Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sudanese Producer Sammny releases his highly anticipated Album "Briefcase"

Sudanese producer Sammany has FINALLY dropped his highly anticipated Album entitled "Briefcase".

It's obvious that Sammny's goal here is to give salute to his Sudanese heritage and to all the genuine/authentic classics that had Sudanese people proud. 

Sammany's Soundcloud page had exploded in the past 24 hours resulting in over 40,000 plays for this Album till this moment. All the support is coming from the Sudanese community all over the world and I would like to show support to Sammny and to Sudan and tell him that I am super proud of him, I would like to thank him for giving us a "window" to Sudan through these AUTHENTIC vibes. You truly can get to know a nation through these tunes combining the past with the present in a way that is so mind elevating and civilized.

The intro of the EP has the voice of Sudanese legend "Hashim Merghani" who was a singer that played the Oud. He also was an Architect. He was talking about the authenticity of Sudanese culture. ( I loved that)

Go support the brother.. Check out the briefcase below (Get to know Sudan a bit more through music..)

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