Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is an interview that I personally was really waiting for ! to have the ability to be in the surroundings of people that actually speak true words & are actually doing something about their believes! True Music should be heard people!

It was just awesome meeting up with Lowkey,Shadia & Amal, they are all artists in every single way - I am happy I was there to document greatness.

I did interview Lowkey couple months back via phone - but watching him perform live & then having an amazing interview is just really too special for me.

The Full Video Interview is out now & is available on Youtube :
You should really check out this interview - Lowkey's words are just real & true!
Rise Up.

For more info on LOWKEY - check out his site:

Music Liberation People!

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  1. Definitely an epic interview! Much respect to LOWKEY’s talent, voice, credibility and poise. Also, I cannot but reflect upon Hass’ efforts and passion for REVOLT. I am close enough to know how he functions, how he takes action and how committed he is to delivering his message. Trust his passion and your music will travel to all ears. Best of luck to LOWKEY!
    P.S.: Latest tune ‘Obama Nation’ is awesome!!