Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lowkey - Long Live Palestine

Lowkey is a Poet, Playwright, Political Activist and award winning Hip Hop Artist who has received airplay on numerous major radio stations including BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss FM, Choice FM and BBC 1Xtra and toured internationally performing to crowds everywhere from Glastonbury and Trafalgar Square to Germany and Amsterdam.

Born 1986 at St. Georges Hospital in Tooting to a British father from Dover and an Arab mother, herself born in Baghdad. Lowkey is a much needed bridge between many different worlds. He first made his name at the age of 17, attending the open mic sessions which took place at the infamous Deal Real record shop on Carnaby Street, Central London in 2003. The first time he went, another MC by the name of Loki, who had previously been a regular at the weekly open mic, confronted him and they battled for use of the name. Lowkey was named the winner by the audience and other MC's present.

Interview with Revolt Coming to you real soon.


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