American Jew. We both grew up in Northern #Virginia & graduated from @uva in 2003. I met her while walking home from classes at The #Architecture school, which was situated adjacent to the Department of Drama she was attending. I came to find out her mother was a direct descendant of #Holocaust survivors, & her father was the first black Secretary of Education in #Virginia history. She learned that my dad's hometown of #Hama had been bombed mercilessly a month after I was born, & he did all he could to provide his family with a safe & secure environment to thrive in; thousands of miles away from the horrors of the #Assad regime, believing wholeheartedly in the "#AmericanDream" ... It's 2017 now & we are blessed to have a baby boy of our own. He represents all the hopes & aspirations of generational survival our beloved parents & ancestors embedded in our DNA, & thus the tragic events that took place in #Charlottesville have been effecting us in a deep & profound way. We stand in solidarity w/ those who reject the hate-fueled ignorance that was on display there, & offer our deepest condolences to the families of those whose lives were taken &/or shaken by the heinous act(s) of white supremacist violence that were committed. The terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of innocent people held a deep contempt for all that my family is proud of being - #Black, #Jewish, #Muslim, #Immigrant, Open-Minded, #Free-Thinking & #Syrian (he even went so far as to post pro-Assad propaganda on his Facebook page) ... Some might find solace in the notion that this doesn't truly represent #America or #Jeffersonian ideals ... For the record, #ThomasJefferson carried out a well-documented destruction of Black families & held a belief that "their griefs (were) transient", while arguing that Black people’s ability to “reason” was “much inferior” to whites’, and that “in imagination they (were) dull, tasteless, and anomalous.” Despite (t)his callousness, we are a proud(ly diverse) family & will raise our beautiful son w/ an even greater sense of #pride insha'Allah ... #Sinsyrianly ✍🏽 #OmarOffendum.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LOWKEY Ft. Mai Khalil - Ghosts Of Grenfell / VIDEO

Interviewing Lowkey in 2008 in Beirut,Lebanon

& I still get few "people" that keep asking me why do i support this brother even when he stepped away for 4-5 years.. this dude changed my life from the first verse i heard in 2007 !! It inspired me to start thinking, it elevated me, it pushed me to create "Re-Volt Blog" THIS BLOG !!

I am so honored to have supported, pushed his music on Arab Radio & on Saudi Radio! Lowkey is an unforgettable artist!! Thank you brother for STILL makin' music that is relevant in a beautiful, passionate and sincere way & GUESS WHAT... he gets HUGE NUMBERS , he sells out SHOWS, & big venues too.. 

You dont need to be all "shady,sexy" all the time to do so.. just a hint.. 

Grenfell Tower on fire on 14 June 2017 

This is his latest video/track and its towards the souls we lost at #Grenfell Tower - listen to the words, check out the video & see how relevant he is.. You dont need to British or even affected by this tragedy to know/feel his passion/his words/ his AUTHENTICITY.. all with the beautiful sweet voice of Mai Khalil...

Go on Lowkey!! I am a fan till my last breath!! One

Friday, August 4, 2017

Syrian/American Hip-Hop Artist "OFFENDUM" releases NEW EP "EYE KNOW FACES"

Eye Know Faces EP Artwork by Hagop Belian

I been supporting, listening to Omar Offendum since 2008! I must say I look up to the brother. His album "SyrianamericanA" is a classic. 
This EP is incredible and its personal to Omar as well, he's now a dad for a beautiful boy "Jibran".. The EP is inspired by Khalil Gibran, actually the poetry of Khalil Gibran has inspired Offendum throughout his career..

The EP can be streamed/downloaded below through his Soundcloud & Bandcamp accounts. 

EP is produced by Saüd from Brij Entertainment.

I also love the artwork which is done by Hagop Belian

Go support the brother and do your eardrums a favor !

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Palestenian Hip-Hop Artist "Muqata'a" releases "La Lisana Lah" || A Sound Like No Other!


I have always loved Muqata'a , I do believe he is TOP 3 Arab Rappers. His production is also incredible. He has released an Instrumental album entitled "La Lisana Lah" (One without a Tongue)

I asked him what's the process of creating such a sound, and this is his answer.. "Loved it" 

"As a child I was listening to a lot of Trip-Hop, downtempo, electronic, drum n bass & hip-hop music. When I started, this is the type of music I wanted to make. Then I started writing on my beats because I felt like I had to express myself in a more direct way and through that start some sort of conversation, and also because I love hip hop music. 'La Lisana Lah' and a lot of the instrumental tracks I have been releasing recently are still hip-hop, but also influenced by many other sounds and types of music. The fact that I am now releasing mainly instrumental music has a lot to do with the situation we live in today. Our reality is being changed quickly and we have no control over what happens. Also, the over-saturation of "information" and "content" essentially mutes us all. We need a new language to communicate with. 
La Lisana Lah, is somewhat a representation of that." Muqata'a 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Fire Destroys, Words Ignite | Yemeni-British Spoken Word Poet "Sanasiino" writes about Grenfell Tower Fire

Sanasiino | Yemeni-British Spoken Word Poet

I've known of British-Yemeni spoken word poet "Sanasiino" for over 8 years now. Her passion & incredible poetry truly are inspiring. My favorite rapper "Lowkey" has always collaborated & spoke of her. They did this track.

On June 14th, 2017, a huge fire happened at GRENFELL TOWER , North Kensington in London. Many casualties, dead, victims of a corrupt Sana used what she's good at to reflect her thoughts about this incident to inspire, to help.. She did a poem and it's incredible..

Grenfell Tower, London

I asked her about the reasons of why she did the poem, her reply was:

"To this day I can say, hand on heart, no event of this scale has affected me as much as the Grenfell tower blaze has. I'm not too sure why this is, but I believe it is due to the fact that this was a complete and utter negligence and irresponsibility on behalf of the council toward people that were of a lower class to those across the road from them in Kensington. 
This was an absolute tragedy and a catastrophic blunder that could have been avoided had the authorities heeded the calls of many residents in the tower who warned them of the risks within the block. I grew up in the west London area, about fifteen mins way from Grenfell and although I did not know anyone in the block, this was very close to home. My family and I lived in a tower of that size for more than fifteen years and to look into the charred windows of grenfell and see the face of my family in there is absolutely daunting. Every missing persons poster I see at the site of grenfell, although they are complete strangers to me, feels like a lost loved one, truly. It pains me to look at their faces and to think of their last moments on earth; what were they thinking, what were they feeling, did they cry, were they scared? These are all thoughts that have haunted me and many people around me for more than a month. 

Anyone familiar with my work can confirm I very rarely post or publish new spoken word pieces. As a creative I personally don't like to force myself to write anything in fear of it not coming across as genuine. The last I uploaded anything was more than a year and a half ago. But when I saw grenfell ablaze, something ignited deep inside me and I found myself spilling emotions onto a page for the first time in a very long time. There was no thought involved, i picked up a pen and let my heart say what it needed to say and this is the result of some 20-30mins of writing. I am beyond grateful for the response I've received for this and I am humbled and honoured that many were able to resonate with these words. 

It does absolutely nothing to rectify what has happened but I believe we as individuals have a duty to personally contribute when such tragedies unfold. For many, this was donating aid. For others, this was counseling survivors. As a writer, this was my contribution to keep Grenfell in the headlines."