Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mashrou' Leila

Recently I came across this amazing "project" that is based in Lebanon.
Mashrou' Laila which means "An Overnight Project" in English is making some serious noise People!

They are a perfect example of hard work & perseverance. It all started out like everything great we know - a small work shop in the American University Of Beirut (AUB). Its their dedication & serious talent not to mention their unique style what got them to be recognized throughout Lebanon & even the Middle East!

Somehow I always believed the LIVE shows are the true judge weather an artist is talented or not. I mean I always dream about watching Dave Mathew Band Live because I hear their Live shows are on another level & that brings me to Laila - I haven't seen Laila in concert yet; but I sure will soon. I've seen some videos & for me I love the passion that the guys bring out each in their own unique style given that the band has 7 members in which each does their job more than well to have a great end result!

On Dec 19th,2009 they launched their latest album in a concert in Beirut in which alot of people attended & enjoyed the performance with a copy of their Album! (id say go get a CD right now! if you into some original not fake music..)

REVOLT will have an interview with the guys from Mashrou' Leila & maybe a small performance :) "working on it"

Best of luck to the guys & stay real in this Fake Music Industry!

Enjoy this small Tune by ML.

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  1. I like this group. They have different style and they make me feel relaxed heik as if they are spitting everything out.. lol :)