Friday, February 10, 2017

Flippter - Shafata (Straight Outta Sudan)

New video was just posted by "Shattat"which is a Youtube channel straight out of Sudan providing comical sketches with a message.

This video is a rap parody that has Loay Karim (a.k.a "flippter") rapping using the word "Shafatah" which means in Sudanese dialogue a person whose doing well, successful and on a good roll.

I asked Flippter what did he want to achieve with this song, he replied "To earn respect locally first, the to prove to the Middle-East Hip-Hop artists and fans that Sudanese people have bars too and also to help solve our problems by developing our own industries instead of individual businesses with or without help from other countries because we are awesome"

Watch the video below! Salute to them.. The video is well done, funny & catchy. 

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