Monday, January 11, 2010

Revolt Interviews Qusai from Jeddah Legends!

I had the chance to chat with Qusai from Jeddah Legends.
Qusai is the first Saudi rapper & is making it big with his easy going flow & style of course without forgetting where he came from.

Check out this awesome "underground" Interview. This is Qusai like you've never seen him !

A Big Shout Out to Qusai & Jeddah Legends for inviting me in their Production Studio & doing this!

Make sure you hear it all out - Qusai talks about he started - his thoughts on commercial radio - his thoughts on Jeddah & other amazing topics!

His new CD entitled "Experimental Edutainment" is now in stores - Go Check it Out !

The Full Interview (25 Min)
Just Click Play!


  1. amazin interview.. shows alot of love & respect..
    my man Qusai is one of our Ummah's greatest soldiers, his weapon is unique & energetic.. his good figured music has nothing but a peaceful vibes.. May Allah be there with you at all times..
    Much love from MakkahWarriah aka WolfzEye

  2. I have nothing but respect for this brother, but I was disappointed by his last album... it felt like it was rushed.

    But this was a great interview, u just got a new fan to this blog :) keep it up.