Friday, March 26, 2010


On March 5th I flew from Jeddah to Beirut to attend a "Free Palestine"Concert in which two of my biggest artists were performing "Lowkey" & "Shadia Mansour - I also had the pleasure of meeting "Amal Kawaash"-
I have already shared pictures from my 1 day trip - now i will release the video footage & interview.

The first interview released is for a Lebanese Rock/funk band called "Fareeq Al Atrash".

I actually bumped into Chyno (vocal/prodocer of the band) a night before the actual event & we agreed to meet up the next day for a small interview & we did !

Check out the full interview & a great freestyle in both English & Arabic on Youtube:

You can check out Fareeq el Atrash on
  • el Atrash
More interviews to be uploaded real soon - Stay Revolted !

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