Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Long Live Palestine" FACEBOOK GROUP: Music For A Cause

Further to the post below "An Arab Collaboration" : Long Live Palestine.

I extend a huge shout to support good music for a cause.

The song "Long Live Palestine" which is performed by an amazing team of Lowkey,Narcy, DAM, Shadia Mansour, Hassan Salaam, Hich Kas, Reveal, Eslam Jawad
knocked out Jay-Z, 50 cent, BEP,Eminem from the Amazon Hip Hop Download Charts.

This was due to an amazing excellent team effort by individuals that got together & formed a Facebook Group : Called LOWKEY'S CHARITY SINGLE FOR PALESTINE - HERE'S TO WEEK 2
that helped alot in raising the awareness for the Palestine Cause.

All Profits from this single goes to the Interpal & Islamic relief foundations.

The way you do this is as follows:

1. Invite your friends to the Lowkey Group

2. Download the Track
3. Let us know how you contributed.
4. Be proud. You have a done a positive thing today!

Sites where you can support:

You can lsn to the song by clicking play here! - Support !


  1. hey hass maybe u can put the link for this facebook it's just one click away instead of (wait till i count lol) 5 or 6 keys away>>> i know it sounds ridiculous but that's the online lazy trend<<

  2. one word. WOW !!
    I need to download this song asap