Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Jackson Allers is a visionary filmmaker, journalist, reporter & story teller. He's an encyclopedia in hip hop history. His documentary "Life From the BBC" premiered in South By Southwest Festival - Audti,Texas which is about
This documentary follows two MC’s, Yaseen (20) and TNT (19) of the Palestinian rap group I-Voice (Invincible Voice) from the Bourj al Barajneh Refugee Camp (BBC) in south Beirut, facing constant electricity cuts in their small camp recording studio.
The film follows them as they break out of the confines of refugee life, it is a story about their search for power.

He has been living & working in Lebanon since 2006 & has been documenting the rise of Arabic Hip Hop in Beirut city & the region.

Revolt had a great discussion/Interview with Jackson about his life in Lebanon, his thoughts on Arab hip hop & about his amazing documentary.

Make sure you hear this fella out - its truly amazing & I am really blessed that I am able to encounter amazing people on my REVOLT journey & Jackson is one of those people that is documenting a real movement & is doing it in great style
Big Shoutout to him & I thank him for having time for REVOLT :)


Check out the Trailer for his documentary "Life From The BBC":

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