Sunday, July 30, 2017

Palestenian Hip-Hop Artist "Muqata'a" releases "La Lisana Lah" || A Sound Like No Other!


I have always loved Muqata'a , I do believe he is TOP 3 Arab Rappers. His production is also incredible. He has released an Instrumental album entitled "La Lisana Lah" (One without a Tongue)

I asked him what's the process of creating such a sound, and this is his answer.. "Loved it" 

"As a child I was listening to a lot of Trip-Hop, downtempo, electronic, drum n bass & hip-hop music. When I started, this is the type of music I wanted to make. Then I started writing on my beats because I felt like I had to express myself in a more direct way and through that start some sort of conversation, and also because I love hip hop music. 'La Lisana Lah' and a lot of the instrumental tracks I have been releasing recently are still hip-hop, but also influenced by many other sounds and types of music. The fact that I am now releasing mainly instrumental music has a lot to do with the situation we live in today. Our reality is being changed quickly and we have no control over what happens. Also, the over-saturation of "information" and "content" essentially mutes us all. We need a new language to communicate with. 
La Lisana Lah, is somewhat a representation of that." Muqata'a 

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