Thursday, March 18, 2010

B.Manley : Basketball Trick Shot Master

Whether you're a Basketball fan or not - this post will definitely capture your attention !

B. Manley is a trick shot master that's been around - you wont believe the kind of shots hes making unless you really see them.

My homeboy Thomas Litteer is directing & editing all the B.Manley footages & B Manley's talent has changed his life dramatically.

Check out the newest Trick Shots from B.Manley in this video "all shots taken in all videos are legit " thats just mental ! Check it below

His skills are too good that a H.O.R.S.E game is in Progress with the NBA's most dominant player "Shaquille O'neal" - you can tell who would win there ! lol

The way this happened was crazy since Thomas (who is Manley's manager) used unconventional methods to get Shaq's attention & he succeeded & from there - B.Manely's trick shot became so popular on YOUTUBE hits & among basketball players !

Revolt Radio will try to get an interview with B. Manley & perhaps SHAQ once they play it up.

An interview with Thomas Litteer (CEO of Left Lane 6 Productions) was conducted earlier - you can find it here:

Thomas: I am waiting on that Shaq's shout out to REVOLT RADIO :)
post picture: Thomas Litteer

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