Monday, March 22, 2010


Rhythm and blues is a type of music made popular by African Americans in the post-World War II period. It has branched off to create other forms of pop music.

Nowadays, R&B has become a generic term to define music ranging anywhere from soul, funk, pop and contemporary R&B.Finding its source and highest point of success in the West, it has gradually drifted its influence on our side of the world, the Middle East.

Not necessarily being an R&B fan, I present to you, with outmost respect to his talent and caliber of voice, a fresh slowly rising artist known as Hamza Hawsawi aka AYZEE. As I visited his recording studio and witnessed him in live freestyle performance - exclusively for REVOLT – it has come to my attention that he could indeed become the next Ne-Yo, Chris Brown or any contemporary R&B artist of the Middle East.

All beats are produced by AY Production which is for my homeboy AYHAM who is the produces & manager of AYZEE. Interviews with both AY & AYZEE were conduced & will be posted soon on REVOLT...Ayzee's first album is about to drop mid of this summer. Support ma homeboy.

For now - enjoy this freestyle that was performed especially for REVOLT:



  1. That boy has got talent, he even has his own youtube channel... man, u r the man for introducing us (me) to all these talents that I did not know about, but knew existed.

    Big up yourself :)

  2. Big props to you for checking REVOLT always!
    Ayzee is def talented & as i mentioned i aint an R&B fan but he def deserves to be playing up with the bug boys!
    dude got some vocal talents!!!

  3. Salam big Hass..
    dude this is a really great job ur doin at revolt!
    those people really need some exposure, so they can be heard somewhere outta their own circle.

    if u havent heard about this, i guess you may want to have a look at one of the greatest hiphop group in middle east based in Dubai called The Recipe.

    wallah u did a really good job, bro! keep it up! well i just can help spread ur site to support u bro!