Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Life From The BBC" / An Enlightening Documentary

Jackson Allers @ the rooftop in the BBC - Tanya Traboulsi on the lens

Revolt has opened so many doors for me - i really cant believe that I have met/interviewed so many talented people that are out there.
Everyone I got in touch with (or about to interview) is doing his/her thing & its beautiful to know that this talent exists outside the mainstream media..
I am just trying to show you that there is so much talent out there - you just have to look for it & you will not regret because its definitely mind elevating stuff !

My post today is about a documentary film under the name of "Life From The BBC" directed by Jackson Allers (Revolt will get an interview with this revolutionary person very soon!)

This documentary follows two MC’s, Yaseen (20) and TNT (19) of the Palestinian rap group I-Voice(Invincible Voice) - "soon on revolt radio" from the Bourj al Barajneh Refugee Camp (BBC) in south Beirut,Lebanon facing constant electricity cuts in their small camp recording studio.

Yaseen and TNT write lyrics by the lights of their cell phones and produce beats to a growing fan base - wracking up an impressive catalogue of music that has earned them a remarkable reputation within the local and international Arab hip-hop scenes. The film follows them as they break out of the confines of refugee life, it is a story about their search for power!

The film was premiered this past Thursday in Austin, Texas @ South by SouthWest Music Festival ! Props to that - Congrats guys!

No words can describe how powerful that movie is: check out the trailer here:

Stay Revolted!

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