Monday, February 20, 2017

Saudi Singer TamTam Releases Video entitled "Hollywood No"

Ever since I heard TamTam sing, I fell in love with her passion and simplicity. She just released a video for her track "Hollywood No", a powerful message to the industry and more importantly to indie artists out there..

When I asked TamTam "Why did you write this song?" Her answer was  

"I really wanted to make this music video as a DIY (do it yourself) because the music industry can be really tough, especially when you're an independent artist, and I want to show and inspire other independent musicians that you can do a cool music video on your IPhone! you don't need to pay a whole production team and director...etc. I hope this song and video will inspire people and encourage them to keep going no matter how many hollywood no's they receive 😉"

Watch the video and leave your feedback

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