Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Narcy - FREE (Official Music Video) | Directed by Ridwan Adhami

"Free" which is a track off Narcy's album "World War Free Now!" has always been one of my favorite tracks and now I love it even more because of the video that was just dropped. The footage was shot by Ridwan Adhami over 5 years and it features refugees from 19 countries. The track is produced by Sandhill.

I've asked both Narcy & Ridwan about how a track like this can contribute to change the difficult situation on the ground, their answer was this link:

Ridwan Adhami added " This video will inshallah add a human face that you can connect to. Each of the people has a name and a story. I am pretty sure you can find somebody in their that looks like you or one of your friends

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  1. It touches my heart. But, there are hope, smile, and perhaps one day there will be a home. Thank you very inspiring.