Monday, October 5, 2009

Revolt Radio / Set # 8 / Under-rated Artists

this set is kinda relaxing; 3 totally underrated artists (Emily Wells, A FIne Frenzy & Lykke Li)

Listen to them ladies & Gents..
  1. Good Morning Kaia - DJ BT ( look up the video for this song) very emotinal
  2. In the Barrel of a Gun - Emily Wells (check out the below video of how she made this track)
  3. Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
  4. A Little Bit - Lykke Li


  1. Very distinct beats I really enjoyed the vibe of this set ! :))) you know me and piano !! it's an endless love affair

  2. honestly.. it is a MUST to watch the video "Good Morning Kaia" than just to hear the song.. it is amaazing...I wish I can do something like this for my future baby.. Faten you tube almost lover and new moon, fi previews of what is coming:) Hass the first 2 songs are amaazing.. nice, calm, soothing and touchs deep...the last one was kinda funny though :)

  3. Couldnt agree more with the video - it is truly amazingly done by BT.

    Regarding the last song; i will be publishing the remix - its a much better beat but the song it self is amazing. Lykke Li is talented - check out set 9 as well.

    Check out the latest interview & more interviews to come.

    Thx for the support:)