Friday, March 19, 2010


During my last visit to Beirut City I had the pleasure of meeting Tanya Traboulsi a Lebanese photographer that recently launched a book under the name of "Untitled Tracks" in collaboration with Ziad Nawfal & Ghalya Saadawi. The book is about Alternative Music in Beirut. Tanya is behind the lens of all pictures.

Revolt had an interesting interview with the talented artist about her passion in Music Photography & other stuff - check it out below (I would like to thank Tanya for her time):

The Full Interview:

Revolt Radio: Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Tanya:Grew up between Lebanon and Austria, studied fashion design in Vienna and always had a camera in my life:)

Revolt Radio: Congratulations on your newly released photo book "Untitled Tracks" - Tell us about your experience in photographing that book?
Tanya: Thank you, actually the book is a result of my on-going series "Music is life" which I started 3 years ago. About one and a half years ago, Ziad Nawfal, Ghalya Saadawi and i had the idea to make a book. I would say, for me the book is part of the series, not vice versa, because now that the book is out i will not stop photographing the music scene.

Revolt Radio: In your website you have a section called Music is life : i love the way your passionate about photography & music - i am sure they complete each other - how has your passion of music helped you in making the book & going on in your career?
Tanya: I work better when i feel things (music, people, places etc) so every photo you see in the book for example, or also on my website, has a lot of emotion in it and a story behind it.

Revolt Radio: You’re a music photographer, what sent you in this direction and what is your favorite type of shoot in this area (Live / Portrait etc)?
Tanya: I have always loved music, i dont think there were many days in my life that i spent without listening to music. I cant say i prefer live or portrait, It don't really make a difference, I like to shoot rehearsals, live, press photos, album covers, just anything related to music.

Revolt Radio: Did you go to school to study photography or your self taught?
Tanya: Self Taught.

Revolt Radio: How long have you been a photographer professionally?
Tanya: 4 Years.

Revolt Radio: When did you realize your passion of photography?
Tanya: As a child, but really decided to make it a profession only 4 years ago.

Revolt Radio: What do you feel is the most challenging thing about photographing a musical event/documentary?
Tanya: Very often the lighting is very poor, the places are crowded which gives me very limited space to move, a lot of times the locations are quite small also.

Revolt Radio: Are you a MAC or PC lover?
Tanya: MAC !

Revolt Radio: A Photographer that inspires you?
Tanya: Few local ones, for example Caroline Tabet ; or ** Laith Majali with his hip hop photography.

Revolt Radio: A website and/or blog you visit often?
Tanya: I use twitter a lot and from there i go to different sites, rhizome is very interesting for example, or the berlin mitte institut website.

Revolt Radio:Something you’re still learning?
Tanya: always learning, in every aspect of my life, and i hope i will never stop :-)

Revolt Radio: Something that is overrated?
Tanya: In lebanon? europe :-)

Revolt Radio: Your favorite kind of music?
Tanya: electronic, experimental, drone, doom jazz, but also classical, punk rock, pop, all kinds of genres, anything that inspires me

Revolt Radio: I love your B&W work and you also have some color. What makes you choose to shot something in B&W over color?
Tanya: Usually when the locations where i shoot are very dark, i prefer b&w.. but there is no rule to it at all for me. i just try it out and see what looks better and what applies best to the mood of the artist or concert or the music.

Revolt Radio: Do you have any pointers for people that are looking to become photographers, or more specifically, music photographers?
Tanya: I think that the most important thing in life is to know what you want, and also what you don't want. Once u have figured that out, things will happen and people will come your way; of course you cant just sit and wait for things to happen, it's important to make at least a first step, in order to get things moving. but i believe that when u have a passion for something, productivity and creativity comes naturally.

Revolt Radio: Any words for REVOLT RADIO?
Tanya: I am really glad to have discovered revolt radio and i wish you all the success and hope to be able to support you in a way or another. Very nice spirit and energy :-)

(End Of Interview)

Thank you Tanya for your time & I look forward to our path colliding soon one day.

You can find Tanya's work on her official website:

You can also get a copy from the book online:


  1. Good interview, and she is an excellent photographer

  2. :) Hello Tanya, thank you for the pictures we love them...

  3. Fairew: It was a pleasure - best of luck to you.

    Qusay: Brotha tx for checking it :)

    Gemma: Im sure they were lovely pix

    Stay Revolted !

  4. First of all, I'd like to congratulate Tanya for her compilation and book. Beautiful work!
    Being a fan of art in all its forms, I really like this interview. It is awesome that you are not only focusing on MUSIC through music, but also, music through others arts - which in this case is photography. Tanya Traboulsi's title 'Music is life' basically sums up how powerful the lense is towards life, people and their momentums. Maybe next time... See More, you will be meeting and interviewing people who are portraying MUSIC through a different form of art: it could be graphics, paintings, graffiti even. All the best Big H! :)