Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sudanese Producer SUFYVN releases first single off his upcoming EP "Ascension"

I've always appreciated Sufvyn's production..He's always genuine in his production and always trying new things out. I appreciate him. There's no specific genre he's covering, but the blend/the fusion and the vibe is just unique and incredible.

He just release the first single from his upcoming EP "Ascension" entitled "DUST" 

I asked Sufyvn : what could people expect about this release, he said 

"Ascension EP" is an electronic project, where I continue to experiment with traditional Sudanese instruments and rhythms, as well as the use of vintage Sudanese samples, without being tied to any specific genre, other than being my own interpretation of Sudanese music in an electronic context. through the use if traditional string based instruments such as the Oud, as well as Sudanese percussion, and samples salvaged from old vinyls and cassette tapes. personally, I think the more I try and describe the sound, the more likely I'll end up putting it in a box and add a label to it, which is the complete opposite of what I'm trying to do.


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