Friday, August 4, 2017

Syrian/American Hip-Hop Artist "OFFENDUM" releases NEW EP "EYE KNOW FACES"

Eye Know Faces EP Artwork by Hagop Belian

I been supporting, listening to Omar Offendum since 2008! I must say I look up to the brother. His album "SyrianamericanA" is a classic. 
This EP is incredible and its personal to Omar as well, he's now a dad for a beautiful boy "Jibran".. The EP is inspired by Khalil Gibran, actually the poetry of Khalil Gibran has inspired Offendum throughout his career..

The EP can be streamed/downloaded below through his Soundcloud & Bandcamp accounts. 

EP is produced by Saüd from Brij Entertainment.

I also love the artwork which is done by Hagop Belian

Go support the brother and do your eardrums a favor !

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