Wednesday, August 9, 2017

LOWKEY Ft. Mai Khalil - Ghosts Of Grenfell / VIDEO

Interviewing Lowkey in 2008 in Beirut,Lebanon

& I still get few "people" that keep asking me why do i support this brother even when he stepped away for 4-5 years.. this dude changed my life from the first verse i heard in 2007 !! It inspired me to start thinking, it elevated me, it pushed me to create "Re-Volt Blog" THIS BLOG !!

I am so honored to have supported, pushed his music on Arab Radio & on Saudi Radio! Lowkey is an unforgettable artist!! Thank you brother for STILL makin' music that is relevant in a beautiful, passionate and sincere way & GUESS WHAT... he gets HUGE NUMBERS , he sells out SHOWS, & big venues too.. 

You dont need to be all "shady,sexy" all the time to do so.. just a hint.. 

Grenfell Tower on fire on 14 June 2017 

This is his latest video/track and its towards the souls we lost at #Grenfell Tower - listen to the words, check out the video & see how relevant he is.. You dont need to British or even affected by this tragedy to know/feel his passion/his words/ his AUTHENTICITY.. all with the beautiful sweet voice of Mai Khalil...

Go on Lowkey!! I am a fan till my last breath!! One

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